Lt Commander Serala: Meeting the Illaran Councillor

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Jim Davis

May 23, 2020, 8:01:36 PM5/23/20
to USS Atlantis

((Weisto’s Council Chamber, Conference Center, Illara Prime))

The centrepiece of the office was an intricate, mahogany desk taking up at least half of the office’s floor space. Behind the desk stood a middle-aged woman who smiled as they entered. She wore a functional pair of suit trousers and a blazer over the top of a blouse. Exorbitant jewellery hung from her; almost as a display of wealth. With a soft click, the door to the office closed and all that was left were the officers and the councillor. The Captain took a seat and Ensign th’Kora decided to stand just to the Captain’s flank. Serala took the other seat next to the Captain’s.

Weisto: Hello, I am Keseri Weisto, the Illaran Council Member Seatholder. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

Thoran: Likewise Councillor. I am Commander Jarred Thoran, these are my colleagues. Commander Serala and Ensign th’Koro.

th’Koro:  ::Slowly bringing his antennae down and forward:: Councillor, the pleasure has to be mine.

oO Eager much? Oo She smiled inwardly, though. 

Serala: Greetings, Councillor.

Weisto: I am sure you’re wondering why I called you here….

oO The thought had crossed my mind. Oo

Weisto: … As you know this conference is a huge undertaking and tensions are going to be high no matter what we do, but I have asked you here to help. The Federation is known for its diplomatic tact and I have been asked by the highest members here in Illara Prime to get your input.

Thoran: We are happy to assist in whatever way we can. Both my colleagues and I are aware of all the groups that have been invited.

oO Yes, like my mother. Oo

th’Koro: ::dryly:: Yeah.. we’re going to need to make sure no one is getting off the proverbial horse and instead trying to decapitate each other with insults.

Serala bit her tongue on that one. Her mother could do worse than decapitate someone with her words when she tried.


Weisto: Though that’s true we also know when it is good to ask for help and you know some of these factions way better than we do. As such do you have any questions you want to ask before we start?

Thoran: What can you tell us of the individuals in attendance?

Weisto: Response

Thoran: Hmm. We are familiar with Ambassador R’Val, although I will admit the rest is news to us.

oO Familiar. That’s about the understatement of the century. Oo

th’Koro: This could be a problem. The differences between the representatives could lead to petty squabbling over who is superior.

Serala was beginning to get the feeling that Councilor Weistro hadn’t called them here to talk about the various trade delegates. 

Weisto: Response

th’Koro: Is there any possibility of being sent all of this data for later reference?

Serala: Excuse me, Councilor, but I get the feeling that this isn’t really what you called us here to talk about. May I ask if that’s the case, and if so, what did you really want to talk to us about?

Weisto: Response

Thoran: Response

Serala: I think I am beginning to understand. But it sounds as if you aren’t telling us everything yet. Councilor. I don’t have the final word here, but if we are going to help you, we really should know everything you have.

Thoran / Weisto: Response

Serala looked over at the Captain, waiting to hear what his response would be to this.

Thoran: Response

Weisto: Response

th’Koro: Response

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