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Jim Davis

Aug 18, 2018, 8:13:10 PM8/18/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, U.S.S. Atlantis, Deep Space 26 ))

Brell: Once again final away team assignments beyond will be given out on arrival tomorrow. For now let's get to work on preparing.


McKnight: Sir, I would like to request the away team shuttle be escorted by me and an additional fighter so we can get a better perspective. Logan can stay here with the remaining Marines while the others are with the away team. ::He didn't think it was a good idea for Logan to be leading a team while he waits to get his new arm tuned for him.::


Raga: I wouldn't mind having an escort for each shuttle. We can break in the two new Type-11 shuttles. I'll take my team on the Elysium. Serala can take the B'hala. They're newer, so they should be able to navigate Jenatris more easily than our older shuttlecraft.


:: As the Captain dismissed them all, Toryn rose to his feet and looked at her smiling. It appeared that he wasn’t suffering any physical pain at the moment. Whatever that childhood injury was, it must have been severe to continue to pain him this far into adulthood. ::


Raga: Serala. Looks like we have some time to plan for the mission. Since we're both going to be on away teams how do you feel about having Noshka man Tactical while we're gone?


Serala: I think that is a great idea, sir. She is quite skilled. I was thinking of utilizing her more.


Raga: My thoughts exactly. I'll assemble my team. I think I'll grab Dermy and someone from sickbay to

join us. Feel free to pick who you want for your team. We've got plenty of marines on board to help out.


Serala: Sounds good. It keeps him from getting assigned to my team. I don’t want to have to be looking over my shoulder during my first away mission lead.


:: Serala shook her head as Raga called after Dermont, following him. ::


oO I had best start thinking of who I want on my team. I guess, since I’m a new team leader, I’ll make a new team. Or, more accurately, a team of newbies. Oo


Serala: =/\= Lieutenant Serala to Lieutenant Termine, Ensign Malko, and Second Lieutenant Spurlocke. Report to Conference Room One in thirty minutes. Be punctual, we won’t have much time. =/\=


Termine/Malko/Spurlocke: Responses


:: Deciding there was no point in leaving the conference room, she remained, moving only to the head of the table, to the seat next to the Captain’s. This would set the right tone. One that said, “I am in charge,” without saying “i am going to lord it over you” and one that said, “I still know my place in the Grand Scheme of Things.” While she waited, she called up a briefing on the Korri on the monitor and began to study it. A few minutes later, the three officers strode in. ::


Serala: Thank you for coming. Termine and Malko, as you already know, and for your benefit Mr. Spurlocke, the Atlantis has been tasked with rescuing two ships from the Jenatris Cloud manned by Korri. From what I have learned, these are a race of traders from a mostly water world. Their ships are large and slow. There were four ships until one exploded. One managed to return to DS26, but there are two others trapped in the Cloud. We don’t know their condition. I have been tasked with leading an away team to one of the ships. We don’t know their status yet, and the Captain has not yet assigned official away teams, but it is my intention to request the three of you.


Termine/Malko or Spurlocke: Response


Serala: Very good question. We don’t have any firm data yet, so we are going to have to prepare for anything. The Captain may decided not to go with my suggestions, and he may even add a few people. Now, with those qualifiers out of the way, input? What do you three think?


Termine/Malko/Spurlocke:  Responses


Serala: Well, Mr. Spurlocke, let me start with you. The reason I requested you is because you are a qualified pilot and I am going to need someone to pilot my shuttle. Now, I am a capable pilot myself, but considering the nature of the Jenatris Cloud, I would rather have a more capable pilot than myself. Add to that the fact that you are a Marine, and the fact that we don’t know what to expect, I feel having another combat capable individual on my team would be a good idea, making you an ideal candidate.


Spurlocke: Response


Serala: As for you, Mr. Termine, I have several reasons for selecting you. You may not be an engineer, but as an Operations Officer, you are the next best thing. Additionally, you and I got off to a bad start. I would like to see if I can change that. I am also going to need someone to help me figure out what happened over there and see if we can get things going again. Our primary task is to find and rescue any survivors, but if we can salvage the ship and its cargo, I would like to try that as well.


Termine: Response


Serala: Lastly, but not leastly, Counselor, is you. It is very likely that our medical teams are going to be overwhelmed with the survivors, but I am going to need someone with medical training over there. I learned a few months ago, from the previous Counselor that you are trained in medical triage and first aid procedures. Those skills will be invaluable to me. Also, after a tragedy like this, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from traumatic effects. Your skills as a Counselor will be invaluable there as well.


Termine/Malko/Spurlocke: Responses


Serala: There is one more thing. Since I am a new team leader, I am wanting to create a new team, or more specifically, a team of new people. All of you here are new to Atlantis. Termine has one mission under his belt, and I have three. Lieutenant Spurlocke, I read your file. You used to be a Captain. I didn’t look too deeply into that. I don’t want to be influenced by your past. You will get a fresh start here. I am hoping that if we work together well as a team, we can become a regular team, one that will know how each other works and be prepared to adjust as needed. So now, does anyone have any suggestions on how we should proceed with our mission?


Termine/Malko/Spurlocke: Responses



Lt Serala, Assitant Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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