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Lieutenant Toryn Raga

May 3, 2018, 11:41:38 AM5/3/18
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 6, Holodeck 1))

((ooc: Take place on day 15 of shore leave, after the awards are given out))

Raga: Nearly lost my arm...I've been told it will recover in time. 

::She used the hand on his neck to encourage him closer, her body brushing against his. The hand cupping the back of his neck slid down to his chest, and he felt his breath begin to falter. Realization that she was oh so much closer to him set in and his body began to react accordingly. .::

::If the recollection of the horrific attack the Atlanteans had just endured was enough to help stall the effects of his season, her proximity was the counter to that. Even the slightest soft touch from her felt like wildfire in his veins::

::Taking a sharp inhalation of breath he stared in her eyes, those vibrant blues that could easily swallow him whole. Yet he felt a calm acceptance in his mind, coming from her. She was apparently opening her mind more to him and seemed capable of projecting her emotions on others, or at least on him. It helped but marginally so. Her thoughts of him were enough to heighten the fluster in his cheeks.::

Rosek: ::whispers:: You’re so ​brave, Toryn. You’ve been through so much. Endured so much.

::She brought the hand laced with hers to her lips and she brushed a kiss across his fingers, her gaze remaining locked with his. That brief intimate contact was enough to nearly break down what mental barriers and meditation he could manage to quiet the biological urges he felt.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I don’t know all the things you’ve been through, but I see a man with true strength. The kind of strength a lot of people never understand much less have for themselves. You hurt, but you don’t let it stop you from doing amazing things...from helping and protecting your friends and your crewmates.

Raga: That's my duty. My Prote-se. It's...what we do. We fight, and we.... die, so that others don't have to. ::He was apprehensive to add that part given he had nearly lost his life during the attack but it was true. Security. The Marines. They were the protectors. They were the shield to spare others who can't, or shouldn't have to fight from doing so.::

Rosek: ::kisses his cheek:: You’re worth it. You’re a good man, Toryn. It’s about time you let yourself start believing that.

::Feeling the kiss to his cheek was too much and he brought his free hand up to the back of her neck suddenly, cradling it in his palm. His lips hovering so close to hers that it would take a sensor suite to tell they weren't actually touching. And yet they didn't. There was a raging fire in his eyes and his entire body trembled. Those muscles she'd made note of earlier were corded from him fighting back the basic instincts he was feeling. Though his touch on her neck was as gentle as he could manage. And suddenly he took a step back, prying his fingers loose from hers as he backed up and then turned away. Shaking his head. That pinch at the back of his mind was intense, as if the voice he'd sealed away were beating at the walls with everything it had.::

Raga: I'm sorry...this...we can't....thank you Lael...I'm glad we got to meet one another.

::Oh it was so hard for him to pull away but as he spoke to her mind he was briskly striding across the holodeck to the exit. With two Al-Leyan females present physically it was too risky for him to remain anymore. Toryn briefly said his farewells to a few people, to his friends and sister before exiting the holodeck and making a brisk pace back to his quarters. He knew Kiitiarel would know not to see him for a while. And he needed a shower. A very cold shower.::


Lieutenant Toryn Raga

Security/Tactical Chief

USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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