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Jim Davis

Aug 8, 2018, 10:17:18 PM8/8/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682
(( Wedding Reception, Officer’s Mess, Deck 2, U.S.S. Atlantis, Day 12 of shore leave )) 

(( OOC: Based on some of Knight’s responses, I have modified my earlier post some. ))

Stevok: :: chuckles :: Amusing, Mr. McKnight. I shall keep that in mind the next time I come across a species of dung beetles.

(( OOC: Sorry about the slip there. It was supposed to be Knight, but since you already responded to it, we’ll go with it. ))

Serala: Oh, geez. Now you’ve done it, Knight.

~~ Quit testing him, heis’he. He’s an Intelligence officer. He won’t be fooled so easily. ~~

Knight:  I’m afraid that is topic we must avoid this evening. Would you like something to celebrate with, on me of course.

Serala: I don’t think the bride and groom have to pay for their food and drink at their own wedding, David. Of course, we are dealing with a Ferengi, so anything is possible. Thank you.

:: She grabbed a aesollh for herself and some Vulcan tea for Stevok. She briefly wondered how much the Romulan tea was going to cost since it was so difficult to obtain now that Romulus had been destroyed. ::

Stevok: I would say that you have done an excellent job of deflection, Mr. Knight, but I haven’t forgotten my original question. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to discuss it, I quite understand. So, how about you tell us a little bit about yourself. It seems even Serala doesn’t know much about you.

Serala: ~~  Would you quit reading my mind. It’s rude. ~~

Stevok: ~~ Sorry, ashaya, I just can’t help wanting to know everything about you. ~~

Serala: ~~ And I love you for it, but this isn’t the time or the place and David isn’t a telepath. ~~

Knight: In that regard I don’t much about Serala. As for myself, I’ve not much to tell about myself that you probably couldn’t already guess.

Stevok: I must apologize, Mr. Knight. According to my wife, I have been quite rude. I have been so caught up in getting to know her, that I have been using our telepathic bond without considering the fact that you are here and cannot hear our thoughts.

Knight: I understand, I actually find it quite fascinating how telepaths can communicate with each other. I have an interest in communications myself, don’t worry that part’s not classified. But returning to my train of thought, I believe the idea of telepathy in a sense could help solve some the problems we experience in today’s day and age. If you take the Jenatris cloud for example, many ships experience difficulty with communications when traversing it. But the Vulcan science academy conducted a study of it and they were able to conclude that their telepathic abilities proved more useful than equipment in certain conditions. I know it’s a far off concept in how it might be applied to our technology, but many of the things we use today were considered far off when they were first conceived. I wouldn’t mind to hear your opinion on the matter, yourself being a telepath. :: Apparently, Knight had talked himself dry because he paused long enough to take a drink of his water. ::

Stevok: Thank you. That is most gracious of you. Now, if you don’t mind, would you repeat that last part? I was having a conversation with Serala and wasn’t paying attention. Again, my apologies.

Serala: Yes, and I apologize as well, although I was chastising my husband. I really would be interested in knowing more about you. Aside from the fact that we armed and fired some torpedoes together, and the fact that you are second in command down on deck 13, I really know nothing about you. And that, I think, is my fault.

Knight: Well, I wouldn’t blame any of that on you. We don’t exactly have visiting hours on deck thirteen, but like I said I’ve not much to tell about myself that you probably couldn’t already guess. :: Gesturing his glass to Stevok. :: And the answer to your question is no.

Serala: David, please. My father was Starfleet Intelligence, and other than the operations he was involved in, I knew everything about him, until he passed away.

Knight:  I’m sorry to learn of his passing but in that we have found a similarity between us. Though my father was not deceased when I last saw him.

Serala: What happened?

Knight: Well let’s just say we don’t share the same view on my choice of serving in Star Fleet, at least not in my branch that is. I suppose his views could have changed but I haven’t seen or heard from him since I joined. :: Taking a drink ::

Serala: I’m sorry to hear that, David, though I understand that as well. My mother and I don’t always see eye to eye. Especially now that she’s back in a Romulan uniform and commanding a Romulan ship. How did it happen?

Knight: Ohh…..it was quite simple really, he disowned me, It seems Intelligence is dishonest and he wouldn’t have any son of his in it. I agreed and haven’t spoken to him since. Now, let’s not talk about such dire subjects, I actually grew up on the Romulan border and Zogi has an excellent vintage of ale I would love to get you as a wedding gift.

Stevok: That would be most welcome, Mr. Knight. Serala seems to have a particular love for that beverage, illegal or not.

::  Serala noticed that Toryn had finally worked up the nerve to come over and speak to them. He had a smile on his face, but she knew him well enough that to know that he was forcing it. He was doing a passable job, and anyone not knowing him like she did would likely not notice it, but she had spent so much time studying his face she knew every single expression. Once he got to the table, he nodded to them and then to Knight. ::

Raga: Congratulations to you both. Ensign. Please, don't let me interrupt you. :: He looked to Stevok. :: Stevok. Could I pull you away from you wife for but a moment?

Knight: Response

Serala: Toryn, anything you have to say to Stevok you might as well say to me since I can hear his thoughts anyway.

Stevok: Serala, I do know how to censor my thoughts, even from you. ~~ If your friend wants a few private moments to threaten me, then I shall give it to him. ~~


Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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