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Sep 19, 2020, 6:01:06 PM9/19/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis
((Crew quarters corridor, Deck 7, USS Atlantis, Earth orbit, Starbase One, Sol System))

((Day 28 of Shoreleave))

As if suddenly remember where he was and where his hands were holding her Kurt coughed as he ....... reluctantly.....stood and moved back from the Lithe Nurse. Keeping his eyes away from her face save his own reddened face and sudden tangle of emotion, overwhelmed the discipline he had left.

Logan:: Cough....Cough:: Er...... my apologise .....for ..the..umm...hands.

Logan oO Oh marvelous now you lose the ability to think..... oO

Avae: Why? I really don’t mind. ::She giggled softly:: I’ll never complain about your hands being on me. ::She murmured and her face flush even brighter crimson:: 

Logan: Well you were about to fall over again and I was close enough to catch you this time other than the last time when you landed on the floor and it does seem to be a bit of a habit catching you so.... and....

Now he was doing it rambling in one long sentence while making little to no sense even to himself. It did raise a small smile to the Antosian Chief Nurses glossy lips.

Avae: My hero.. ::She murmured::

Her soft hands reached upward cupping his cheeks forcing him to meet her lavender gaze, the tension between them suddenly increased by a thousand fold. For one of the few times his mind went blank and his body refused to do anything, later on he would when rational thought came back to him find  that all the times when that had happened involved the Lavender haired Discipline stealer infront of him.

He saw her move

Logan oO ........... Oo

Leaning into him

Logan oO ............. Oo

Her lips pressed against his, a hand around his back and her other hand rested on his chest, he could feel the intensity pouring from her as her lips parted against him.

Deep inside a lost soul started to see a light, buried deep a long time ago the emotions now running through the Human Marine stired him awake. The control that had kept him locked away seemed to vanish like smoke in a wind, seizing the first opportunity for normality he acted.

Kurt felt his hands move as the attraction he didnt want to feel start to take no heed of him, some discipline still screamed to be heard however making the response to her kiss gentle in return.

His hands moved tracing around her feeling her curves and outline, gently moving down her sides across her back and down. He felt the edge of her belt as he passed her waist, moving still he suddenly realised where his hands were now resting and began to move, but is was the Nurse that moved first. A hand on his chest, fingers curled gently in his shirt while she stared at his face, her chest rising and falling rapidly from her trying to catch her breath. 

Logan:  ...........

Avae: Sorry...I...I had to do that. 

During that moment for the first time in a long time there had been no pain, not his back or his head, his knees, elbows , nothing.

Now with the moment passed it all started to return, the lost soul scrambled to remain but once more the returning will forced him down. Sadness flooded him as to what it meant but it had to be, it didnt matter about him he wasnt that important, but the other.

He reached up gently stroking his cheeks marvelling in their softness.

Logan: I'm sorry Wyla..... but we cant. :: His head hanging slightly as he spoke::

Avae: Response

Gently he put a finger to her Cherry lips to stall her reply.

Logan: Its not you Wyla..theres nothing wrong with you. In truth your to good for me, I'm no where near what you need.

Avae: Response

Logan: No...please listen. If that drill was real we wouldn't be standing here I died remember.

Strickly speaking he had stopped playing the game allowing the simulated core beach to blow up the ship and kill him. Rather than the Breen intruders killing him.

Logan: That is my life pain and death and that is nothing to put on you, you deserve much much better than waiting for someone to come home...that never will. And I wont put that on you.


Captain Kurt Logan

Marine Officer

USS Atlantis, NCC-74682


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