Lt Commander Serala: New Information Comes to Light

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Jun 4, 2020, 11:50:35 PM6/4/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Federation Suite, Conference Center, Mephinii, Illara Prime ))

Since she had only heard part of the conversation, Serala chose to remain silent for now and catch up. She was also interested in everyone’s impressions so far.

Raga: While we were in the security center, we got a good look at the layout of this facility. Lots of area to cover. If we were to provide Major Stonecypher with say, two dozen security officers from Atlantis it should be enough to bolster his forces, without making it look like we're trying to muscle in. Of course, if the Freeworlds want us to provide security too. That may be unavoidable. And we'd have to be careful not to have situations where our own people would be in opposition to one another.

Thoran: Definitely. We must be seen to be neutral, regardless of what happens at the conference.

McKnight: I'll call A couple Marines down here as well. They can set up in the main security room in case they are needed. Our Security should be the ones roaming around.

Kiax: What I would give for a full-blown diplomatic party to back up our decisions. Or at least pacify some of the other delegates…

Journs: ::nods and pauses:: Unless we have individuals aboard with that sort of experience who could be spared for this, we appear to be on our own in that regard.


th’Koro: Indeed, this is a sticky situation. Without a true diplomatic attaché, who knows what kinds of blunders we could be making. But we’re just going to have to blunder into them regardless.

Serala: Well, Esa. Consider us a full-blown diplomatic party. And, Captain McKnight, that might be a good idea, but let’s wait and see what Lieutenant Hyden’s team has.

She didn’t want to reveal too much of what Maddi had reported. Best to let them hear it directly. Besides, she was certain the Security Chief hadn’t given her all the details yet either. Their conversation had been too brief for that.

Serala: Well, Esa. Consider us a full-blown diplomatic party. And, Captain McKnight, that might be a good idea, but let’s wait and see what Lieutenant Hyden’s team has.


Thoran: Agreed.


Matthieu / McKnight / Knight: Response

Serala: While we wait, I have a thought. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I’d like to get everyone’s opinion, especially yours, Captain, since you’ll ultimately be the one to make the call here.

Matthieu / Vase / McKnight / Knight: Responses

Serala: Well, as you know, my mother is here. While she and I don’t always get along well, we do work together well. Usually. And she has been willing to help us in the past. What if we ask her to keep her ear to the ground and let us know if she hears anything? I only ask, because so far, this matter was brought to us, and Mother does have her own agenda here. And whatever else I can say about her, she is extremely loyal. There has only ever been one exception to that, and that was because of my father. :: turns to the others, and then meets the Captain’s eyes :: Thoughts?

Thoran: Go on.

Serala waited patiently as the Captain thought the idea over.

Thoran: Does anyone have any objections if we approach the Ambassador?

Matthieu / McKnight / Knight: Responses

The discussion was interrupted as the doors to the suite creaked open, drawing the room’s attention. Lieutenant Vase entered followed by a Ferengi female wearing a gold uniform. For a moment, she thought she was seeing Noshka walk through the doors, but Noshka had been promoted right before her transfer. A closer look revealed it was actually a different person. Which only made sense.

Vase: Apologies for our lateness. I hope we haven't missed too much.


Journs: ::chuckles:: We’ll fill you in. ::turns to the Ferengi officer:: You’re new?


Lephi: Ensign Lephi. Very new, very fresh. Just arrived here actually. I barely had time to put my luggage aboard the Atlantis before I was being rushed over here.

oO Of course! I remember seeing that on the transfer list. I wonder if I forwarded that to the Captain. Bean had me quite distracted that day. Oo

Journs: ::smiles and offers a hand:: Lieutenant Ishkabella Journs, Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Pleased to meet you, Ensign.


Lephi: ::cautiously wipes her hands on her pants and then reaches out and shakes the doctor's hand:: Thanks, nice to meet you too. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Serala watched the exchange with interest, remaining silent the entire time. Her chance for an introduction would come later. Once it was done, Ishka turned her attention back to the Captain.


Journs: Well, whatever we’re going to do here, I have the feeling we need to act quickly before any of the other delegates or leadership get wind of this. Contain the breach, so to speak.


Thoran: I am in agreement Doctor. The longer we wait around, the more time we allow for a potential attack.


th’Koro: Indeed, we need to find the Valcarians responsible and also rendezvous with the courier of the message. In my opinion of course.


Matthieu / McKnight / Knight: Responses

Serala: Of course, we need to figure out just who that courier was. And, as Knight suggested, we also need to determine if it’s even legitimate.

th’Koro: Is there any plan for how we are going to go about this?


Once again, the Captain took time to consider the situation before speaking again.


Thoran: We shall begin by ascertaining the validity of this note. If it is indeed proven genuine, we will make every attempt to identify the infiltrator and take our findings to the Freeworlds Council. 


Matthieu / McKnight / Knight / Journs / Raga / Lephi: Responses    


th’Koro: Hopefully this doesn’t explode into a full blown crisis.


Matthieu / McKnight / Knight / Journs / Raga / Lephi: Responses    

Serala was about to speak, to interject her own comments, when the doors once again opened and Maddi and Kurt entered the suite.

oO Now we here more. And it’s starting to sound as if it may be connected to this note. Possibly even the same person mentioned. Oo

Serala: Lieutenant, report. What’s going on?


Hyden: It brings me no pleasure to inform you that we could have fowl play or murder. After being asked by Representative Brex to help him find out why the ports Security Director had been silent and not responded. Upon arrival at his office we found it ransacked and the director nowhere to be found. Preliminary scans revealed genetic material of Ilaran, Naylarian and Valcarian genomes. Brex stated he was the only one here of his species and he has a good alibi. According to scans for weapons fire none were found, but the damage on the room was extensive and the whole situation is suspicious. 

Serala was processing this newest bit of information when Maddi’s commbadge chirped and the voice of Ensign Ganarvuss came over it.


Ganarvuss: =/\= Response =/\=


Hyden: =/\= Report back here with your findings now, as Brex should make sure the area stays secured. =/\=


Ganarvuss: =/\= Response =/\=

Although Serala had instructed that everyone should come to the suite, the Security officer in her understood Maddi’s reasons for leaving someone behind to continue the investigation. Especially since Serala hadn’t actually made it an order, only a strongly worded request.

Hyden: If this is an attempt to damage the conference it would be possible. Everyone here could be in danger. 

Once again the Captain took time to consider things before reaching a decision on how to proceed.

Thoran: Ms. Hyden, continue your investigation into the Security Chief. Mr. Ganarvuss, Mr. Logan and Ms. Lephi will assist you.

Hyden / Ganarvuss / Logan / Lephi: Responses


Next he turned his attention to her.


Thoran: Number One, go with Mr. Raga, Ms. Kiax, Mr. Knight and Mr. Matthieu. Find out everything you can from the Caraadian Security Representative and inform them we are willing to provide any assistance we can in order to secure the conference. I would also like you to begin searching for any communications, conducting an analysis of the area and any other technical aspects that could reveal clues to the Valcarian’s identity.

And just that fast, she was a security officer again. Something right up her alley.

Serala: Very good, sir.

Raga / Kiax / Knight / Matthieu: Responses


Thoran: Mister McKnight, Ms. Journs and Mr. th’Koro, you are with me. We are going to take a closer look at those in attendance, their contacts, background and movements, anything that could provide a clue.

McKnight / Journs / th’Koro: Responses

(( TBC / TAGS: Everyone ))

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