Ensign Serala: Diplomacy at weapons-point?

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Jim Davis

Mar 4, 2018, 10:14:37 PM3/4/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Main Engineering - Main Level,  Deck 11, USS Atlantis, Par'tha Expanse))

oO This has to end. NOW!! Oo

:: Just then, one of the bots cut the cable to the force field and they came down with a hum. Suddenly, a wave of bots swarmed in..::

oO Swii hlladen Toryn valdihg! Oo

(( This is for Toryn ))

:: She turned her phaser on them and began obliterating them. ::

:: About that time, several people burst in, adding their phaser fire to those already Engineering. ::

McKnight: Friendlies coming in! ::He shouted as he came in shooting, gesturing to Knight to follow.:: Ensign, work your magic!

:: Even in her fury, she had enough presence of mind to pull her fire before hitting her fellow shipmates. ::

Knight: Lt. Dermont!!! I need all the power you can give me!!

:: With that Knight sprinted towards the nearest console, a spider bot was busy attempting to download data and didn’t notice him. Firing his phaser mere feet away from it, the bot fell away from the station, The console was damaged but still operational. ::

Dermont: Response

McKnight: Lay down suppressing fire! ::Then he noticed how the spiders were moving and had to rethink his train of thought: Screw that. Focus on where they are coming from! Plug the holes they are coming out of!

Knight: No time to explain just give me all the power you can muster

McKnight: Watch your fire! Don't hit the Core! ::It was hard having a fire fight anywhere, let alone mere meters from the giant glowing tube filled with anti-matter.::

Dermont: Response

Knight: I don’t know…..the lights, life-support, your phaser pack. ANYTHING….

McKnight: Ensign, I need that jamming right now or we'll get overwhelmed!

Knight: I’m working on it Sir

:: Working on the Engineering console, Knight noticed a burning sensation in his lungs. Then his eyes started to burn, everything started to spin and he found himself lying on the deck. Still conscious of everything happening but unable to do anything about it. ::

o0 Gas!!! 0o

:: In his haste to set up the signal, Knight hadn't noticed the gas and ran straight into it. It wasn't enough to knock him out and had dissipated some, but was enough to put him on the ground. ::

Logan: Permission to be reckless Sir

Brell: ::Gasping in a breath large enough to say what he needed too without coughing.:: Whatever it takes to save this ship Marine.

:: With that Logan raced toward the core, typed something on a PADD and fired his phaser into the warp core. ::

Logan: Killing me won't help it's already in motion, You have six seconds to answer. 1....2....3....4....5....6....

:: A second beam lanced from his side arm to the core eliciting a deep crackle in reply::

Williams:=/\= Atlantis… if you can hear this… HOLD ON TO SOMETHING!!! =/\=

oO Another ramming ship? Oo

:: Then the ship shook, but there were explosions, no fatalities. ::

Serala: Did they just take out the main ship?

Knight: responses

Williams: =/\= Williams to Atlantis… the carrier is down, repeat troops carrier is down… How are you doing over there? I need an emergency transport for Mr. Raga. We need to get him to sickbay. =/\=

Brell: =/\= Excellent work Commander. ::Coughing for a moment.:: We don’t have that capability yet. You will have to get him to the medical suite on the Aeroshuttle or use your transporters to relocate him, we only have power in a few localized spots here. =/\=

Engineering/Intel/sickbay: ?

Logan: Your carrier is gone, containment is damaged and despite all the time you can devote to our computers the damage ::nodding to the core:: can only be sorted manually. Now you have six seconds to respond, and one thing you don't know about me is I never bluff ....

::Sparks again flew from the core as Kurt's third shot struck::

Logan: Now I'm getting tired of you, and I reckon your main ship is within our explosion range so you now have five seconds to reply

Jann: looks like you've been busy down here too.

Serala: Very. :: Looking at Jann, speaking quietly :: You seem to be very enterprising, Ensign. How's your engineering skills? I'd I can get power back in the Torpedo Bay, I can manually fire them and take out the lead ship. Kill the queen, scatter the hive.

Command Beta/Alpha: Response

Brell: Leave this ship now or, fight us until you are all destroyed. Those are your only choices.

McKnight: response

Logan: I'm no engineer but I'd reckon five six minutes before we lose the containment but for all I know it could be one minute :: His sidearm not wavering from it's aim at the Core

Dermont: response

Command Beta/Alpha: Response

Jann: Response

:: Moving over to the Captain, Serala spoke quietly in his ear ::

Serala: Sir, if I can get power back in the Torpedo Bay, I may be able to manually fire at the main ship. I believe if we take out the main ship, we will kill the queen spiderbot and cause chaos and confusion amongst the rest. Request permission to take a small team and try to get the torpedoes up. Although, you should know that once I start shooting, they'll shoot back and we don't have shields. I'm only hoping everyone has congregated in a few spots so casualties will be few. What do you think, Captain?

Brell: Response

Logan: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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