Lieutenant Serala: Things are starting to heat up over here

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Jim Davis

Sep 15, 2018, 5:41:22 PM9/15/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Korri Freighter, Jenatris Cloud ))


Serala: Sounds like a plan. We’re already inside the Atlantis’ shields, we can beam them to the ship. Let’s warn them first, shall we? =/\= Serala to Atlantis. We have a bit of a problem here. The crew has been affected by something. We’re not sure what, just yet. We have nine subdued for now. We’re going to beam them over to you. Recommend Medical evaluate them and report to us. There are still more than a dozen left over here and I would like to know what is going on. =/\=


Tel-ar: =/\=  Based on your report Lt. I would prefer it if you did not beam them over. Use the shuttle to transport them over here and I will have security backed up by some marines meet the shuttle when it arrives. =/\=


Serala: =/\= Understood, Commander. We’ll load them in the shuttle and I will have Lieutenant Spurlocke transport them back. They should stay unconscious long enough. =/\=


:: She was starting to feel a little warm and began to wipe the itch from her palms. ::


Tel-ar: =/\= Excellent. Proceed. =/\=


Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, sir. Serala out. =/\= :: Turns to the team. :: Okay, everyone. Let’s get them loaded up. Mr. Malko, can you give them a sedative to help ensure they stay unconscious until Spurlocke gets them to Atlantis?


Malko: I can administer some Bateret sedative, but it will only keep them woozy and lethargic once they return to consciousness. I don't feel confident giving them anything stronger without knowing how their systems will react after being exposed to the cloud.


Serala: That will have to do. We don’t want to kill them. Mr. Spurlocke, for your own safety, I would recommend you erect a level 10 force field between the cockpit and the rest of the shuttle in case they do manage to revive.


Spurlocke: Response


Serala: Alright. Let’s get them to the shuttle everyone.


:: It took them several trips to get all nine Korri stowed on board the shuttle.As she worked, she found herself getting warmer. She removed her overshirt to leave just her golden yellow shirt and gray jacket. She took her commbadge and pinned it to the jacket. Finally, Lieutenant Spurlocke shut the airlocks and departed. Serala turned to the rest of her team. ::


Serala: Alright. We’re down a man. There are approximately 13 more Korri on board. We don’t know what their situations are like. Mr. Termine, please scan for the nearest life sign and lead us toward it. Mr. Malko, keep your phaser ready. We don’t know what to expect.


Termine: Responses


oO I feel like we've stepped into a lion's den. Oo


Malko:  Then we are definitely outnumbered. I don't think we can hold back another frontal attack like that. And frankly, I don't want to do that again. Is there an auxiliary entrance to that Jeffries tube that may be quieter? Connecting to the main computer is going to give us much-needed information about the state of this craft.


Termine: Response


oO The computer, the computer. Why is he always babbling on about the computer.He is rather good looking though. If I could just….no, no. I have a duty. Oo


Serala: Dante, you lead. oO I want to see that tight .. no, no Oo Malko, you are behind me. You’re mission security as well as medical now. Have you ever done double duty before?


Malko: I can't say that I ever have. But, sign me up. There is a first time for everything.


Serala: That’s the spirit, Malko. Dante, if you please. oO Yes, please. Damn, I never even had a a honeymoon. Mmm, but he would make a good fill in. Oo


Termine: Response


:: As Serala followed behind Termine, she found herself staring more and more at the lieutenant’s back side and fantasizing.  At first, she tried to recall that she was married now, that Stevok was her man. At just that time, two female Korri came into the passage from a side corridor. They took one look at the Federation away team and suddenly their eyes took on a certain glow she usually associated with undisguised lust. ::


Termine/Malko: Response


Korri female 1: Well, well. What do we have here? Males! And Alien males at that!


Korri female 2: I wonder if they would serve to breed a clutch of eggs?


Korri female 1: Well, sister dear, there is only one way to find out!


Korri female 2: Indeed!


::  The two females began to slink toward the team, hungrily eyeing Malko and Termine like they were fresh tuna steaks. Serala felt a pang of jealousy. Termine was going to be hers. No way was that fishy freak going to get its hands on her hunk of flesh. ::


Serala: :: grabbing Termine on the backside, and stepping in front of him :: This one is mine! Find your own breeder!


Termine/Malko: Responses




(( OOC: I hope you enjoy the twist! ))






Lt Serala, Assitant Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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