JP LCDR Serala, Lt Trelixxa Maeli, & PNPC Cdr. R’Val: Mission Briefing, pt. 2

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Lisa St. James

Mar 5, 2019, 10:31:26 PM3/5/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Briefing Room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Day 6 of Shore Leave, evening ))

Brell: Might I introduce Lt Commander Lyldra, Starfleet’s envoy to the Freeworlds who will be leading one of the teams.

(( Serala ))

:: Serala paid attention as the Captain’s wife stood and prepared to speak. Serala had, of course, seen her before, but she had never interacted with the Bolian female. Something she decided she needed to rectify when this mess was all over. ::

Lyldra: Good day, everyone. I have been given permission to represent the Federation at formal inquiry into the Consortiums actions in the Par’tha expanse before a Freeworlds arbitrator. Brell will be my key witness, along with a member of Atlantis’ security department who of course will also be along to ensure we all stay safe.

(( Serala ))

oO That should be me, but I am going on the mission. I just hope Hyden remembers what I first told her about the Captain’s safety in regards to myself. Oo

Serala: I believe Lieutenant Hyden will be more than capable of filling that role, sir. She has my fullest confidence.

Hyden: response

Brell: I know I feel better having you along Lieutenant

Lyldra: Ensign Chase will round out the team as an advisor.

Chase: response

:: The Commander tapped some buttons on the console and a three dimensional holographic representation of the plant Illara Prime, Capital of the Freeworlds, appeared and began to slowly spin in place. ::

Lyldra: Illara Prime is basically ruled by the region's top earning corporations … the Consortium with the purchasing of a RoLF power core manufacturer has recently earned a seat on that board. Though that is terrible news, it does give us the chance to use Freeworlds law against them in way they have to respond too.

Any: response

Lyldra:  We will take the Atlantis’ aeroshuttle as it has higher warp capacity than any other available craft. It would be impossible to keep this under wraps so my suggestion is we do not try.

Danara: response

Logan: With them knowing that your scheduled to be there any interference will certainly add weight to your complaints.

Lieutenant Trelixxa Maeli
Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-74682


Lt. Commander Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
Training Team Member
USS Atlantis NCC-74682


PNPC Commander R'Val
Commanding Officer
RRS Illa'variea
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