Ensign Serala: Rammed, pt. 1

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Jim Davis

Feb 3, 2018, 9:24:49 PM2/3/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Par’tha Expanse))

Logan: According to this both the frequency and position of the Buoy has moved in the past couple of days and weeks.

Serala: That's assuming these readings can be trusted. With all the space debris and dust, there could be refractive dispersion that the computers haven't compensated for. It's unlikely, I admit. But it is possible.

Logan: Well I reckon there's one Course of action that will assist us in determining if this is right and give us some advanced information for when we head towards the buoy.

Serala: A probe?
Logan::Nodding:: A probe, we know the position where the buoy is supposed to be. When it gets close it's onboard sensors can finish any course correction. But If it has moved then ..... ::Turning to look at her:: But I'm just an observer her today, what do you make of it ?

Serala: I think it's a good plan for more reasons than you have suggested. If it has moved, why? Was the cause natural or artificial? A probe would help answer those questions plus provide us with advanced sensor data subject less diffraction due to a shorter range, this more accurate, and… And this might just be me being a typical paranoid Romulan, but if the buoy’s disappearance is due to an enemy, possibly trying to lay a trap for us…then a probe could give us advanced warning.

Logan: I wouldn’t know about that Ma’am I’m a gentle soul at heart

Serala: You have to think like that when you're a tactical officer. As a Marine, I would think you would understand that. :: Smiling at the jestful barb while turning to the Captain :: Captain, Lieutenant Logan has made an observation that I think bears further investigation. Request permission to launch a class 3 tactical probe toward the last known location of the nav buoy.

Brell: Granted.

Serala: He noticed that just prior to our losing contact with the buoy, its position had moved. A probe could help establish why, if the buoy is still there, and if there is potentially an enemy laying ambush for us. Basically, it could help negate the difficulties created by all this space junk.

Brell: Put the data feed on screen please as soon as the probe is within range.

Serala: Aye sir.

:: Serala launched the probe at the designated coordinates and began recording the telemetry data. ::

Brell: We should also send Lieutenant Lamberts team a heads up on the nav-beacon being out … if they are not already aware.

Adetola: I’ll get right on that sir.

Brell: Counselor, have you had a chance to meet my Co-husband yet?

Jann: ::shaking his head:: your co-husband? Hars Vlin? I don't think I have yet. He's a civilian isn't he?

Brell: ::Smiling:: Yes, he is a civilian but works in our science department. Our wife Lyldra is a Starfleet diplomat here in the expanse as well. We also have our twin children aboard.

Jann: well it seems you have your hands full when you're off duty as well. ::smiling:: I can't imagine you have much space left left in your quarters here.

Brell: We have a set of quarters on DS26 as well as it’s Lyldra’s main base of operations when she isn't visiting this planet or that planet. … I do very much enjoy having them with me for the time being.

Logan: I find it interesting that the readings stopped so abruptly

Serala: If it was a loud of power, it should have shown up as a gradually weakening signal. Not an abrupt termination

Logan: I agree power loss would show up as a weakened signal that then vanished, but then what do I know I’m no engineer either ::Shrugging::

:: The probe had reached its destination and, as instructed, Serala began to switch data to the main viewer when she noticed something odd. Just as she realized it was a ship, the helm officer called out. ::

Jann: Don't worry sir, I'm sure that when we reach DS26 I'm sure....

Adetola: Sir! We are reading a small ship that has changed its course towards us. It's possible that they went out of the corridor as their flight path is erratic.

oO More likely an ambush as I was afraid of. Oo

:: Before she could say it out loud the Captain spoke up. ::

Brell: Does the ship match any known Freeworlds, or Caraadian designs?

Adetola: Checking …. No it does not look like it sir.

Brell: Hail them.

Adetola: We are not getting a response. … Wait. … They are not responding directly, They are broadcasting a distress call on a lower subspace band frequency. It’s Linguacode of some kind but the computer is having a hard time deciphering it.

Brell: Counselor, take the science station and see if you can do anything to clear that up.

Jann: Aye sir. ::Jann left the X/O's chair and quickly moved over to science station.::

Brell: ::Looking to the security/tactical station.:: See if we have any close matches to that ship on file, use metallurgical references if you have to.

Serala: Already running a comparison, sir, but it doesn't seem match anything in our database.

Brell: Let’s see if they can understand us. Lieutenant Adetola using our Linguacode tell them to pull alongside if they require assistance.

Adetola: Yes Sir.

:: Something about this was really bothering Serala. Maybe it was the fact she had suspected a trap from the moment the buoy disappeared, but the ship's behavior seemed wrong. She was about to speak up again, but this time the Counselor beat her to it. ::

Jann: Sir I'm running a program to try and clear up the signal but it's not working.

Brell: Keep trying Ensign.

Serala: Sir, I'm getting no matches on that ship. Furthermore, this all feels wrong. I'm not even detecting life signs on board.

Brell: No life signs?

Serala: Negative, sir.

Brell: Keep scanning, and alter our message to request they change their course immediately.

Adetola: Aye.

::The signal remained unchanged until the end of Adetola’s altered message. The Distress signal cut out, and the unidentified starship sped up once more.::

Adetola: Sir their course has changed again it's due to cross our own, in only forty seven seconds.

Brell: Drop us out of warp. Yellow alert.

Serala: :: pushing the button for the shipwide intercom while initiating Yellow alert on the panel:: =/\= Yellow alert. All hands to General Quarters. =/\=

::The lighting changed quickly as the ship responded to the order for Yellow alert. Per SOP, Serala raised the shields and began charging the phaser banks.::

Adetola: The ship dropped out of warp as well sir. This is odd they are emitting a pulse of polaron particles at our shields.

Brell: Any effect on shield efficiency?

Serala: It appears to be having a slight disrupting effect, but I'm not sure exactly what benefit it’s providing them...yet.

Adetola: Sir they have not slowed down, they are now at full impulse on a .. a .. impact course.

Brell: Red Alert. All hands brace for impact.

:: Once again, Serala repeated the command over the shipwide channel and initiating Red Alert throughout the ship.::

Serala: =/\= Red alert. All hands brace for impact. =/\=

:: She then grabbed the handrail on  her console and braced herself. An instant later she was flipped over the console to strike the floor of the command level headfirst. Then, seeming to defy the laws of physics, she was lifted back up and fling back over the console to strike her head once again against the back bulkhead before being tossed to the ground where she momentarily lost consciousness.::

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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