Lt Commander Serala: Conspiracies Abound, pt 2

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Jim Davis

Jun 1, 2020, 12:53:04 AM6/1/20
to USS Atlantis
(( Federation Suite, Conference Center, Mephinii, Illara Prime )) 


Thoran: Good idea Doctor. Number One, check in with Ms. Hyden, get an ETA from her.

Serala: Aye, sir.

Serala stepped into the adjacent room while the discussion continued behind her. Fortunately for her, her keen sense of hearing was still able to pick out parts of the conversation.

Serala: =/\= Serala to Lieutenant Hyden. What is your ETA? =/\=

Hyden: =/\= Response =/\=

Serala puckered her lips. Maddi was a good officer, so she had no doubts that her reasons for the delay were good. And Serala hadn’t actually stated that the matter was urgent as she was trying to be discreet. And based on her report, it sounded as if Maddi had some vital information that pertained to the discussion at hand.

Thoran: ...How were the delegates, notice anything about any of them? Mr. th’Koro has a data file on the attendees prepared by Councillor Weisto...

Serala: =/\= I apologize for not being clear, Lieutenant. The Captain would like everyone at the suite now, please. =/\=

Hyden: =/\= Response =/\=

Raga: You mean aside from the Caraadian security chief fearing for his life...

Serala: =/\= Very good, Lieutenant. We’ll see you shortly. Serala out. =/\=

That was about as close as she could come to making it a direct order and still maintain the façade of discretion. Having taken care of that, she returned to the meeting at hand.

Kiax: ... Probably not a good idea for he and I to cross paths again for a while…

Matthieu / Vase / Knight / Journs / Thoran: Responses

Since she had only heard part of the conversation, Serala chose to remain silent for now and catch up. She was also interested in everyone’s impressions so far.

Raga: While we were in the security center, we got a good look at the layout of this facility. Lots of area to cover. If we were to provide Major Stonecypher with say, two dozen security officers from Atlantis it should be enough to bolster his forces, without making it look like we're trying to muscle in. Of course, if the Freeworlds want us to provide security too. That may be unavoidable. And we'd have to be careful not to have situations where our own people would be in opposition to one another.

McKnight: I'll call A couple Marines down here as well. They can set up in the main security room in case they are needed. Our Security should be the ones roaming around.

Kiax: What I would give for a full-blown diplomatic party to back up our decisions. Or at least pacify some of the other delegates…

Serala: Well, Esa. Consider us a full-blown diplomatic party. And, Captain McKnight, that might be a good idea, but let’s wait and see what Lieutenant Hyden’s team has.

She didn’t want to reveal too much of what Maddi had reported. Best to let them hear it directly. Besides, she was certain the Security Chief hadn’t given her all the details yet either. Their conversation had been too brief for that.

Matthieu / Vase / th'Koro / McKnight / Knight / Journs / Thoran: Responses

Serala: While we wait, I have a thought. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I’d like to get everyone’s opinion, especially yours, Captain, since you’ll ultimately be the one to make the call here.

Matthieu / Vase / th'Koro / McKnight / Knight / Journs / Thoran: Responses

Serala: Well, as you know, my mother is here. While she and I don’t always get along well, we do work together well. Usually. And she has been willing to help us in the past. What if we ask her to keep her ear to the ground and let us know if she hears anything? I only ask, because so far, this matter was brought to us, and Mother does have her own agenda here. And whatever else I can say about her, she is extremely loyal. There has only ever been one exception to that, and that was because of my father. :: turns to the others, and then meets the Captain’s eyes :: Thoughts?

Matthieu / Vase / th'Koro / McKnight / Knight / Journs / Thoran: Responses

(( OOC: Tags for Hyden’s team when they arrive ))

Hyden / Logan / Ganarvuss: Responses

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