PNPC Doctor Stevok: The Pon farr Ceremony

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Jim Davis

Jul 22, 2018, 12:14:11 AM7/22/18
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(( Clan Ceremonial Gounds, Vulcana Regar, Raal Province, Vulcan ))

:: Stevok walked to the center of the arena, known as the place of the kun’ut kali’fi, or the place of marrying, and rang the bell once to show his arrival. After a long pause, he rang it a second time to signal his readiness for the ceremony to commence. Shortly, the marriage party entered the arena, led by T’Patek, the matriarch of his clan, his father’s mother, now so old she had to be carried in on a palanquin. Other family members entered behind, his parents, his sister, the entire clan, and R’Val with Serala, now dressed in Vulcan ceremonial wedding robes. They had travelled nearly five days to get here. Because of Serala’s tight timetable, the ceremony was begun at sunset that same evening.

:: Once everyone was in their places, Stevok turned to T’Palek and gave her the ta’al, the ritual hand greeting, which was returned in kind by the aged matriarch. He then approached her and she initiated a mind meld to confirm the pon farr. Of course, it had passed, but it was part of the ritual and so the meld was made. To Stevok’s surprise, however, he suddenly felt the heat of the pon’farr sweep over him again. ::

oO How is this possible? The pon farr has passed! Oo

~~ It is necessary, Stevok. Pon farr is part of the ritual. Worry not, it is not true pon farr. I have merely brought the memory of that time forward to appear as if you are in the plak tow. It will pass once the ceremony is complete. ~~

~~ Of course, T’Patek. It shall be as you deem best. ~~

Stevok: T’Patek, this is Commander R’Val, mother of Serala, my chosen. Commander, this is T’Patek, the matriarch of our clan.

T’Patek: What you are about to see comes down from the time of the Beginning. This is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul - this is our way. :: she pauses for several long seconds, before continuing in a commanding voice :: Kali farr! (( OOC: Time of challenge! ))

:: This time the pause was even longer, lasting for nearly two minutes, before Stevok rang the bell again for the third time. ::

T’Patek: Serala will now come forward.

:: Anxious and a bit nervous, Serala stepped forward toward both Stevok and T’Patek. He found her sudden apprehension a bit amusing, but in light of the renewed fever, he was unable to fully appreciate it. ::

T’Patek: Ordinarily, it would be at this time that I would join the two of you in the marriage bond. However, since that has already occurred, there is only one thing left for me to do. As I have initiated the fever in Stevok, so I must now initiate it in you as well.

Serala: But I’m Romulan and Human. Can I experience the fever?

T’Patek: We have found through experience that humans are capable of experiencing the bond fever, but it must be purged quickly or it can kill them. As a Romulan, and I am told your physiology is primarily Romulan despite your mixed heritage, you are a descendant of Vulcan. You’re people may not experience the pon farr anymore, but it is still in your blood.

Serala: Very well. Please continue.

:: T’Patek then placed her hands on each of them and initiated a three way mind meld. Serala had already been able to somewhat sense Stevok’s renewed passions through the bond, but now she felt the full intensity of it, for not only was it his she was experiencing, but her own as well. Stevok had wanted her before, but this time he needed her, could not exist without her. Would kill for her. T’Patek withdrew her hands from them, severing the mind meld. ::

T’Patek:  Pon farr! (( OOC: Time of mating! ))

:: The others began to slowly file out of the arena, leaving only Stevok, Serala, T’Patek, and a single guard wearing a hood. Stevok and Serala, now lost in the plak tow, took no notice of these others and consummated their marriage for the rest of the night. ::


(( OOC: Special credit goes to The Vulcan Language, copyright 1980-2004 by Mark R. Gardner and the Vulcan Language Institute, p. 307, as my reference source for this post. ))

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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