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Jim Davis

Sep 23, 2018, 1:51:08 AM9/23/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Service compartment, Korri Freighter, Jenatris Cloud ))

Serala: :: sing-songy :: Toorrryyynnn! Come out, come out wherever you are!


:: Believing herself to have trapped her man, she charged toward the service room only to find herself off balance as a hand grabbed hold of her and pulled her to the floor. She heard the door slam shut behind her and something was shoved over her face. Fear kicked in then. Sheer, primeval terror. Hailing from a race that was inherently paranoid, it now came to the fore in full force. ::


Serala: :: muffled shouts of terror :: Geh mmisshh aaawwf mmm. Awwwlll kkkeee yyyoouu.


Malko: Sorry, Lieutenant. Just breathe.


Termine: Doctor? What’s going on?


Malko: It seems we all have been exposed to the cloud somehow, and it is impairing our judgement. I have yet to see if - or how - it has manifested in me, so I need you to monitor me and notify me of change in demeanour.


Termine: The nebula? Of… of course. The environment must have been contaminated somehow… the substance on their mouths, could the Kori have ingested the active agent in the nebula on purpose?


:: She didn’t really understand what these monsters were saying, but she knew she had to kill them before they ate her. Her head was starting to hurt. Finally, after a little time, she began to somewhat understand them. She wasn’t quite sure, but they seemed to be talking about gassing her and de-meating her. She started to get up and try to run. ::


Serala:  Eeewww wwoonnn meeeaat me.


Malko:  You stay down. I need you to continue to breathe deeply. Termine, have you found anything useful in here? :: to the Korri continuing to pound on the door :: I’ll deal with you soon enough!



Termine: :: holding his still spinning head and breathing heavy through his mask :: Whats in these masks Doctor, it’s some pretty potent stuff! I have barely had a chance to look around, but i did notice this  :: Dante points his flashlight at a stack of multiple palates of containers in the corner of the room :: they seem to be pressurized containers of some sort, freshly sealed. My tri-corder is getting readings of them like… like it’s some of the active psychotropic agents from the nebula suspended in high concentrate in a jelly-like substance. Do you think…


Malko: Response


oO This stuff is giving me a screaming migraine. What am I doing anyway? Oo


Serala: :: taking off mask :: What the hell is in that mask and why was I wearing it? I have a monstrous headache.


Termine: I’m glad you’re feeling like yourself again. We may have stumbled across a clue to our puz-


:: Dante was interrupted by loud banging on the other side of the door ::


Termine:: Tricorder showing tens of Korri in the hallway. I tried to disable the door but I’m not sure I did nearly enough. We know what’s wrong with them now, but we still don’t have that situation under control.


Serala: I am afraid I’m not quite following, Lieutenant. I seem to have been in some sort of daze there for a while. What exactly is going on?


Termine: if only there was some way we could get some sense into them like you did with us Doctor..


Malko: Response


Serala: :: She listened intently while Malko quickly ran down what had happened and their theory of why the Korri were now trying to bust down the door. :: Is there another way out of here? I don’t think that door is going to hold for long.


Termine: well other than that door there is a small Jeffries tube that leads deeper into the ship or… a small air vent in the back corner.


:: just then the group were startled to hear a voice speak to them from the other side of the door loudly, clearly and meanacingly ::


Korri gang leader: Response


Raga: =/\= Raga to away team two. I'm docking with the ship you're on now. Aft cargo bay. =/\=


oO He really is here! I thought I was just imagining that! Control yourself. You’re married now. And not to him. Oo


Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Raga. Be advised, the situation here is extremely dangerous. We are trapped in some kind of service room with nearly two dozen Korri trying to beat down the door. Excercise extreme caution. Also, be advised that our working theory is that they have been affected by the gas and are not acting normally. =/\=


Raga: =/\= Reply =/\=


Serala: Okay, gentlemen. We stand our ground here. Phasers to maximum stun. It may take several shots, but I don’t want to risk accidentally killing one of them.


Termine/Malko: Responses


:: And just like that, the door to the room burst open and the Korri began trying to rush in. Fortunately, there was only enough room in the doorway for two at a time and that meant that they could concentrate their fire. In theory, they should be able to hold the Korri off for some time like this and since the Korri weren’t thinking rationally, there was little chance they would actually organize and present a real threat. With Raga due to flank them from the rear any time, Serala felt certain they could subdue this group of survivors and get them back to Atlantis. ::


Serala: That’s it guys. Just like that. Termine, left Korri, Malko right. I will alternate between the two to bring extra firepower. Raga should be here shortly.


Termine/Malko: Responses


Raga: =/\= Response =/\=





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