(Backsim) Ensign Lephi: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

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Ensign Lephi

Sep 24, 2020, 2:39:00 AM9/24/20
to USS Atlantis NCC-74682
((Chief of Security’s Office-Deck 4-USS Atlantis))
((Time Index: Day 15? of Shoreleave))
((OOC: All thoughts and opinions strictly IC.))
Ganarvuss: Kidnapped? 
Lephi nodded. It was a slow, solemn nod and her smile had disappeared somewhere in her struggle with memories and feelings.
Lephi: ::pause:: Indeed, kidnapped for ransom no less.
Thoran: Do you have any idea where they took you?
Lephi: No, we were transported using transporter tags and taken somewhere off-site.
 She shifted in her seat once again, trying to offset the pain shooting through her body.
Ganarvuss: We can probably check the transporter logs and get some idea of that. I doubt the Illaran government is going to allow us down to investigate.
The Illaran government had been a thorn in her side since the moment she set foot in the Expanse as far as she was concerned. She knew that Ganarvuss was right, there was no real chance of Starfleet being allowed to investigate this much further. They had stonewalled her attempts to dig further into the communications logs, and even tried to shut her out when she was investigating the physiology records of their people for her publication in the JSCE. 
Still, there was something about her tone that had seemed off, like she was somehow blaming Lephi for all of this, despite it being her horribly thought out security parameters that had endangered Starfleet lives in the first place. She decided to speak up, not content to deal with the faux outrage she felt Ganarvuss was throwing at her.
Lephi: I don't mean to overstep here, but am I sensing some hostility? The man that died showed no regard for my life, nor Liz's, nor even that Marine. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn't escaped, we all know Starfleet doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Lephi watched as Ganarvuss stepped towards her. She began to rise out of her chair to meet the challenge eye to eye, but a combination of the pain and the Captain's voice caused her to pause. 
Thoran: Mr. Lephi, you were in a difficult situation and did what you thought best under the circumstances. It is not for us to judge that. You have been through quite the ordeal, perhaps we should pick this up another time, after you have had time to prepare your report?
Relieved that Thoran speaking up was enough to cause the acting security chief to back up. Lephi knew she was in no shape to fight, even if she had been full health and she fully appreciated the Captain's suggestion to postpone.
Lephi: ::rubbing her ribs:: That sounds good to me sir. I'll get that done as soon as I recover just a bit more.
Thoran: In that case, you are dismissed. Go and get some rest and Thank you again for your time Mr. Lephi.
Lephi: Thank you, and again I'm very sorry sir.
She slowly made her way to her feet and hobbled towards the door, casting a brief glance back at Ganarvuss. She didn't want to be angry, she knew it was Security’s job to care so much but she couldn't help being a little mad at the way the situation was handled. With that realisation, she walked out the door before she could do any further damage to the situation. 


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