Lt Commander Serala: Briefing the Captain

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Jim Davis

Feb 17, 2019, 1:48:00 AM2/17/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Sickbay, Deck 5, a few minutes later ))

:: Serala strode in right behind Williams to see the Captain awake and aware. The sight thrilled her to no end. ::

Brell: Commanders, I hope you are here with something other than bad news.

Williams: Just a few questions captain.

Serala: Captain. It is good to see you are awake. How do you feel?

:: The Captain gave her a pleased smile. ::

Brell: Quite good … Well as good as can be expected. I am here to be finally released and cleared by our doctors.

Williams: I am sure that won't take them to long. Although I doubt they will clear you for full duty right away. And we might have a way to make you have a rather calm healing process...

Brell: Oh?

Williams: We, well actually Commander Serala has a plan which involves a rather unusual trip… Commander?

Serala: You remember that you had with my mother a few weeks ago? I think I have a way to try out that new joint operations plan. We could take the Illa’variea and rescue Raga. Once we learn where he is. We can take all the Marines, two-thirds of Security, nearly every single engineer to help keep her ship working, our fighters and shuttles and several other officers to help augments Mother’s crew and who might be useful on the mission. The ship has a cloaking device which would let us slip in unnoticed, and we don’t have to wait on the repairs to Atlantis.

Toh'jak: response

Brell: Ah Doctor, Am I free to go yet? As you see the chances of me not working are quite slim.

:: The Captain threw the Klingon a look that her Mother would have been proud of. ::

Toh'jak: response

Brell: I will consent to wearing the monitor, as it will get me out of here for time being.

:: He sat up to allow the rather uncomfortable device to be attached to the back of his head. ::

Toh'jak: response

Brell: :: Captain Brell stood and looked to Serala. :: I believe your office is nearest to here, we should continue there.

Serala: As you wish, sir. After you.

Williams: I will join you in a moment.

:: Serala walked alongside the Captain as they made their way to the turbolift. There were so many things she wanted to say to him, but none were appropriate now or here. So she remained silent. When they got of the lift at Deck 4, she rounded the corner and made her way to her office. She offered the Captain her chair and took one of the guest seats across from the desk. ::

(( Deck 4 Security Office, USS Atlantis, Day 4 ))

Serala: Please, sir. Take my seat.

Brell: Response

Serala: While we wait on Commander Williams, I just want to re-emphasize how glad I am to have you back, even if it did cost us Commander Raga. You see that sword hanging above your head? Had you died, I would have used that on myself for failing in my duty and breaking a vow of honor.

:: At that moment, Commander Williams walked in and she gave the Captain a look that said they would need to table that conversation for another time. ::

Williams: Response

Brell: Response

Lt. Commander Serala
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