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Capt Brell

Aug 5, 2018, 6:17:27 PM8/5/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis

((OOC: This takes place on day 4 of shore leave))

((Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis))

::They left the CMO's office and went over to a bio-bed. He hated these things as laying on them reminded him of his capture and torture at the hands of the consortium. At least these didn’t have restraints of any kind, if they did he did not know how he would react really. Just thinking of that horrible event made the task before him feel not so bad. Fear over a physical exam was rather trivial. Telling himself that might just help, as he got up on the biobed and readied himself to endure this exam.::

Cattan: Sir, you did get physicals before rigth? When was the last one?

Brell: Yes on the Blackwell about three months before I took command of Atlantis. .. So a year ago.

oO Was it really that long. Oo

::He knew the one who left the most notes on his medical file had been Dr. Cook on the USS Darwin. There he had been given multiple lectures about his eating habits, some of which he followed. He tried not to look nervous as Cattan went over him with her tricorder. She paused at his left arm were the scar was from a fight he had gotten into in his teen years then it could not be corrected by dermal regeneration, and now he would want to have it corrected as it served as a powerful reminder to do the right thing to him. He laid down on back when directed too and felt the bio-bed rise to the Doctors level.::

Cattan: may I ask how you got that scar?

Brell: I got it from some very bad choices in my teenage years.

Cattan: ::her eyes widen:: that's something to endure as a child

Brell: I have not had it corrected since though its possible to be a very real reminder of consequences of my choices. And to make the right ones.

Cattan: ::she smiles:: I've got some scars which I decided to keep for the same reason

Brell: I’m sure many do. ::Hoping the series of beeps he just heard meant the scan was done.:: So Doctor how am I?

Cattan: I see, ::she nods:: I have to be honest and in one year you did gain 5kg... I don't know if that's much for you?

::He had lost about that with great effort and portion control. He had kept up his fitness routine since taking command of Atlantis but he had not really kept his diet in line.::  

Brell: Um .. no its not normal… that much in a year …  I have not been watching what I eat very well.

Cattan: ::there was a beep which indicates that the scan was done:: Don't worry, the other scans came out normal and I'm not a dietitian. Besides I dont see any reason to lecture you. ::she smiles:: you love food, as do I. You know what the consequences are if you don't keep track and if you would stop going to the gym. Just try to stay fit, eat healthy and then all I can say is::she smiles:: keep up the good work.

Brell:  Um that is true. Thank you Doctor.

oO Whew not that bad. Oo

::She guested he could get up as the bio-bed lowered from its raised position. He sat up pleased that this was not as bad as he had built it up to be in his mind. He was also sure both Hars and Lyldra would give him some grief over putting on 5kg however so he was not fully off the hook.::

Cattan: Sir, when do you and Hars have time to dine?

Brell:  I‘m not sure with these depositions coming up. As he was on the shuttle he is on the authorities list to see as well. ::Grinning:: when you do come I promise not to have a third helping no matter how good it is.

Cattan: ::she laughs:: please contact me when you know it, I'll cook something healthy, spicy and fishy. That should do it ::she winks::

Brell: I look forward to it.

::With that he left the sickbay and what was the least dreadful physical exam he had attended in years.::

Captain Brell - Commanding Officer

USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Academy Deputy Commandant


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