Ensign Serala: Turning Green?

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Jim Davis

Apr 19, 2018, 11:08:16 PM4/19/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Holodeck 1, USS Atlantis))

Serala: Do you mind if I join you?

:: As she greeted them, she made sure to place her hand on Toryn's shoulder as he had shown her.  When he returned the gesture, she felt an electric tingle pass between them. She was curious, but decided not to pursue it. ::

Raga: Of course! Good to see you Serala. ::looking up at the holographic sky:: Can you believe this?

Kiitiarel: Why would we mind?


Osiris: You are always welcome among us Ensign. You're an Atlantean. Now and always. Regardless of the recent attempt to frame you, I have seen your true measure when you fought against the spider boots with the rest of us. That's all the proof I need.

Serala: Thanks. Yes, it's very breathtaking. Far superior to that ice palace on Tiruelle, wouldn't you agree?

Raga: By light years. All it needs is a ice mountain to climb and we're all set. ::he chuckled softly and looked to Dermont with a wry grin::

Serala: Lieutenant. I'm glad your son is okay. If I weren't a Starfleet Officer…

:: She could feel her temper rising again and forced herself to calm down, taking numerous deep breaths to help her do so. ::

Serala: Sorry. This is a party, not the time for stirring up anger. :: forces a smile back onto her face. ::

Osiris: Commander, Lieutenant. What's the drink of choice tonight?

Williams: Well actually we haven’t ordered yet, but given the occasion, I think alcohol is definitely an option. Happy to order a round of beers on my tab.

:: Beer. Yuck. Maybe they have something a bit more flavorful. ::

Raga: Right. We're here to celebrate. ::nods:: I'm always here to talk if you need to Valin.

Kiitiarel: Oh..wow... ::She leans in to whisper into her brother's ear.:: Toryn...why is there a huge cat in a uniform?

:: Serala had to bite back a chuckle at that. The first time she had seen the Worene, she had forced herself not to say “Nice Kitty!” She was sure that even with all her martial arts training, this was one individual she didn't want to make angry. ::

Kiitiarel: What? Toryn!

Osiris:  Because someone has to watch over the catnip. It's the most important job on the ship.

Raga: He's got as good or better hearing than we do. ::tears of laughter dropped from his reflective eyes::

:: Well. At least it has a sense of humor. Nice Kitty! ::

Osiris: It's quite alright miss Raga. I am a Worene. My people hail from the Ser'vimm system here in the Beta Quadrant. My people aren't common a sight as say Vulcans or even you Al-Leyans. So don't feel bad. ::He grins wolfishly::

Dermont: Response

Williams: Excuse me.. ::He looked at the woman again:: I do not believe we have met. ::He offered her a hand shake:: Alexander Williams, but most people call me Alex.

Kiitiarel: Oh, right! I'm Kiitiarel Raga, Toryn's sister.

Williams: Ah, that explains it. How long will you be staying with us? Given your brothers latest stunt, I can imagine you want to stay with him for the rest of his life.

::Raga grimaced a little at the comment and bore an embarrassed smile.::

Kiitiarel: Well, Toryn's always been like that. ::she giggles softly:: I plan on staying until the Atlantis leaves for its next mission. Until this, I hadn't seen my big brother in over four years.

:: Zogi, the ship's resident Ferengi businessman and proprietor of Poseidon's Lounge, the bar on deck 2 brought over a tray of drinks for them all, along with some snacks. Serala grabbed a Risian Sunburst knowing there wouldn't be any Romulan Ale here and not really wanting a beer. ::

Zogi: Compliments of the captain.

Williams: I see…. Well, then we better get the expensive whiskey in the next round… hehe

Kiitiarel: Oh, do you have any Al-Leyan Spiced tea? Hot if you please!

Zogi: response

Raga: Make that two please.

Osiris: Fescona Whiskey. On the rocks.

Kiitiarel: Serala, you look lovely. I didn't think those dress uniforms would be so flattering.

Serala: :: blushing at the compliment and stealing a glance at Toryn. :: Thank you.

:: Suddenly, Toryn walked off without saying a word. Curious to what he was up to, she followed him with her eyes. ::

oO I wonder what he's… Who is that? Seems they know each other. Oo

Serala: I'm sorry, Kiitiarel. What did you say?

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I decided to try something different with my hair. I was recently reminded that I'm not entirely Romulan and in light of my recent experience, I thought to focus on my human side for a bit. Do you like it? My hair, I mean? I even had my nails done.

Kiitiarel: Response

:: While she listened to Toryn's sister she kept an eye on him. When the other Al-Leyan woman kissed him on the cheek, she suddenly found herself plotting the woman's murder. ::

oO Whoa. Get a hold of yourself. He's just a friend. If he wants to date, what's that to you? Oo

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I heard every word and I think you're right.

Anyone: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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