Lt JG Serala: Vengeance delayed

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Jim Davis

Jun 30, 2018, 7:31:52 PM6/30/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis))



Serala: Captain, once we are close enough, I can target their engines and disable them. It should knock them out of warp. It might get a bit bumpy for Raga and McKnight, but my scans of the vessel indicate it should be able to hold up to the stress of suddenly dropping out of warp. I would only need one or two shots to get past their shields and another for the engines.


Termine: ::Looking at Serala:: Make those first two but give me time to beam our men aboard before you fire the final volley. The cargo ship has taken a lot of structural damage and it may not hold up to any more hull damage.  I’ll try to get a tractor beam on the ship immediately so that they won’t be going anywhere. Don’t worry Serala, I won’t let your prey get away this time.


oO Who the heck does he think he is? I’m not going to blow the ship up. Especially with Raga on board. If he knew me better, he’d know that. Nor will this ship get away from me! Oo


Brell: I’d like to go with the option that poses the least risk to our team aboard ….


Serala: Of course, Captain.


:: She didn’t like the order, but she understood it. One part of her felt it showed a lack of confidence in her ablilites as a tactical officer. The other part, the trained Starfleet officer, knew that the best tactical solution was always the one where no shots were fired, or if necessary, the fewer the better. And never place your people in the path of harm unnecessarily. She still didn’t like it, but she understood it. She also didn’t like this upstart ensign giving her orders as if he was her senior. ::


Termine: Aye sir =/\= Termine to Transporter room 1, begin sequential scans of the vessel and prepare to lock onto life signs when the shields drop. Transport immediately when you have a lock. =/\=


Transporter Operator: =/\= Transporter pad hot and ready. =/\=


Termine: =/\= Termine to Cattan, it might be a good idea to have a medical team prepped and ready in Transporter room 1. We don’t know what kind of shape we’re getting our men back in. =/\=


::  For that matter, he seemed to be issuing orders best suited for the Captain. Not that they were unwarranted, but some things are best left to the ship’s CO. ::


:: Serala didn’t believe her plan posed much more risk to the away team than they were already in, and her scans conflicted with Termine’s report, but if there was a chance he was right, she didn’t want to risk them anymore than the Captain did. Just then the turbolift doors opened and the Ferengi bartender walked in. ::


Zogi: Is this a bad time?


oO Of course it its, and what are you doing here, Ferengi? Oo


:: She was about to call for security to remove the opportunistic businessman when Ensign Termine spoke up. ::


Termine: Civilians are not allowed on the bridge Mr. Zogi.


oO Well, at least that one was well said. Too bad he beat me to it, though. Kind of is my job there, youngster. Oo


Brell: What brings you to the bridge?


Zogi: Well it no longer matters actually….


Brell: I have exactly a minute or so to spare, please take a seat.


Zogi: Really?


:: He gave him a nod in affirmation. Then waited for him to take Lt Commander Williams’ open seat. Serala decided that if the Captain was allowing him here, she would hold off on calling the security team. For now. Besides, he had managed to get his hands on some Romulan Ale, and while it might be illegal in the Federation, she liked it. She was Romulan, after-all.  ::


Brell: Now, what was that brought you up to visit?


Zogi: Well captain… I was thinking about my supplies. With the alpha quadrant rather far I thought it might be possible to harvest some fruits on the planet we just visited. I know it’s a pre-warp society but there are probably a few remote islands worth exploring. A small team could find some eatable plants no doubt? I’d be happy to volunteer? And I bet Mr. Lushington won't mind a trip either…


Brell: The planet is under Freeworlds jurisdiction. I doubt they will be willing to risk letting anyone go back down to Lydor V for awhile after what just happened with the illegal mining going on.


Zogi: Response


Serala: Sir, I’m detecting a large vessel ahead!


:: Suddenly, the cargo ship dropped out of warp. It seemed to surprise everyone when it did, since it had been such a short trip. Then the reason for it became apparent. The was another ship, larger, like the one that had attacked them weeks ago. She immediately began arming the torpedoes and raised shields. Technically, she should have waited for the Captain’s order, but she was determined that they wouldn’t catch Atlantis unprepared this time. ::


Brell: Captain Brell to all hands, Battle stations.


oO And there it is. Oo


::The computer responded to his words sounding general quarters to civilians aboard. Serala verified that the ship was ready for a battle ::


Brell: Drop us out of warp. Lieutenant Serala if that larger ship even tries to target us let's remind them why the last ship they sent for us had to catch us by surprise.


Serala: Aye, sir. Weapons systems ready. Standing by to fire.


Brell: Ensign Termine, we might not be able to get a tractor beam on the cargo shuttle. I’d like you to try to beam the whole fracking thing to shuttle bay.


Termine: In part or in whole that ship’s coming with us captain.


Serala: Just make sure you get our people before you start shredding that tin can, Ensign. Mr. Raga is a friend of mine and I hate losing friends.


Gixu: Response


Brell: Mr. Zogi, please clear the bridge. We can discuss stopping for some fresh foodstuffs once we are back at Lydor V and out of danger.


Zogi: Response


Termine: I’m reading some automated communication between the two ships, but the cargo vessel seems to be dead in the water suffering from sort of impulse systems damage. I’ve got a tractor lock on it and waiting your command sir.


:: The cargo vessel hung in space between the two looming ships, the prize for today’s activities. The battle that was to come next, whether it be diplomatic of militaristic, would decide to whom it belonged. ::


Serala: Captain, we are locked on to the larger vessel. I have its engines targeted, and its weapon systems as secondary targets. I can have that thing disabled in short order, sir. Then we will have even more of the evidence we are looking for.


Brell: Hail the larger vessel and and begin tractoring in the smaller ship. I want them to know we won't take no for an answer.


Termine: Aye sir, hailing the Consortium vessel now.


Dermont:  Um, I had best be gettin' to Engineerin'...I'm sure somethin's gonna need fixin' soon...


Brell: Have us ready for anything.


:: It took a few moments for a response to come. Once again they had detected no life signs on this ship either. On the viewscreen appeared a RoLF like many of the others he had seen in the Expanse. This one had several markings on its outer casing that appeared to be akin to rank. ::


TRA-C4618: Federation starship USS Atlantis, release our cargo vessel from your tractor beam. Immediately.  


Brell: I don't think we will be doing that.


TRA-C4618: It belongs to us!


Brell: With the authority of the Freeworlds Council Star League, we are impounding it for escort to Lydor IX. With the charge of illegally mining, and pending other charges.


:: The RoLF appeared to be considering the Captain’s statement. She suspected it was trying to decide whether it was likely to be successful if it chose to engage Atlantis in combat. ::


TRA-C4618: We will follow you to the planet to ensure the return of our property.


oO So, it is smart enough to realize when it is outmatched. Oo


Brell: Fine with us.


oO Too bad, really. I was looking forward to getting a little revenge for our lost crewmates. And for Raga. Oo


::The channel closed and Brell looked around the bridge. Everyone seemed surprised. They had been expecting a fight. ::


Brell: Ensign please confirm our away team has been beamed aboard. And Lieutenant be ready with a security team as soon as that cargo shuttle is in our shuttlebay.


Termine: Response


Serala: Aye, sir. =/\= Serala to Security team Bravo 3. Report to the shuttlebay. Arm yourselves and bring a Type II Phaser for myself. I will join you there momentarily. =/\=


Petty Officer First Class Davis: Aye, Lieutenant. We are on the way.


Serala: Ensign Termine, I am transferring Tactical control to you. Weapons are armed and ready. Shields at maximum. I currently have weapons locked on the larger vessel, engines and weapon systems.


Termine: Response


:: She turned and headed for the turbolift and the shuttlebay. ::


(( OOC: I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post. It is just how Serala perceives things. It is not meant to be personal. Please don't take it that way. ))


Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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