Ensign Serala: Healing, and a plan of a plan

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Jim Davis

Feb 27, 2018, 11:22:24 PM2/27/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Engineering, Main Deck, Deck 11 , USS Atlantis, Par'tha Expanse))

:: Suddenly, the glow surrounded her and Captain Brell. The next thing she knew, she was standing in Engineering. A second later, Logan was standing next to her. ::

Serala: Good to see you, Marine. I didn't hear an explosion. Did you manage get your trap off before your rescue?

Logan: Partial, not all but enough to have cost them to take it

Serala: Good :: a definite note of vindictive pleasure in her voice:: Serves those buggers right.

:: Noticing the medical personnel treating the injured and concern for her damaged side returned. If that rib breaks or punctured her heart, she could die. ::

Logan: You ok Ensign ? Do you need anything ?

Serala:: Perhaps, Lieutenant, you could lend me a hand over to the medics?

Logan: Certainly, Ma'am. This way.

::Guiding her gently towards several crew that were tending to injuries, he left her in their care as he returned to the group promising to return shortly::

:: Serala waited until one of the medics made his way over to her. She quickly explained her various injuries and symptoms and he quickly got to work. He confirmed that three of her ribs had indeed been broken, but that her heart was uninjured. After running an osteo-regenerator over the area, she felt some relief. She felt tender, but completely functional. ::

Corpsman: Take it easy on that side, Ensign. I managed to heal the ribs, but it will take several days for them to fully heal over.

:: She nodded her understanding at him. She was relieved she would be able to return to duty. With the crisis still full swing, she was going to be needed. She had been afraid she would get sidelined, and that brought a fear of shame from being unable to fulfill her duty. Then she remembered the bridge. ::

oO My first shift at tactical and the ship gets rammed and overrun. That didn't speak well of my ability to perform my duties. Commander Tel-ar is never going to let me back at tactical. Oo

:: About then, she noticed Logan headed back toward her, Lieutenant Porus in tow.::

oO Great, now my shame will be made complete. Perhaps my ability to defend myself well against him will offset his disapproval of my failure on the bridge. Oo

:: A few weeks ago they had sparred in the holodeck, neither every able to get the upper hand over the other. Eventually, they had turned to fight alongside each other against increasingly difficult foes. She had been impressed with his martial prowess. He had earned her respect and she hoped it had been mutual. If it had, that respect was now threatened by her failure on the bridge. ::

Logan: How are you feeling now ?

Serala: Still a little sore, but the corpsman assures me that I will be fine. :: turning to Porus, nodding :: Lieutenant Porus.

Logan: We've got a problem brewing quickly with these bots.

Porus: Agreed: At this rate we have less then one minute!

Logan: More than that, with the bridge now in their hands, Engineering will be their next major target meaning they'll be coming from all angles.

:: Serala's cheeks flamed at the shame she felt at being reminded about her failure. ::

Serala: Do you have a suggestion?

Logan: Like Deck one Engineering bulkheads are more armoured than everywhere else. But it won't take them long and unlike the Bridge it doesn't matter how many holes they make to get in.

Porus: We need to hold. Make our stance here!

Serala: Their lasers make our standard defensive measures irrelevant.

Logan: Meaning that we have to come up with something else. For now ::Looking at Porus:: As the ranking Security Officer here take this a suggestion but I reckon you'd be better with rapid deployment groups roaming Engineering rather than a static defence as they will test you in several places

Porus: I suggest we take positions we can defend. Away from the core. If we hit that we are doomed. Suggestions?

Logan: Me ? ..... I'm off to get some weaponry. I has a plan well I have a plan to start planning but that is a plan ::Winking::

:: She smiled at that, thinking of the first time they had met when he had spoken to her in such inane talk. ::

Porus: That might be to late… there are here….

:: With a huge BAM the metal doorplate fell to the ground and a massive wave of spider bots moved in::


:: Reflexes born from years of combat training and martial arts, Serala snatched up her Type III phaser rifle and her two Type II phaser pistols - one of which she immediately tossed to the corpsman. Even as she took aim and began shooting bots, all without really thinking - more instinct and training - she spoke to the medic. ::

Serala: Time to trade in the scalpel for a phaser, doc.

Corpsman: Understood, sir.

:: In just that brief exchange, Serala had blasted four of the critters, but like real insects, they were swarming. ::

oO So, how do you take out a swarm? :: more phaser shots, downing two more :: You kill the queen. That's how! Oo

:: Even as she concentrated on defending the injured personnel and shooting long-range in between, she kept up her line of thought, her combat skills on autopilot. ::

oO So, where is the “queen” spiderbot? Probably on that other ship. Shuttles won't be a match for it, but if we could get tactical back up, we could launch some torpedoes at it. Oo

:: Just then, she noticed Lieutenant Dermont was struggling with a bot, and seemed be losing. Taking aim, she fired at it, destroying it. ::

Dermont:  Thanks!  ::he shouted without looking up to see who had saved his ass.::

Serala: You're welcome, sir.

:: Without waiting for a response, she went back in auto pilot and resumed her internal dialogue. ::

oO Okay, so tactical is out for now. What do I do? The shuttles! They could beam torpedoes aboard, arm them, and then beam them to selected target areas. It wouldn't be fast or as accurate, and it would mean cycling the shields. Dangerous in a combat situation. Still, if key areas were targeted, such as their comms, we might cause them to shut down, at least. Maybe even disable them totally. Oo

Serala: Lieutenant Dermont! If I ensure you won't be harmed, how quickly can you restore power to tactical or communications?

Dermont: Response

Serala: Good. Get started please. I have your back.

Dermont: Response

:: Then the bots began firing gas pellets at them. ::

oO This is so not good! Oo

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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