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Jim Davis

Jan 17, 2018, 10:39:34 PM1/17/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Awards Ceremony, Palace Jet’ral, Tiruelle Moon, Tigelis I))

:: Serala looked up from her drink...it wasn't aesollh, but it was hot and tasted good... to see the Captain and First Officer preparing to commence the awards ceremony. She was so new to the crew, to the fleet, that she didn't expect to receive any but she hoped some of her new friends did.::

Brell: Good Evening Crew of the Atlantis, and to our esteemed Caraadian hosts of House Larokon. ::He clapped his hands together.:: I know many of you have been waiting, and excited for us to gather all day or at least all evening!

Williams: It is our honor and privilege to offer so many talented officers a way of gratitude for the hard work they did during our last mission. It's the first of what I hope will be a long tradition on the Atlantis. Promoting officers is always worth celebrating. I remember my first and in a way I am reliving that moment today as today is the first time I will be handing them out instead of receiving.

Any: response

Brell: Before we start I would like to introduce you all to our newest officer, Counselor Thayon Jann, please welcome him with the same spirit of togetherness you all showed during our first mission together. Please stand Ensign so everyone can say hello.

oO Counselor. Huh. Probably not a bad idea way out here in the Expanse. Oo

Jann: response

Brell: We will start off with a few ribbons, the first being an important one.The near complete changing of a crew, and relaunch of a Starship is no easy affair. It takes a crew willing to come together, and work well while also establishing themselves on ship who has seen many crews operate it during its service to Starfleet, to be a success.The Legacy Ribbon is awarded to; Myself, Lieutenant Commander Williams, Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenants Danara, and Pond, Marine Captain McKnight, 1st Lieutenant Logan, Lieutenants jg Cattan and Lambert, Along with Ensigns Raga, Dermont, Serala, Tarik, and Knight. Congratulations to us all! Please come up to receive your ribbon from Commander Williams.

oO What? I got a ribbon? Wow! I didn't see that coming! Wait until I tell Ri'nanov! Oo

:: Her elation deflated some as she realized that it would be unlikely she would telling her mother anything ever again. She got up from her seat, and joined the line of officers to receive her award.::

Williams: Congratulations to you all.

:: The First Officer took the large box and took a set of small boxes and handed them out one by one as each officer made his or her way on to the stage. The line moved quickly and with only the Captain and First Officer remaining. The First Officer opened one of the last two boxes, grabbed the medal and pinned it on the Captain's shirt. Then he handed the last box over to the Captain only to receive it back almost instantly with a grin from his CO.::

:: After receiving her award, Serala moved back to her seat, certain that would be the only one she would see this night. In retrospect, this one wasn't as exciting considering nearly every officer on-board at the time of the conflict had received the reward.::

Brell: Now we have a bunch of Captain’s commendation ribbons to hand out as well. This commendation is awarded to a person for exemplary service or honorable actions performed in the course of their duties. In those times when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by their commanding officer.

oO That's actually a great honor. To be recognized by one's Commander. Oo

:: Serala looked around wondering who would be receiving the award.::

Brell: The first pair of Captain’s commendations go to Ensign Serala and Ensign Noshka.

oO What? What did I do? Oo

Williams: For coming to the aid of the diplomatic team and saving Commander Brell, when the fighting broke out on Devron, You have both earned this one, for your acts of bravery.

oO But I was just doing my job?! Oo

:: Nevertheless, she rose once again and headed toward the Captain and First Officer. As she was given the award, she felt it proper etiquette to say something.::

Serala: Thank you, sir. I don't feel as if I deserve this since I was just doing my job, but it is nice to be recognized.

Noshka: Response

Brell: The next two Captain’s commendation ribbons go to Ensign Dermont, and Ensign Raga.

Williams: Mr Raga. You personally made plans to make sure our teams were safe.  For these well thought preparations of setting up the shuttles. You are awarded he commendation. Congratulations. ::He offered the man a handshake and then guided him to the captain who was already waiting with the medal in his hand::

Mr. Dermont, yo handled quickly during the investigations into the hostages. Your team came under fire but you managed to keep everyone safe. For this you too are awarded the captains commendation. Congratulations.

Raga/Dermont: responses

::Both men had shown their unconventional thinking, and expertise in the mission. Brell and Alex were proud of them giving each a hearty handshake again as they accepted their awards. Again the gathered officers clapped hooted and hollered. They were all seeming to be having a great time, even those who had ever-stoic faces looked .. pleased for their crewmates.::

Brell: The last Captain’s Commendations of the evening will be going to Lieutenant Danara along with her teammates Mcknight, and Logan for the rescue of Ensign T’Bel who is still recovering from her injuries.

Williams: You risked your lives to save one of our own. If the captain had not put your names on the nomination list already I would have done it myself.

Danara/Logan/McKnight: responses

Brell: You all deserve praise for the challenges we faced on and, above Devron, give yourselves a round of applause! 

:: Still stunned, Serala managed to applaud along with the others.::

oO I may socially challenged, but at least my job performance is getting noticed. Oo

::There were four rosewood boxes left in the large box that stood on an ice table placed between the Captain and the First Officer.::

Brell: Alright, now it is time to honor a few among us in another manner. Since joining me at DS9 fresh from the academy on the way to meet the rest of you who were on Athena … which seems, so long and yet like yesterday sometimes…These two have been an integral part of Atlantis’ crew. Would Ensigns Raga and Dermont come forward please.

:: Serala was excited that Toryn was about to receive another award, a serious one, maybe even a promotion. She had initially thought him scared when she first saw him in the shuttle at Devron, but after the climb she knew better. She had actually started to like him. Of the who had gone on the climb, he was the one she was not likely to develop a friendship with.::

oO Dermont, in the other hand… Oo

:: That brought a brief scowl her face. She didn't know why, but was clear the Engineer had developed a dislike of her.::

oO Probably like most humans and hates Romulans. Oo

:: It wasn't the first time she had encountered that bigotry, but it still hurt nonetheless. She refused to allow such dark thoughts invade her joy at seeing her new...friend?... receive another award.::

Brell: You have earned this through your dedication to your duties, and quick thinking in the field. It is my honor to promote you both to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Williams: Well done lads, you make us all proud to work with such fine officers like yourselves. With your new rank you might think the hard work is over. But that would be a mistake. As an officer your responsibilities will increase and the captain and I will be breathing down your neck like never before. ::He gave them both a quick wink as the shook their hands and then opened their boxes and handed them to the Captain.::

Dermont: response

Raga: Response

::Brell shook each of their hands.::

Brell: You will do us all proud I am sure.

::With two boxes left, the Captain again turned to the crowd of guests of this event and gathered Starfleet officers, as Lt jg Dermont and Raga went back to their seats.::

Brell: Would Doctor Cattan join us please. As someone who has served with her for sometime I will turn the floor over to Williams.

Williams: About a year and a half ago we started together when the USS Za was launched. After a few weeks we lost our chief medical officer and you, just a fresh ensign from the academy had to step up. In  your first year you studied many nights, working to get your medical degree and move above and beyond the call of a nurse. You worked hard for your degree and received your junior grade rank at the time. Now, with two transfers behind you, you continue to work in the line of duty. It is therefore that I offer you the rank of Lieutenant with all duties and privileges attached. :: He opened the box and showed her the solid pip:: Congratulations. :: He offered her a firm handshake and pulled her closer to plant a big kiss on her cheek as well::

oO Oh! Interesting. Oo

Cattan: response

Brell: I am also pleased to announce that Lieutenant Cattan will now be Atlantis’ Assistant Chief Medical Officer and remain chief nursing as well, Congratulations.

Cattan: response

Brell: Last but certainly not least, this officer I have known for a few years now though we were on different assignments for some time. He has shown himself to be capable of growing as an officer, and as a person over time. Since joining Atlantis he has been much more than just our Senior science officer, he has been a mentor, and friend to many as well as a dedicated officer.

Brell: Christopher Lambert would you join us up here please.

::As the Frenchman joined Brell, and Williams at the front of the room the commanding officer gave him a wide smile.::

Williams: Mr Lambert I never told you about my history with the French, but let's just say you changed my opinion about that in so many ways. It's a privilege to work with you and I am confident you will run a ship of your own someday. But before we can nominate you for that we'd like to see you work as Atlantis’ Chief Science Officer first. It's a smaller department on our ship but we are confident you are the right man for the job. Congratulations. I’ll skip the kiss this time. ::He offered him a hand and a pad on the shoulder and then offered him the box with yet another solid pip inside::

Brell: ::Shaking his hand.:: Congratulations Lieutenant Lambert.   

Lambert: response

Brell: Well earned, my friend.

Lambert: response

::Brell turned to the bar picking up a small colorful drink in Ice glass, many had been poured and were being distributed to the room. Once everyone who accepted the alcoholic drink, had one in hand he held his high in air, trying to recall all the details of the human custom called toasting.::

Brell: Congratulations to all!

Williams: Now… the bar is open and you are all of duty until noon tomorrow. Enjoy your evening!

oO That's my cue. Oo

:: Serala got up and headed toward the table where Toryn was sitting. True, Dermont was there also, but she decided to be pleasant to for now.::

Serala: :: to Toryn:: Congratulations, Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Raga: Response

Serala: Thanks, but I should be headed back to Atlantis. I have a number of things to attend to. See you later. :: turning to Dermont:: Congratulations to you as well, sir. :: to everyone:: Jolan'tru.

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