Lt Commander Serala: There is no time for this!

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Jim Davis

Oct 2, 2019, 10:24:33 PM10/2/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Main Shuttlebay, Deck 10, USS Atlantis )) 

Serala: Well, then we should get together after the mission and discuss some things. Bring your TO also. I think I might be able to more fully integrate you into the Tactical picture of this ship. For now, though, make sure your preflights are done and prepare to launch. We leave in 30.

Teravalis: Response

Serala: oO Efficient. I could get to like her. Oo Very good, Ensign. Go over them one more time anyway, and then standby.

Teravalis: Response

Serala: oO Now for the part I really don’t like. Oo

She tapped her commbadge and signalled Commander Perkins.

Serala: =/\= Serala to Lieutenant Commander Perkins. Report to Main Shuttlebay on the double. And bring standard equipment for an away mission, including a Type II Phaser. We launch in 30 minutes. =/\=

(( OOC: Don’t know who wants to sim for the jerk, but someone feel free to jump in. ))

Perkins: =/\= Response =/\=

At least he was efficient and arrived in the shuttlebay 15 minutes later.

Perkins: Response

Serala: Let me be perfectly clear. I don’t like you and I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you - and trust me I would like to find out how far that is - but you did serve on this station and so you knowledge of it is going to be important to me. You’re coming with us, but I will be keeping a very close eye on you. Be careful, Commander. I am just looking for a reason to throw you in the brig. I still think you have been involved with almost everything that has happened to us since even before the bot attack.

Perkins: Response

Serala: No, I can’t prove anything. And that is why you are still walking free and wearing that uniform. And as long as you are, you will conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a Starfleet officer. And for now, that means helping us on this mission.

Perkins: Response

Serala: Very good.

At that moment, the rest of the assault team entered the bay and she could hear Kurt Logan’s distinct footprints coming from the shuttle.

Logan: What is he doing here ?

The tone in his voice instantly set her on guard, her finely honed reflexes responding to years of martial arts training. She was afraid of this. Truth be told, she understood Logan’s anger. She had just voiced it herself. But, she had managed to keep her tone civil, if only barely. She only hoped she wouldn’t be forced to defend Perkins against the Marine. Her skills in hand to hand combat were formidable, but he was a trained Marine. And the irony of defending someone she wanted to hurt herself against someone she considered a shipmate and friend would be hard to accept. She moved to interpose herself between the two. Maybe that would give Logan enough pause to stop him from doing something she would have to arrest him for.

Perkins: Response

Logan: QUIET! You lost the right to speak a long time ago !

Serala: As you were, Captain Logan! He’s coming with us.

Logan: I'd trust a first year cadet more than him any day.

Perkins: Response

Logan: I SAID QUIET !!!


Her green blood was boiling now and she fixed the Marine with a look of cold anger. Part of her was pleased to see that look returned.

Serala: oO He would have made a good Romulan Oo

Serala: He is coming with us, Captain and that is final. I trust this will not be a problem for you?

Logan:: Turning his gaze back to the Engineer:: No Ma'am. I won’t let the cause of our problem prevent me from helping to fix it.

Serala had seen the Trill woman coming with some sort of floating mechanical device next to her, but the current situation demanded her attention more.

Kiax: Apologies for my tardiness. I had to show our new crewmate here the way to the shuttlebay… ::She said, jokingly.:: Whatever he did or did not do isn’t our problem right now. Let’s just get underway and sort the blame later. We’ve got a planet to save…

Captain McKnight pushed his way through and turned on Logan

McKnight: Captain Logan, stand down. You're speaking to a superior officer.

Kiax: No Sir, I’m just eager to get underway. The longer we spend arguing about what got us here, the less time we have to get myself, and SOUL here, to the station’s computer core and figure out a way to get it back to where it belongs.

Logan: Response

Captain McKnight turned back to Serala.

McKnight: Commander, we have a mission to get started on. Best not to keep my men antsy

Serala: You’re correct, Captain. I just needed to make sure everyone here understands were all on the same team. If anyone...anyone! … feels that they can’t work within those guidelines they should leave now. Anyone? No? Good.

McKnight took his fellow marine aside and she sincerely hoped he was going to talk some sense into Kurt. She understood. But this was neither the time nor the place. Perkins’ knowledge could be invaluable and she owed to those people on that station to utilize every resource at her disposal, no matter what her personal feelings were. Or anyone elses.

She gave them a few minutes to talk, then decided they had waited long enough.


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