Lt Commander Serala: Awards and Promotions, pt. 1

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Jim Davis

Apr 11, 2020, 12:11:51 AM4/11/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Serala’s Quarters, Deck 2 Cabin 02-0215, USS Atlantis, Docked at DS26, Paldor System, Larokon Space, Par’tha Expanse ))

{{ Time Index: Shore Leave Day 17 }}

Serala: ...and be sure to test the bottle before you give it to her to be sure it’s not too hot or too cold

Connors: :: smiling :: Relax, ma’am. She’s in good hands. I will make sure she is well taken care of.

Serala looked at Petty Officer MacKenzi Connors, known affectionately as Kenzi, and nodded. The woman was young, but Serala knew she was well qualified to babysit Little Bean. She just had a hard time separating herself from her daughter.

Serala: Thank you, Kenzi. This is much appreciated.

Connors: Don’t mention it, ma’am. Everyone on this ship loves this little girl already and we’d do pretty much anything to see she is safe and well cared for.

Serala laid a hand on the woman’s shoulder, a gesture she was not really known to make, but one that spoke of gratitude. She smiled, as much in thanks to the young woman as the memory that this was the customary Al-Leyan way to greet friends. According to Toryn, the closer it was to the neck, the closer the connection felt between the two.

Serala: I know. But I still worry. Must be the green blood.

Kenzi chuckled at that as she cradled T’Saara and made baby noises at her. Serala knew the woman would take care of her and deciding it wasn’t necessary to say anymore, excused herself and made her way to the station. She made sure to grab the data PADD on the way. It may be an awards ceremony, but she had a duty to perform as well, though she wasn’t happy about this one.

(( Timeskip a few minutes later - Nova Room, Level 13, Deep Space 26 ))

Serala entered the bar and looked around. It was dimly lit, but her keen Romulan eyesight was still able to make out most of the details. In truth, she found the light levels more comfortable than the usually bright lights of the ship. Captain Thoran had informed the crew that it would be an informal affair, but she had opted to wear her duty uniform anyway.

Thoran: Ms. Serala, it seems you are the first to arrive. It is a lot dingier than I remember in here.

Serala: I don’t know, Captain. I haven’t spent much time in here. None, in fact. I am just going to have to take your word for it. Strange place for an awards ceremony though, don’t you think?

Thoran: The usual pomp and ceremony didn’t feel appropriate this time. So it will be a smaller lowkey ceremony. By the way, drinks are on the house.

Serala: I hope they have some kali-fal. Though I should stick to aesohll for the next few months.

He would just have to draw his own conclusions about that. Somethings were just too personal to share even with the Captain, but given the fact that she had given birth only two weeks ago, she was certain he could connect the dots.

Serala: While we’re waiting, I have some news to share.

Thoran: Response

Serala: No, sir. Nothing that serious. Just routine Starfleet business, though I am not to happy about this one. It seems Lieutenant Maeli has been given a sudden transfer to Starbase 2. It’s close to the Betreka Nebula where her homeworld is located. The orders weren’t specific, but she is due to depart on a shuttle leaving the station tomorrow morning.

Thoran: Response

Serala: Yes, sir. She will be. But Starfleet will no doubt find us a replacement every bit as skilled as she is.

Thoran: Response

Serala: The orders just came in a few hours ago. I am going to let her know after the ceremony. Unless you want to do it?

Thoran: Response

Serala: Yes, sir. Well, I am going to find my seat now before the others arrive and take all the good ones.

Thoran: Response

The staff slowly trickled in and Serala had managed to get a nice cup of aesohll that had apparently been made from the real plant and not one of the genetic clones. She didn’t care what others said, she could tell the difference. It was a very subtle distinction, but a refined palate would notice.

Serala took note of Toryn and Ishka coming in together, arm-in-arm. She was happy for them. More importantly, she was glad he had finally moved past the heartache he had felt when both Lael and she had turned their hearts away from him at the same time. He had been devastated and she was concerned he might do something reckless. Which he had. Maybe now he would settle down now that he had someone special in his life.

Once everyone had arrived, the Captain moved to the front and began the ceremony.

Thoran: Thank you all for coming, I am sure by now most of you know why you have been invited here. Before we begin proceedings, I would like to take the opportunity to formally introduce the newest members of the Atlantis. Ensign Sara Bjørge our newest Science Officer and Ensign Jacques Lazier who has recently joined us as a Security Officer. Welcome aboard the Atlantis to you both and I am looking forward to working with you.

Bjørge / Lazier: Responses

Journs: ::claps and shouts:: Welcome aboard, Ensigns!

Serala: Yes, welcome Ensigns. Good to have you here.

Logan: Met our new Science Bunny, seams good helped with getting us out of the mire. Lazier? Don't know about him but if Hyden has any say then we'll be lucky to have another good Officer.

Any: Responses

The Captain looked around the room, then locked eyes with her and she knew it was her turn, especially when he beckoned her to join him. Forcing herself to maintain a stoic composure despite the fact that her stomach was doing somersaults, she rose and made her way to his side.

Thoran: As many of you know Commander Serala has served diligently on board the Atlantis for over two years. The Commander joined the Atlantis as a Security Officer, working her way up to become the Atlantis’ Chief of Security and Tactical. She has worked tirelessly in service of Starfleet and the Atlantis, and during my time on the Atlantis I have found Commander Serala to be an incredibly fastidious and dedicated individual. I am incredibly proud and it gives me great pleasure to announce that Commander Serala will be the Atlantis’ new First Officer, effective immediately. Congratulations Number One.

He stepped toward her and offered her his hand. She took it and shook hands with him. Despite all the failures she had experienced over the last two years, she still somehow found herself being promoted. Now she was the First Officer. It was still as amazing as it had been when he had first approached her with the offer two days ago.

Serala: Thank you, Captain.

Kiax: ::Calling out from the audience, raising her glass once more:: Congratulations Boss!

Hyden: Congratulations Serala!

Raga: Never had a doubt. ::He applauded loudly:: 

Serala: Thank you, sir. Thank you, everyone. Glowing words that I often don’t feel worthy of. However, I will attempt to do my best to represent this ship and it’s crew in the manner that they are most worthy of.

Any: Responses

After the congratulations, she began to make her way back to her seat, but the Captain stopped her short.

Thoran: Not so fast Number One, I could use your assistance if you would be so kind. 

oO Of course! I’m the First Officer now and that means I get to help with the awards. I completely forgot about that. Oo

Serala: Of course, sir. It would be my honor.

And those that really knew her would know just how much that honor meant to her. She lived by a strict code of honor and this would greatly raise that honor. She took her place at the Captain’s side, ready to hand out the awards and ribbons. Possible promotions, though she wasn’t in the loop on those. At least not yet. She nodded at him to indicate she was ready to proceed.

Lt. Commander Serala
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