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((Chief of Operations' Office, Deck 6, USS Atlantis))
((Time Index: Day 24 of Shore Leave))

Kiax: ¿Hola?


Tal’Aura: Ensign Tal’Aura, reporting for quarters assignment, ma’am.

oO Did I hear that wrong? Oo


Esa took the proffered PADD from the Ensign and skimmed over it. Varik watched her review his file hoping it was all in order. To his relief, she smiled and placed it on her desk.


Kiax: Por favor tome asiento.


Varik this time perked a pointed brow at the woman's use of the strange language. He had heard it before albeit briefly on the streets of San Francisco and reasoned it to be one of the Earth languages used before Federation standard became the, well, standard.


Tal’Aura: Lieutenant? I am afraid I do not understand what you are saying. :: He scratched his ear slightly thinking it may be a malfunction with the universal translator. ::


Kiax: Sorry. I’m learning Spanish. It’s slow going… I only know a few phrases right now… I think it meant “Please, have a seat”…


Varik accepted the invitation and had a seat in front of the woman's desk, nodding. So it was Spanish. He wondered whether that was something he should have studied up on for this ship.

Tal’Aura: Ah, I see. I studied Cardassian in the academy. It was not the easiest language to learn alongside Federation standard but practice on the holodecks definitely aided my studies. I wish you luck with your study of the Spanish language.

Kiax: So… First duty posting! Are you excited?


Tal’Aura: Yes, very. :: He said, smiling warmly. :: I was not sure how to feel at first being assigned to a ship on shore leave. I am itching quite a bit to get out there and begin exploring. That is the phrase, yes? 'Itching quite a bit'? I am still becoming accustomed to the colloquialisms of the language. We primarily spoke Rekarian and Romulan on my homeworld.

Kiax: Response.

Varik cast a glance back towards the still opened door.

Tal'Aura: Am I the first of my colleagues to see you about room assignment today?

Kiax: Response.

Ensign Varik Tal'Aura
Tactical Officer
USS Chin'toka

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