Lt Commander Serala: Finally, some real Intel

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Jim Davis

Mar 3, 2019, 12:06:49 AM3/3/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Transporter Room 2, Deck 4, USS Atlantis, Day 3 evening ))

:: Serala stepped off the pad and nodded at the transporter operator before heading toward the doors directly across from her office. She had spent a few hours with Stevok, but needed to finish a few things up before she could return and spend the rest of the evening with him. It was an unusual honeymoon, but it was better than nothing. ::

Danara: =/\= Danara to Williams and Serala I need to see you in my office as soon as possible. =/\=

oO Interesting. She’s never called on me for anything before, much less allowed me into her office. Oo

Serala: =/\= This is Serala. I’m on my way, Lieutenant. =/\=

(( a few minutes later, Deck 13, Intel Office ))

:: Serala entered the Intel suite. The first thing she noticed was that Danara had taken the precaution to ensure that all classified data on terminals was removed and that the displays revealed harmless information. She noticed Williams was already present and so, she quietly took a seat to hear what her fellow Romulan had to say. ::

Danara: Ever since information about our capabilities got out, I’ve suspected there’s more going  on. After Logan was attacked on DS 26 McKnight contacted me to let me know they picked up a tricorder off one of the attackers. That prompted me to look into things further because it didn’t seem like pure coincidence that he was attacked by Romulans.  To ensure we had an unbiased look at the data I asked Ensign Pex compile the assessment. He has a unique insight on the Consortium and his views aren't tainted by what transpired. His report came straight to me.

Williams: What did he find?

Danara: We have an answer as to who attacked Logan but this also proves my assumption is true. We have a mole. This data confirms it.

Williams: I was afraid something like this was going on. There have been too many incidents lately and our systems seem to bail on us at the worst of times. Clearly sabotage if you ask me. Wouldn’t you agree, commander?

Serala: I would.

Williams: Main question of course, is who or what is behind this. I can fill in the latter but I don't have a clue who’s is to blame on an individual level.

Serala: n’Ventnar. Bared Fang.

Danara: This presents a clear and present security and intelligence danger to Atlantis and her crew. We need to put and end to this and get Raga back.

Williams: I take it you have an idea?

Serala: I’m just wondering why the Chief of Security is always the last to hear about it when members of her crew are attacked. Kiliak and Hyden also had a run-in with them.

Danara: Our intel indicates the person in question is an engineer. The evidence is pretty damning but I’ll say right now I’m not an advocate of making it obvious we’re searching for anyone. We don’t want that person to go into hiding or trigger something more.

Serala: That fits my theory.

Williams: Response

Serala: I have suspected Commander Perkins, or someone on his team, for some time now. Especially since the Captain’s kidnapping. He’s everywhere on this ship during each refit, and the first one, after the bot attack, he practically banned Dermont and his people from Engineering. I think it’s time I take him in for questioning, sir.

Williams: I was hoping for something more discreetly? The last thing we want is the entire crew on edge, second guessing everything that goes on around them. I say we are only dealing with one or two spies here?

Danara: So far only one that has been confirmed. However their support comes from some less than pleasant groups. It’s exactly why I called the two of you down here so that I could show you in detail what we uncovered.

Serala: Well, there’s no doubt this all leads back to the Consortium, but an alliance between them and the Romulan Empire could be quite bad. And if this n’Ventnar connection pans out, there could be several of them here just waiting for the opportunity to take our people out.

Williams: You might be right, but I doubt they have the resources to sent that many… where would they find them?  Or how deep run their pockets that they can afford to bribe them?

Danara: Those are all good questions. More importantly we don’t want them to reach their end game.

Williams: Response

Serala: I just wish we knew what their plan was. Nothing they’ve done so far has made much sense to me. Granted, I can now see why they attacked Atlantis that first time, if my theory about Perkins is correct. They needed an excuse for him to get total access to this ship. But what about the rest of it? What is it they are trying to accomplish?

Danara: It’s pretty clear what that is. Now the question is how to we permanently foil that plan?

Serala: We take a multi-pronged approach. Can’t say too much about that, yet. But there are plans being made even now. The main thing we need right now is to know exactly where Volcania is. It’s a code name for a real place. Where is it?

Williams: Response

Danara: Response

Serala: Yes, rescuing Toryn is part of that three-pronged attack. And I intend to do some real damage to them at the same time. Question, Danara. How do you feel about being back on a D’Deridex class Warbird?

Williams/Danara: Responses

Lt. Commander Serala
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