Lt Commander Serala: Jolan'tru, Stevokam

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Jim Davis

Mar 4, 2020, 11:30:44 PM3/4/20
to USS Atlantis

((Shuttlebay 1, Deck 10, USS Atlantis)) 

{{ Time Index: Shore Leave: Day 03, Evening}}


Serala sat in the hoverchair that had once been used by Toryn. The fact that she had just had her daughter a couple of days ago meant she wasn’t quite up to walking just yet. She had cried so much that she was determined not to do so now. This was about Stevok. Not her. This was a time to honor his life, not grieve her loss. She sat as erect as she could in the chair and put on the most stoic expression she could imagine. She was Romulan. The daughter of a proud Romulan Commander and Ambassador. She would be strong. After everyone had settled, Toryn stood and walked to the podium.


Raga: I would like to say that today is a day of celebration. Through our efforts on Tibro, countless innocent people are going to live. Including some of our own. And while I'm sure in time, we'll find solace in that, we are Atlanteans. And we're here to say our farewells to one of our own. :: Serala knew her friend well enough to be able to hear the anger and barely contained rage in his voice. She already knew he blamed himself. Something she was going to have to address with him. Later. :: Stevok. Whether you all knew him well, or a little he'd in some way made an impact on all of our lives. Some, :: He glanced over at her :: more than others.

Toryn looked over at her and nodded in a manner she knew was meant to be one of comfort. Then, he shifted his grip on the podium and continued.

Raga: It has been nearly two years since an Atlantean has fallen in the line of duty.  Rukov.

At the first name, she stiffened like a board. She knew that name. All of them. Lives lost because of her. Because she had failed them that day. She hated that list. It reminded her that she was a disgrace. How she had ever managed to get this far in her career was a surprise considering all the incidents that had occured on this ship while she was at Tactical. And this was the worst failure of them all. And now, she had allowed her husband to be murdered because she had been on a diplomatic mission instead of being with him at the dig site. No, that was not logical and Stevok would have scolded her for the thought, but she was not a Vulcan and logic often escaped her.

Raga: Durron. Murphy. Hall. h'Awh. Coulton. Xrivo. Jorge. Grossk. Dramtis. Hanson. Oulek. Donaldson. Linsol. Vetrell. Treaty. Blake. Prell. Rider. Vardek. Tolar. Ward. Falason. Xellex. Horn. Risad. Hahrow. :: Having recited the names of the 27, Toryn added one more name :: Stevok.

oO Do. Not. Cry! You are Romulan. You are the daughter of R’Val. You are strong. YOU. WILL. NOT. CRY! Oo

And she didn’t. Somehow, she managed to maintain her composure and remained rigid during the recital. 

Raga: Though years and different occurrences separate them, as we have never forgotten the twenty seven, so too shall Stevok's name live on forever in our memories. And in memoriam on this ship for as long as she flies. Once an Atlantean, always. :: He exhaled softly :: If anyone has anything they’d like to say, or memories of our fallen friend, the podium is yours.

As the others got up one by one to speak, Serala only listened with half her mind. The other half remembered that first meeting at the waterfall.

(( flashback - Waterfall, Tropical Rainforest, Lydor IX ))

Every since she had left the Academy and joined Atlantis, Serala had been aching to get to a tropical rainforest. She had been raised in the South America region of Earth in the area that used to be called Colombia. Her father had chosen to live there because her mother complained frequently about how cold Earth was compared to Romulus. Bogotá was the only place where Commander Davis could find that she was even halfway content. She had researched this area and it had several promising waterfalls. She had picked one out that she found particularly appealing and had beamed to the ranger station near it. There was also a civilian science station there, apparently studying the local wildlife, but other than a brief encounter with a striking male Vulcan researcher, she’d had no other contact with the scientists. After checking in, she hiked on out following the trail set out for her by the ranger.  She had decided to walk in, feeling that the exercise would be good for her.

She had come alone this time. On her first shore leave, they had been on an icy moon and Toryn had invited several people to go mountain climbing. Now, technically Toryn hadn’t invited her, they hadn’t even spoken before then because she had been so new to the ship, but he had invited the science officer, who had invited her. At the time, it had seemed a good idea because she really didn’t know anyone and wanted to make some friends. Mission accomplished, but the freezing cold was extremely hard on her.  She hated the cold. And it was hard on her. Maybe not as bad as her mother, but she was still half-Romulan and needed warmer climates.

On her second shore leave, she had been accused of espionage against the Federation and had spent most of her time trying to defend her honor and innocence. Her shipmates had been instrumental in clearing her and she could never repay that debt, but this time she just needed to get away from them.

Especially Toryn. He was her boss now, which made it even more complicated. She couldn’t help how she felt. She knew nothing could ever come of it, not now, but that only seemed to make things worse. It was as if the idea of him being off-limits suddenly made him more … appealing. Yet she had too much respect for her friend to cross those boundaries. It didn’t make being around him any easier though.

After about four hours of hiking, she finally reached her destination. She quickly set her campsite up, then watching the waterfall and the play of the water in the pool at its base, she decided to take a dip. Not seeing anyone around, she decided au naturel would be okay. It wasn’t like anyone would be seeing her.

She had been swimming for about 10 minutes and had just surfaced under the waterfall’s stream after yet another lazy lap across the pool when she heard someone clear his throat, as if to announce his presence.

oO Who could that possibly be? No one knew I was coming out here, and the ranger said no one else would be camping in this area. Oo

Serala: Who’s there?

Stevok: It is Doctor Stevok. From the research facility.

oO What is he doing out here? Oo

Serala: Um, what are you doing out here, doctor? Kind of a long way from your lab, isn’t it?

Stevok: Not really, no. When you are a xenobiologist like myself, you need to be prepared to travel long distances to study your subjects.

Serala: And am I now one of those subjects, doctor?

She knew the joke would be lost on the Vulcan. They didn’t really have much of a sense of humor. But she just couldn’t help herself.

Stevok: Do you wish to be?

oO Was that a joke? Did he just flirt with me? Vulcan’s don’t flirt. Oo

Serala: Uh. Well. I don’t really know how to answer that question.

Stevok: Well, that is an answer all of its own. Tell me, would you like some company? That water looks to be quite enjoyable and I am feeling a bit warm.

Serala: Uhm, well, uh. You see, I wasn’t expecting anyone and, well, uh…

Stevok: You aren’t dressed. I understand. Very well, I will turn my back while you swim over and put something on. Would that be acceptable to you?

(( flashback continued - A few minutes later ))

Serala: You can turn around now, doctor. I’m dressed again.

Stevok: That’s a shame.

oO What did he just say? Oo

Stevok: I apologize. That wasn’t appropriate. I don’t know why I said that.

oO Me either, but I don’t really mind. He’s not acting like any Vulcan I’ve ever met though. Oo

Serala: So, what’s your story? You don’t act like any Vulcan I have ever met?

Stevok: That is most likely due to the fact that I am one-quarter Betazoid. My empathic abilities have made it extremely difficult for me to suppress my emotions. There is a possibility that I may also be experiencing a form of Vulcan flu. One of its early symptoms is a lack of control over our emotions.

Serala: I see. So...Betazoid. Does that mean you can sense my emotions?

Stevok: Yes. Does that embarrass you?

Serala: A little bit.

Stevok: Only a little? I’m kind of sensing a lot of embarrassment. No need, though. I feel the same way.

Serala: Oh?!

Stevok let out a low chuckle. For Serala, the rest of the night was quite delightful. For Doctor Stevok, he wouldn’t need to worry about his pon’farr anymore. And in the morning, Serala would discover that the two of them were now bonded telepathically. They were now mates, and surprisingly that didn’t bother her. 

(( end flashback ))

McKnight: I didn't know Stevok that well. We've only met a few times, but he was a good man. A good husband...and he would have been a good father. May his spirit live on through all of us, his crew.

Following Amuro’s brief, but wonderful, speech, Knight stepped up to the podium to speak.

Knight: I first met Stevok at his wedding to Commander Serala. I must admit I didn’t know him as well as others, however I have met my share of Vulcans. And Stevok was my favorite, we once shared speculative analysis on communications properties within the Jentris Cloud. When we had reached the end of sharing our own personal analysis instead of simply ending the conversation he made a subtle joke that he hadn’t heard a thing I said. Not a very good joke mind you….but a well-placed one. I will truly be sorry to see Stevok pass on.

Savok: I had only recently made the acquaintance of Doctor Stevok. He was a civilian scientist stationed aboard the Atlantis, like myself. We spoke only a few times in passing. However, he was very knowledgeable in his fields of study and an insightful thinker. It would have been a pleasure to work with him in the science lab and I am certain that his presence will be missed. :: Savok paused. :: The duty that a Starfleet officer carries to assist those in distress is an honorable responsibility. Service in Starfleet is not without risk and can be fatal. I cannot think of an action more noble than not being bound by any such responsibility to place one’s life in danger to help others, but choosing to do so regardless. Despite not being a member of Starfleet, Doctor Stevok demonstrated the most admirable qualities that I have come to associate with Starfleet officers. May his actions and the lives saved on Tibro be a reminder that station and rank do not dictate character and valor. To quote Surak, shiyau thol'es k'thorai ri k'ahm. ((Translation: Nobility lies in action not in name. ))


Any: Response

Once everyone who wanted to speak had finished, Toryn walked over to the empty photon torpedo casing and rested his hand on it. It didn’t contain Stevok’s body, of course, since that was going to be sent back to Vulcan. It was symbolic. Toryn stepped back and let a team of Marines led by Amuro assemble to give Stevok a military salute. She had not expected that. Stevok was a civilian. This was a very great honor they were about to bestow on him. 

Thoran: Response

Serala: Jolan’tru Stevokam, thlo e’lev hru’fir. (Romulan: Farewell Stevok, my husband my love ).

She nodded at Amuro.

McKnight: Marines...attention...Port...arms.

Seven Marines raised their rifles, pointed them at the forcefield of the shuttlebay exit and waited for the order.


Three times the orders were repeated. Three times, the Marines fired their weapons. Three times, Serala flinched as she felt a piece of her disappear.

oO Not yet! NOT YET! Oo

McKnight: Present...arms! :: Amuro saluted with his saber :: Order...arms!

Serala continued to fight her own emotions as the pallbearers pushed the torpedo across the shuttlebay to the forcefield.

Raga: Ex astris venimus, ita et nos revertur. :: He recited the inscription from the Elysium's memorial :: From the stars, so we return.

When Toryn was finished, he pushed the casing out through the forcefield and it flew straight out among the clouds of the Par’tha Expanse.

Raga: Mi ĵuras, laŭ mia honoro mi prizorgos ambaŭ. (( I swear, on my honor I will look after them both. ))

Serala had heard the language before, but had no idea what Toryn had said. Apparently, it had been meant only for Stevok to understand.

Marines: Response?

Raga: Should any of you wish to indulge, drinks are available in Poseidon's Lounge. Dismissed.

oO I don’t think Ishka would like that too much. Besides, I am breastfeeding. Can’t have alcohol right now. Though a nice stiff shot of Romulan Ale sounds really good. Oo

Any: Response

The people began to line up to offer her their condolences and support. Serala was grateful for those gestures, but if she was honest, she just wanted to get back to sickbay and her daughter. The doctors hadn’t really wanted to let her out just yet, but she had pleaded and they had agreed to let her out for a few hours. And the idea of being away from T’Saara right now made her very nervous. When the last of the well-wishers had passed, she turned to Toryn and Ishka.

Serala: Will you take me back to my daughter now?

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