Lt Commander Serala: Bared Fangs

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Jim Davis

Feb 12, 2019, 10:35:13 PM2/12/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Security Office, Deck 4, USS Atlantis, Day 4 of Shore Leave ))  

Serala: Please, Lieutenant. Have a seat.

Kiliak: Thank you.

Serala: So, what may I do for you?

:: Kiliak slid a PADD across her desk. Serala picked it up and began to scan it as the young woman continued to speak. ::

Kiliak:  Intelligence asked me to keep this contained as possible. I suspect they're worried it might affect relations, or jeopardize the upcoming joint mission. Still, we agreed you were squarely in the Need-to-Know category.

:: Serala let the silence hang as she read the report more completely. When she reached the part about Romulan conspirators, she understood why she was being brought into the loop. As Head of Security, that should have been enough, but apparently it was only because she was Romulan. ::

oO I wonder when people will stop distrusting me simply because of my green blood! Oo

:: Despite her growing anger, she managed to maintain a facade of impassiveness. A facade she had been practicing since her youth, thanks to her Mother. ::

Serala: I should say I am in the need to know category. I am Head of Security on this ship. Even if I wasn’t Romulan, I would have a need to know when members of this ship’s crew are attacked. In fact, I should be one of the first to know. Nothing against Lieutenant Knight - I like him well enough - but he always seems to be where there is trouble. And he constantly seems to be trying to keep it from Security. You did right by bringing this to me.

Kiliak: We were also taken by surprise. Quite literally.

Serala: I would expect that to be the case. Romulans are trained in stealth when they enter the Military Institute. And keep in mind, that most Romulans alive today were alive and living under the old Empire before the Hobus Explosion. Most likely, they are former Imperial Military soldiers, displaced since the nova, and working as mercenaries. It’s not unheard of.

Kiliak: There's also this. :: Kiliak placed a Romulan pin onto Serala's desk with a faint clink. :: Found it on one of them. May be a clue. Any idea what it stands for?

:: Serala recognized it instantly, although she never thought to actually see one in her lifetime. It was the symbol of an ancient order. One thought to have been eliminated nearly a thousand years ago. To see this symbol here was unthinkable. ::

Serala: This shouldn’t be possible. Yes, this is the symbol of an ancient order known as N’Ventnar, or Bared Fang. They were an almost legendary group of assassins. Somewhat akin to the ancient ninjas of Earth, but even more effective and deadly. But they were thought to have been completely destroyed a little more than a thousand years ago. Lieutenant...if they are back, or if they were never gone, you are quite lucky to have survived your encounter with them. These people were not someone to trifle with.

Kiliak: Response

Serala: Be careful, for one. And this time, I agree with Knight. Keep this under wraps. If this is real, they will kill to protect their secret. Take this back to Knight and have him run a spectral analysis to determine exactly how old it is. I need to know if this is real.

Kiliak: Response

Lt. Commander Serala
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