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((Sick Bay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis))
((Time Index: Day 24 of Shore Leave))

Tal'Aura: Ensign Tal'Aura, reporting for mandatory medical evaluation. :: He said with an even tone. ::

Snow: Right this way, Ensign.

Varik followed the woman’s direction, stepping towards one of the biobeds. He felt an uncomfortable shiver run up his spine as he caught a glimpse of some medical instruments at a nearby workstation. Ever since he was a child he greatly disliked being in hospitals. It mattered little whether he was the patient or just a visitor—it was the aura of the place that he found unsettling.

Tal`Aura: Yes, doctor.

Snow: Have a seat for me please.

Varik took a seat at the foot of the biobed and rested his gaze upon the woman. Despite his height, his legs were able to swing freely with just the tips of his boots brushing against the floor. His unease at being in sick bay was just barely hidden.

Tal`Aura: Yes, doctor. :: He said again, catching another glimpse of some nearby medical instruments. ::

Elizabeth looked over the PADD in her hand before handing it back to the tactical officer. Once the officer was comfortably on the biobed, she flipped open her tricorder and began to scan him.

Snow: Did you have a long journey to get to the ship?

Varik watched with muted apprehension as the woman began to scan him with a tricorder. His vitals would come back normal though there may be some indication of minor bone fractures in his left arm that had healed decades prior.  

Tal`Aura: Not too long. We—my fellow ensign and a Lieutenant Levinson, that is, had a shuttle from Earth to the Starbase. Captain Thoran met us in the shuttlebay. It was an appreciated gesture though I will admit I thought him the first officer at first glance. :: Varik managed a weak smile. :: Commander pips and all, you know.

Snow: Response

He stopped the swinging of his legs long enough for the woman to pass before resuming the repetitive motions again.

Tal’Aura: Come to think of it I still need to introduce myself to the first officer. I am embarrassed to admit I do not even know their name. They are a Vulcan, I think? :: The ensign chuckled softly. :: Nobody warned me the most difficult part of joining the crew of a starship would be learning everybody’s names. I do not even know your own.

Snow: Response

Ensign Varik Tal'Aura
Tactical Officer
USS Chin'toka

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