Lt Commander Serala: Checking on the preparations

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Jim Davis

Apr 8, 2019, 9:15:29 PM4/8/19
to USS Atlantis

((Beta Quadrant, Partha Expanse, Romulan Republic Warbird Illa’variea, Main Shuttle Bay))

( Seven hours after bridge conference )

:: Serala couldn’t sleep, despite the good advice. Battle was imminent and they were on the verge of rescuing Toryn. She was very concerned about him. She wondered what kind of effect the prolonged captivity and torture was having on him. Would he be the same? Could he be? Restless, she decided to check on the preparations being conducted in the shuttle bay. Not that she felt they needed her oversight, but she needed something to do, to occupy her mind. She entered the bay and made her way toward Captain Logan and Lieutenant Knight. ::

Logan: Commander Serala :: He turned to face her. ::

oO Now, how does he do that? Me, Toryn, or even Knight, I could understand. Osiris, I could understand. But how does he do that? Oo

Serala: Captain. What are you two plotting down here?

Logan: Lieutenant Knight was just giving us an opportunity to do an untested live fire field test

Knight: This is more Dermont’s work than it is mine, I just happened upon a crazy idea that might work. Speaking of which the grumpy Engineer had another crazy idea, he called it “Marine proofing”. :: Lifting the brick to show the control. :: No control panels available, just an on/off command.

Logan: He's to modest, I think a good tactic would be to strap this like a backpack on to you that way you can spearhead our boarding.

Serala: I don’t know about that. Although, spearheading does sound good. We should strap it on you and see what happens. What do you think, David?

Knight: I think strapping it to “Marine Captain Logan” here and having him lead point sounds great provided your okay with the risk of course.

Logan: Lets see strapping a bomb to me while running at the enemy....mmmmmm....... where do i sign up ::Smiling broadly::

Serala: So, what exactly are we looking at here? The EMP weapon we’re supposed to be working on, or something else?

Knight: Most definitely not an EMP device that doesn’t exist yet, this is more along the lines of jamming short to medium range subspace signals. It works on a Thirty two phase shifting key variance modulator, the principal behind jamming is over powering anything on the Frequencies your transmitting on. A simpler way to think about it is two people talking at the same time, but not like that at the same time. If the smaller more numerous of the spiderbots are like ones we encountered before they should lose functionality and cease all actions. It probably won’t work on the larger Rolfs since they already have a smart enough processor to make decisions, but it will make life harder on them if they lose their worker bee’s.  We could always increase the range but that would require a larger power supply and more weight. Which I’m sure mr. logan here can tell you is that more practical more tactical and vise versa. And aside from that Dermont and I couldn’t find out why the power coils are stable and regulated but still causing the Frequency Power Amplifier to experience anomalies that lead to…..some…..minor melting….but only thirteen percent of the time.

Logan:: Looking between the Intelligence Officer and the Security Chief:: You do know I have no idea what's just been said, I got lost after most definitely not.

Serala: An EMP weapon might actually shut those damn bots off. What our intrepid litte Intel officer here has devised is the next best thing, It blocks the communications to and from them so they can’t receive orders. And he wants to attach one to you and let you go in first.

Knight: Well, I figured Logan here would be best at selecting who to carry these “bricks of luckiness”. I don’t know the marine and security personnel very well and would hate to shove a random brick at an unknowing boarder. I helped come up with it so there’s not much chance of me getting out of carrying one of these, but having said that I plan to use this from the rear of whichever boarding party I’m attached too. It has more than enough range and my combat training is very “self defense” oriented.

Logan: Take these and get every Marine up to speed on them, then see that the Security personnel are equally in the know

Serala: Maybe Lieutenant Knight could lead the charge with his English Longsword?

Knight: Please remember my use of a longsword is recreational and any use of a phaser rifle is the opposite. Plus if I’m not mistaken Security and Marine officers have months of specialized training for these sort of “boarding’s”.

Logan::Looking shocked:: we.....we do when was someone going to tell me about this. I was relying on you two

Serala: Captain, you shock me. Aren’t Marines supposed to be ready for anything?

Knight: Well I must admit the sarcasm is refreshing but it doesn’t change the fact that a longsword isn’t exactly practical. Mainly because…..well it’s too long.

Logan: You should have brought one of those collapsible swords, just think of the stories you could have told next time at court

Knight: Well know that you mention it, my “squire” still needs to polish my armor…….. :: Smiling ::

Logan: Response

Serala: Well, all jesting aside. Focusing on our holosuite adventures might not be the best use of our time right now. Let’s make sure everything is in readiness. We have about two hours before we arrive at the target site.

Knight: I hate to say it but Serala is right, this hardly the time to focus on holosuite adventures. We both have preparations to make and time is short. Before I forget I don’t suppose either of you know which boarding team I might be attached to?

Serala: I believe you will be attached to Commander Williams’ team. Logan, I want you on mine, but Commander Williams may override me on that too.

Logan: Response

Knight: Regardless I’ll be around when the time comes, until then I have some other things to attend to.

Serala: Dismissed. Both of you.

Lt. Commander Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
Training Team Member
USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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