Lieutenant Serala: Alternative plan outlined

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Jim Davis

Jan 23, 2019, 11:10:58 PM1/23/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Bridge, Deck1, USS Atlantis, Senior Officer's Briefing ))

Williams: What about tactical?

Serala: Go ahead, Ensign. I will give the Security report once you are completed.

Hyden: Tactical in spite of all that’s went on is beyond what we could’ve hoped for. However that doesn’t mean some issues have arose. Phasers and Torpedoes are all online and functional. Shields have been compromised, though they’re operational I don’t think it would be wise for them to take any kind of damage at the present time. Deflector control well that decks been destroyed so only way to use it is through manual operation. And lastly the internal force fields are holding at 73%. So can we fight yes. Do I recommend it at this time not really, however either way I’ll do what I can.

Serala: Thank you, Ensign. As for Security, Commander, the ship appears to be as secure as possible at this time. However…:: She decided that by telling of her investigation, it may be possible to flush out any moles. :: While we have found two devices that were intended to relay data about our ship to the Consortium, I suspect there could be more. They have had the upper hand on us for quite a time now. I for one am tired of it. I suspect there may be other devices planted around the ship, perhaps in innocuous places. I don’t know how or when they may have been planted. I have three working theories: One...They could have been planted just prior to the relaunching of Atlantis last year. Two...they could have been planted by the bots during the sneak attack that left Atlantis in shambles and so many of our people dead. Three...they could have been planted during the subsequent repairs to the ship. After all, it practically underwent a total refit. There are some other options that I find less likely, such as a crewmember onboard working with the Consortium. Or a combination of any of these options. To that end, I have begun an extensive search of the ship for any further devices. I would like to request the assistance of Lieutenant Knight in this search since he is more of an expert in these devices than I am.

Knight: I’d be happy to help you confirm or disprove your theories, Serala. We found two devices already. I suspect one was used to tap into the core and the other to transmit data. Both were burnt to a crisp when Darkkdust and Hyden attempted to remove them. It’s more likely those were the only two since the Consortium no doubt knew we would do just what we are talking about. Search the ship until we found all of the devices left behind. If anything its possible they left non-physical bugs such as dormant viruses waiting to piggyback off any transmissions we make. I had the lab set about verifying the computer files integrity section by section, it’s not foolproof but it should help eliminate anything we can find. On that note, we can verify the shuttles and the Intelligence lab weren’t comprised since they run off separate computers.

Williams: And the situation in the engineering? I haven’t been there yet but i doubt I like what I see over there?

Dermont: Responses

Kiliak: I'm sure you all saw the status report I sent out regarding Engineering and an overview of ship systems. As we speak, repair crews are at work on hull breaches, electrical damage, software resets, and warp systems. In short, the situation remains dire, but Atlantis is swimming and not sinking. Most of our shuttlecraft took some heavy hits out there. As I said before, I'm against rushing this rescue. However, if it is decided by our CO and this gathering that we would do better in launching our small craft in a rescue attempt now, then I volunteer to accompany the team. These ships will need all the technical support they can get.

Williams: I made my decision…. Based on what Danara told me the captain is in immediate danger. Both physically and mentally. I know that Raga is probably in the same situation but at this point I can't risk losing them both. Raga would understand that better than anyone. We have to get the captain back. Using a shuttle to transport him is out of the question. The consortium could be anywhere we go. Taking shuttles against them and head for their potential headquarters without Atlantis to back them up is indeed suicide. Therefore… Maeli, set resume our course for DS26, inform them we are coming. Danara, inform their medical facilities what they can expect. Killiak, Dermont, I want you two to focus on repair. For now focus on getting shields to maximum efficiency. We are a few days from home and a lot can happen.

Knight: Sir, permission to ask an honest question?

Williams: Response

Knight: This seems the best time to ask since we’ll no doubt be debriefed when we return to DS26 and are unable to operate freely for the most part. The chances of the admiralty approving any rescue mission are low, due to several political reasons I’m sure you already know about. The question is, are we :: Gesturing to senior crew :: willing to accept running the risk of not being approved and waiting to find a deserted planet when the approval does come through?

Anyone: Response

Knight: Well, Sir. :: Looking to Serala :: I think we know a friend that might be willing to help…..a family friend specifically.

Serala: Well, I had wanted to wait until we returned to the station and I had an opportunity to discuss it with Commander R’Val, but that was part of the plan I was just mentioning. She is always complaining about how undermanned her Warbird is. No doubt, if we agreed to man her ship and help with some of the perpetual repairs it needs, she would be willing to help us track down and rescue Commander Raga. From what I understand, Captain Brell has been discussing the idea of joint operations with her for some time now. This might be a good time to test that and see how well we work together. But we have to get back to DS26 first.

Anyone: Response

Lieutenant Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
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