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Jim Davis

Dec 13, 2019, 12:30:25 AM12/13/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Ballroom, High Prefect’s Residence, Delphrai, Planetary Capital, Paldor II ))

(( Time Index: Day 14 of Shore Leave ))

Rolus: I trust you are all enjoying the evening. I am delighted to announce that it is time for the main event. Commander Thoran, the floor is yours.

The Captain stepped up to the dais and Commander Williams joined him after a nod from the Captain.

Thoran: Thank you Your Grace. For those of you who don’t know me I am Commander Jarred Thoran, commanding officer of the Federation starship Atlantis. This is a rather special occasion, as the High Prefect has allowed us to share our awards ceremony with you all. Before we begin with the presentations, I would like to take a moment to formally welcome some new faces to the Atlantis. Lieutenant Commander Anath G’Renn who is joining us as Chief Medical Officer and Ensign Deven Nehir as our newest counselor. Welcome to the Atlantis and I look forward to working with you both.

G’Renn: Response

Nehir: :: She raised her glass :: (in a tikani dialect) 'dastudr ekess udoka', Strength be with us!

Anyone: Response

Once the applause died down, the Captain continued.

Thoran: As many of you know, the station’s arrival in orbit above the planet caused huge disturbances, affecting much of the population. Emergency services were stretched to breaking point and the population was in panic mode, creating a volatile situation. In the ensuing chaos, four officers were able to assess and take control of the situation, providing much needed relief and aid. It is my honour to award the Peacekeeper Ribbon to Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga and Lieutenants Maddi Hyden, Ishkabella Journs and David Knight. Congratulations.

Serala applauded for the all. Especially Toryn. And she was glad they had talked. It was long overdue. And one thing was certain. Any romantic feelings she had held for him were now gone. She felt for him as a close friend and nothing more. Her love for Stevok had been cemented by the little bean growing inside her.

Journs: Thank you, sir

Raga: Thank you, sir.

Hyden: Responses

Williams: Because of your quick and thorough assistance we can celebrate today.

Any: Response

Thoran: When it emerged from subspace, the situation on board Deep Space Twenty Six was all but dire, with a rogue element of the Valcarian military having taken control over large sections of the station.

oO Rouge element by Romulan fehill’curak. Oo

Thoran: For their efforts in regaining control of the station, I am pleased to award the Good Conduct Ribbon to Lieutenant Commander Serala, Marine Captains Amuro McKnight and Kurt Logan, First Lieutenant Palen Osiris and Master Sergeant Jenta Solana. Congratulations.

As she rose, starting to feel somewhat cumbersome due to her pregnancy, Maeli leaned over and spoke to her.

Maeli: Congratulations, Commander. Whatever may have happened, you deserve this.

As she made her way forward to accept the ribbon, she had to chuckle at the irony. A Good Conduct Ribbon being awarded to someone escorted by two Security guards for her bad actions during same said mission. At least the escort held back to give her some space to save face.

oO Probably Davis’ doing. Oo

McKnight: ::Whispered:: I see you're all dressed nice this evening.

Logan: Thought I'd try the standard white this time. It looks fetching on you to Ma'am ::Nodding at Serala. Then indicating Worene present. :: Still I'm not sure cat hair goes with it how about you Sir

Serala: :: Muttered quietly to both McKnight and Logan :: Oh yes. A fancy straightjacket for the crazy pregnant Romulan female. :: Taking the ribbon and speaking to the Captain and First Officer :: Thank you both, though I’m not sure I deserve this.

Osiris / Solana: Response

Logan: Thank you Commanders

Williams: Well done. You managed to deal with overwhelming odds and kept a vital Federation installation in one piece.

Any: Response

Thoran: For their work under pressure and ingenuity shown in preventing the station from crashing into the surface, I am delighted to award the Innovation Ribbon to Commander Williams, Lieutenants Maeli, Kiliak and Kiax, along with myself. Congratulations.

Maeli: Thank you, sirs, even if I am confused about why I am receiving this. After all, I just flew the ship.

Kiliak / Kiax: Response

Williams: I am pleased to say the honor of the Innovation Ribbon was for you as well, Captain.

Nehir: Made my shuttle landing during all that quite tolerable!

Thoran: Thank you Commander. ::He placed the box into his pocket before continuing.:: Being the only medical officer present at the triage site was a demanding job. Despite it all, Lieutenant Ishkabella Journs performed her duties without complaint, providing medical assistance to many civilians who had been injured in the earthquakes. Lieutenant Journs, you are hereby awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon. Congratulations.

oO There’s one award I will never receive. Oo

Journs: ::murmurs:: Thank you, sir.

Williams: We should hand you several dozens of those doctor. Your hard work saved so many these past days.

Any: Response

Thoran: Next we have three very special awards. Lieutenant Kiliak Jo when there was a malfunction with one of the deuterium tanks your selfless actions allowed the Atlantis to continue its task of moving the station, at great personal risk. Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga, with no regard for your own safety you ran into a collapsing building to save one of your colleagues and in the process apprehended a Valcarian agent. Not only that but when a stampede tore through the triage centre, you threw yourself in front of it, saving two Caraadian lives. Lieutenant Trelixxa Maeli, I have always been impressed with those who are able to pilot a starship and cannot imagine the pressure you must feel. Your piloting skills under extreme pressure were instrumental in allowing the Atlantis to deliver the deuterium tanks to their positions around the station. It is my privilege to award you all the Captain’s Commendation. Congratulations.

As the Helmswoman rose to go receive the award, it was Serala’s turn to congratulate her. This one really was well deserved.

Serala: Congratulations, Trelixxa. At least you actually deserve this.

Kiliak : Response

Maeli: Thank you, again. I really don’t know what to say.

Raga: It needed to be done.

Williams: ::As he handed the award over to Maeli:: Well earned Trelixxa, you can be proud of this one.

Any: Response

Thoran: Recently whilst reviewing the personnel records, I noticed that a couple of officers have been served as head of their respective departments for over a year. Lieutenant Commander Serala and Marine Captain Amuro McKnight you are hereby awarded the Department Chief Ribbon. Congratulations.

Serala once again made her way to the dais to receive an award. This time, there wasn’t much to say, so she didn’t say anything. She did shake their hands out of courtesy, but until this whole situation was resolved, Serala just didn’t feel all that worthy of any award. Her honor was being called into question. On Romulus, she would have already killed Perkins for it. Her dathe’anofvsen would have eagerly drunk his blood.

McKnight: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: Finally, Starfleet has authorized the awarding of the Joint Meritorious Unit Award to the entire crew. Well done to you all, you have been an example to the rest of the fleet with your actions.

Any: Response

Thoran: There are a few announcements I would like to make. With Lieutenant Valin Dermont having been temporarily assigned to help with the repair efforts on the station, the Atlantis is without a Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Kiliak Jo, you have proven yourself a very capable and skilled engineer. You are hereby appointed to the role of Acting Chief Engineer. Congratulations Lieutenant.

Kiliak: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: As I mentioned before, piloting a starship is no easy task. I have been fortunate during my time with Starfleet to serve with some exceptional helm officers. Since I have been on board the Atlantis I have been impressed by Lieutenant Maeli’s apparent effortlessness at piloting the ship and her natural aptitude for flight. You are hereby appointed to the role of Assistant Chief Helm Officers. Congratulations Lieutenant.

Maeli: Thank you, sir. I’ll try not to disappoint.

Knight: just make sure not to let the ship unexpected collide with anything unexpectedly. :: smirking ::

Thoran: Lastly, it gives me great pleasure to promote Lieutenant Maddi Hyden to full Chief of Security. Congratulations Lieutenant.

 oO And much deserved. She’s definitely earned it. I just hope she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of her predecessor. Oo

Hyden: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: That concludes our award ceremony. Please carry on and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Rolus: Not so fast Commander. I have an announcement of my own. Please have your senior staff join you.

Now curious for the first time tonight, she rose along with the others and made her way to the dais again.

Rolus: Commander Thoran, crew of the Atlantis. You came to our aid in our time of need and risked your lives to save our planet. Without your intervention our planet would have faced certain annihilation. We, the people of Paldor II owe our lives to you. By the authority granted to me by the Grand Council, I hereby award you all the Order of Merit of House Larokon.

Thoran: Thank you Your Grace. We are extremely honoured and humbled.

Knight: Well, I wonder what Starfleet regulation has to say about the wear of foreign awards.

Raga: Thank you, your Grace. It's a humbling honor indeed. 

Any: Response

Once the ceremony was concluded, she asked Connors and Davis if she could return to the ship. Of course, they wouldn’t object as they were technically on duty and had to go wherever she did, but they were still part of the crew and should have the opportunity to stay and enjoy themselves as much as their duties would permit. Fortunately, however, both seemed ready to leave. Serala wanted to talk to her mother, but realized she was probably going to be hobnobbing with the Captain and High Prefect for the rest of the night. She would catch up to her tomorrow.

Serala: David, Trelixxa, if you will excuse us, I really should be back to my jail cell...I mean the ship. Try and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Knight/Maeli: Responses

She rose and started to leave, then decided to say one more thing, especially since it was true.

Serala: By the way, you two look good together. Have a good night.

Rather than taking a transport back, once they were clear of the residence, she signalled Atlantis to transport herself, Stevok, Davis and Connors back to the ship.

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