Ensign Serala: Too many losses

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Jim Davis

Mar 4, 2018, 9:59:56 PM3/4/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Main Engineering - Main Level,  Deck 11, USS Atlantis, Par'tha Expanse))

oO So, how do you take out a swarm? :: more phaser shots, downing two more :: You kill the queen. That's how! Oo

:: Even as she concentrated on defending the injured personnel and shooting long-range in between, she kept up her line of thought, her combat skills on autopilot. ::

oO So, where is the “queen” spiderbot? Probably on that other ship. Shuttles won't be a match for it, but if we could get tactical back up, we could launch some torpedoes at it. Oo

:: Just then, she noticed Lieutenant Dermont was struggling with a bot, and seemed be losing. Taking aim, she fired at it, destroying it. ::

Dermont:  Thanks!  ::he shouted without looking up to see who had saved his ass.::

Serala: You're welcome, sir.

:: Without waiting for a response, she went back in auto pilot and resumed her internal dialogue. ::

oO Okay, so tactical is out for now. What do I do? The shuttles! They could beam torpedoes aboard, arm them, and then beam them to selected target areas. It wouldn't be fast or as accurate, and it would mean cycling the shields. Dangerous in a combat situation. Still, if key areas were targeted, such as their comms, we might cause them to shut down, at least. Maybe even disable them totally. Oo

:: Serala heard a commotion on the second level where Jann had just disappeared to. Suddenly, gas was pouring over the force filled and working it's way down.::

oO Great. How many tricks do these things have? How lethal is it anyway? Surely, we are not about to lose this ship to a gas attack? Oo

:: Fortunately, because Engineering was fraught with potentially harmful gases and other atmospheric contaminants, rebreathers were stored all around. There were not enough for everyone, but it would be darn close. Some of those who had been taken out of the fight for various reasons began handing out breathing masks and Serala paused long enough to put one on. ::

oO We've got to kill the queen spiderbot! Oo

Serala: Lieutenant Dermont! If I ensure you won't be harmed, how quickly can you restore power to tactical or communications?

Dermont: Bah! We have comms for now...but tactical?  No power at all for the phasers, but if we can get power one deck up on ten...we could manually fire torpedos!  Warp cores dead...relays fried...it's the best I got for ya!

Serala: Good. Get started please. I have your back.

Dermont: ::He looked at Serala for a moment.::  Aye, lass.  Yelchin?  You alive?  Grab two more breathers and you and Pics there get another round of cable. We're going on an adventure to blow up a robot ship.

Jann: =/\= ok so it's dissipating? So it's only effective a few moments say a minute after release...Crewmen aren't dead, the gas is only a knockout gas. Their pulses are weak but it's probably an effect of the gas.  I think we have a problem, it looks like the spiderbots are trying (or succeeded by the look of this) to tap into our computers. =/\=

:: Suddenly, as she was about to head over to the Captain and Lieutenant Porus, she heard a report over her commbadge that made her hearts stop.::

Raga: =/\= Mayday...mayday...this is...Raga...my shuttle's been compromised...they're taking me aboard the other ship... I'm going to self destruct...may the winds....be in your favor...always. Computer...activate self destruct..sequence...authorization Raga Nine Baker Ten Six Six Two Zeta.=/\=  

:: Too stunned to act, ask she could do was listen as her friend ordered his own death. ::

oO Why didn't you request a beam out from Commander Williams or the Aeroshuttle? Oo

Dermont:  =/\= Dermont to Raga!  Don't you do you, you bastard!  Dammit boy!  Dermont to Raga! =/\=

Dermont:  =/\=  Dermont to Williams or Lambert!  Get me on that shuttle!  Damn it!  We need to get him back!  Beam me there and I'll drag his ass back! =/\=

:: Serala's grief and rage were so strong she never heard the rest of the transmissions. ::

oO This has to end. NOW!! Oo

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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