JP LCDR Serala, Lt Trelixxa Maeli, & PNPC Cdr. R’Val: Mission Briefing, pt. 1

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Jim Davis

Mar 5, 2019, 10:28:37 PM3/5/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Briefing Room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Day 6 of Shore Leave, evening ))

(( R’Val’s POV ))

:: Commander R’Val stepped off the transporter pad and followed the security guard. She had expected it to be her daughter and was surprised to see instead a First Class Petty Officer. She didn’t know his name, but she had seen him a few times before. Insignificant, she had always discounted him. The guard led her to a turbolift and, once they were all inside, ordered it to Deck 1, briefing room. Subcommander Tarvik was right behind her, in his proper place as her second in command. They had been invited here to assist Captain Brell with his briefing of the upcoming mission. ::

Davis: Please wait here, Commander, Subcommander. The Captain will call for us when he is ready.

:: Instead of answering, she merely bowed her head a fraction in a gesture of acquiescence and gestured for Tarvik to stand aside while they waited. She hoped it wouldn’t be long, but she did understand. They undoubtedly would be discussing things even she wasn’t meant to hear. ::

(( Maeli’s POV ))

:: Lixxa was tired. Bone tired. She couldn’t even concentrate of her art today. Basotile, which was so important to maintaining her neural pathways from decay, was nearly beyond her. Oh, she had managed to get some done, but it was not pretty. The nightmares she was experiencing were taking their toll on her. Last night’s was especially bad. For a while there she was absolutely convinced she had been captured by the Cardassians and tortured. That all the people she knew were dead, killed in an attempt to rescue her. Especially...him. Even now, the memory threatened to bring her to tears despite the fact that she knew it hadn’t been real. But, she suspected that Commander Raga was experiencing something similar. That thought did cause several tears to escape her eyes and trickle down her face. She tried to wipe them away without notice, but she suspected he had noticed. Before anything was said, however, the Captain began to speak. The seiuri on her shoulder even seemed to pay attention as the Bolian Captain spoke. ::

(( Serala’s POV ))

:: Serala took a seat near the head of the table as the Captain prepared to start the briefing. She knew most of the plans, of course, since she had been involved in making them. She felt they were about as ready as they could be. There was really only one detail to work out. A small one, but a rather important one. They had time to work that out, though. What Serala was most concerned about was herself. Raga was by far her best friend, aside from her husband, and she was furious. Furious at him for his stupid maneuver that had allowed his capture in the first place. Furious at the Consortium for this final straw that was about to bring such a large scale retribution. Furious that she had been helpless against them so far. All of that was fine. But what really concerned her was that this fury would get out of control once she engaged the enemy. She was a Romulan, not a Klingon. Her bloodlust could be channeled, directed. But this was one instance when she wasn’t so sure. She was afraid that given the opportunity, she would lose all control and became just as bloodthirsty as the worst Klingon. And they couldn’t afford that. Finally, the Captain smiled and she realized it was time for the briefing to begin. ::

Brell  I will start with how proud I am of you all. Your efforts were and have been upholding the finest examples of what it is to be Starfleet. Now, we have difficult tasks at hand, and we have already taken long enough to get to them.

Williams: response

Brell: A replacement nacelle is due to arrive by freighter tomorrow. It will of course take a few days to integrate it into Atlantis fully before we can safely zip about the Expanse once more. Killiak you will be taking lead of things in Engineering while Dermont is running things on the hull.

(( Maeli ))

oO Whew. As vocal as the chief engineer was when we left, I don’t think he’s going to like getting left behind… Oo

Killiak: response

Brell: Some of the engineering crew will be needed on the rescue mission but you will have Ensign Darkhurst, and chief Koerner for extra help, as well as support from the bridge where Lt Commander Fiorr and Ensign Noshka will be watching things.

Killiak/Darkhurst: responses

Brell: With some luck and with the help of standardized components you all should have shakedown runs completed by the time we get all get back.   

Killiak/Darkhurst: responses

Brell: Best guess is minimum of four days that teams will be off the ship.

Any: responses

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