Lt Commander Serala: Formulating a Plan of Attack

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Jim Davis

Jun 4, 2020, 11:52:00 PM6/4/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Federation Suite, Conference Center, Mephinii, Illara Prime ))

Once the meeting had ended, she had pulled Toryn, Esa, David and Stefan into an adjoining room in the suite to formulate a plan of attack.

Serala: Alright, you heard the Captain. :: to Raga and Kiax :: You met with this Major Stonecypher. What are your opinions? Will he be receptive to our investigation?

Raga / Kiax: Responses

Serala: That’s encouraging. :: turns to Knight :: David, I know you’re not Intelligence anymore, but those skills aren’t just forgotten. I am going to need that now. What are your thoughts?

Knight: Response

Serala listened carefully as Knight gave what she thought was a very insightful analysis. And she had to agree with several of his conclusions.

Serala: :: to Matthieu :: And what are your preliminary thoughts, Ensign?

Matthieu: Response

Serala: Thank you, Ensign. As I told you before, science is not really my strong suit. Your skills are going to be invaluable to me here. Well, seems we have a good grasp on the situation. At least, where we are starting from. I think our best approach is to start with Major Stonecypher and get his cooperation. Toryn, you have already established a rapport with him. I will let you take the lead on that. Any questions or last minute thoughts?

Raga / Knight / Kiax / Matthieu: Responses

Serala: Very good. Then let’s get started.

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