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Jim Davis

Jan 26, 2018, 1:30:49 PM1/26/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Ice Palace Jet'ral, Tiruelle Moon, Tigellis I, after the awards ceremony))

Raga: It's fine Serala. It's part of getting to know someone. We all have trauma in our past that molds us and defines us. One of my mentor's favorite sayings. ::He half-smiled at that.::

:: Her father's face flashed in her mind and she experienced a moment of sadness, which she quickly forced herself to brush off.::

Serala: Yeah. It's just that I've been subject the prejudice my whole life from people who still remember the hostilities the Romulan Empire, especially the children who lost parents or grandparents because them.

:: She was about to continue when another voice spoke up. ::

Jann: Excuse my interuption. ::he held out his hand:: I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello in person.

Serala: No problem, Counselor, and welcome aboard. I'm Ensign Serala and this is Lieutenant JG Raga. We're Security.

:: Truth be told, Serala was more than a little surprised. Very rarely did someone approach her to strike up a conversation with having known her for sing time beforehand. More of that prejudice had just been speaking of. ::

Raga: It's good to finally meet you Counselor. Welcome aboard.

Jann: :: to Serala:: that dress is very nice. A wonderful mix of Romulan and Terran styles.

Serala: Thank you. You have a good eye. Yes. It was a gift from my mother, chosen, I believe, for that exact reason. That and it is my favorite color.

Jann: I hope you don't mind my saying but you don't see many Romulans in Starfleet let alone a Romulan/Human.

Serala: True, and there are two of us on the Atlantis. Our Chief of Intelligence is a full-blooded Romulan, though she and I haven't really talked.

Raga: It's not an easy thing for people to move beyond their preconceived notions and prejudices.

oO Huh? It's he still trying to continue the conversation, or is there some hidden message I’m not getting? Oo

:: Serala noticed that Toryn's brow furrowed slightly as he raised his glass to his lips for another sip of his cider. ::

oO What's bothering him? Oo

Jann: I completely agree with that. ::He smiled.:: hopefully I can help remove some of those prejudices between people's.

::Raga set his cider down on the small table and grinned slightly as he looked up at Jann.::

Raga: If you're making the rounds of the crew tonight Jann, you might want to see Lieutenant JG Dermont before the night ends. He's got some things bothering him and could use a good ear. He loves conversation, especially if it has anything to do with food, engineering or his ex-wife.

:: Okay, that truly baffled Serala. Even if they were friends, it really didn't give Toryn a right to interfere in his friend's personal issues. ::

oO If Dermont wanted counseling, he would ask for it. Anyone who goes to counseling without a desire for help will get absolutely nothing from it except possibly frustration and anger. Oo

Serala: That's probably true, Toryn, but if he doesn't want help, he's not going to get it, even if it was starting him in the face. Anyway Counselor, I hope you settle in well.

Jann: Well I guess I'd better go and introduce myself to the others.

::He threw Lieutenant JG Raga a quick glance and smiled.::

Serala: Alright, have a good rest of the evening.

Raga: Response

Jann: well I hope you two enjoy the rest of your evening. ::He threw them a friendly smile:: I look forward to working with you. ::He started to walk away and turned back to them.:: Oh, and if you never need to talk my door is always open...::he laughed.::when I find out which one is mine.

:: Serala smiled at that. ::

oO He has a great sense of humor. Oo

:: She turned back to Toryn and the two returned to their conversation, although she was careful to steer clear of the subject of Dermont and racial prejudice. From time to time, others would come over to one or the other and soak briefly with them and move on. After several hours, Serala was exhausted and decided to retire for the night. ::

Serala: Well, Lieutenant, I think it's time I get back to the ship. How about you?

Raga: Response

((OOC: Just trying to wrap this up and finish my tags so I can move on to the mission.))

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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