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(( Counselor’s Office, Deck 5, USS Atlantis ))

{{ Time Index: Day 17 of Shore Leave }}

Serala entered the Counselor’s office exactly at the moment her appointment was scheduled. She really didn’t want to be here, but the Captain had ordered it. She had scheduled her appointment the same day, but Counselor Nehir couldn’t see her until today.

Nehir: Come! :: She stood and straightened her uniform. :: 

Serala: Hello, Counselor. Nice to meet you, finally.

Nehir: Likewise! Pleasure. Have a seat? Wherever you'd like. And please, call me Dev. What brings you to me?

Serala: Well, as you know :: taking the offered seat :: the Captain requires that I attend regular counseling sessions as a consequence of my actions on the station.

Nehir: I do know that. Yes. What I'm not too sure about though is why... I didn't really get a clear picture of that. From what I can gather... You struck a station officer?

Serala really didn’t want to talk about it, but it seemed only natural that this would be where the Counselor would begin since it was the reason the Captain had ordered the sessions to begin with.

Serala: Well, Counselor. That man had it coming. For a long time. I’ll admit to having a temper problem. I am half-Romulan after all. Anger is a hereditary trait, although my mother says I go above and beyond even the normal. She blames my human side. I’m not so sure. Anyway, I digress. As I was saying, Perkins is a complete disgrace and even though he outranks me, I was mission commander and he was risking the mission. I had ordered him to be silent several times and just couldn’t see any other option. I felt like it would be difficult for him to speak with a broken nose. I guess I was wrong.

Nehir: You guess it was wrong? :: beat :: Or do you know it was?

Serala: Oh, I know it was wrong. What I said was, I guess I was wrong. About it getting him to shut up, because he didn’t. But, I didn’t realize I was coming to an inquisition.

It was a challenge, but the Counselor’s question had felt like an attack.

Nehir: No... no... You're right. This isn't an inquisition. But you see that?

Serala: See what, Counselor?

She really was confused this time.

Nehir: Emotion Serala

Serala: Emotion? What about it? I’m not a Vulcan, Counselor.

Nehir: How can I put this... Ah! You mentioned just a moment ago. Your mother blames your human side. Biology aside, it's been my experience that most humans, or even humanoids in general, tend to lead with their heart... not their mind. 

Serala: Well, of course. But what are you trying to get at here?

Nehir: I'm saying that you might know what's right in your head Serala... but your heart is untamed. And it might be rightfully so. But... 

Dev had paused and Serala just felt she needed to hear the rest of her thought.

Serala: But…?

Nehir: Have you ever done something like this before?

Serala: No. At least, not since I joined Starfleet. I did have some trouble with the human children when I was growing up on Earth. But what is your point? I’m not a stupid person, Counselor, but I was trained in security and tactics, not psychology. That’s my husband.

Nehir: The point I'm making is that I don't think the Captain thought you were wrong... or unjust. I think he knows what he's dealing with in that realm, undoubtedly more so than I will. He lumps it into insubordination. That's his job. My job, is to show you how to use that to your advantage, diplomatically, socially and professionally. Ethics versus Morals... and how we can find some middle ground maybe?

Serala: Counselor...Dev. As I have said, I admit I have a temper problem. Romulans are a passionate people and I am no exception. I maybe half-human, but at heart I’m all Romulan. There is a principal we all live by. It’s called mnei’sahe, The Ruling Passion. However, I’m in a new job now, and no doubt it will involve diplomacy from time to time, so I will need to learn how to keep that temper in check. Perhaps you can help me with that.

Nehir: Response

Serala: I honestly have no idea. One thing I can tell you is that my husband and I have a bond and I often draw on that when I need calm. But, although he’s Vulcan, he’s also one-quarter Betazoid and an empath, so he doesn’t have the emotional control so prevalent in other Vulcans. That has somewhat hindered my ability to stabilize my own roiling emotions from time to time. Overall, though, Stevok has been my rock through the last year or more.

Nehir: Response

Serala: He refuses. He says it would be a conflict of interest since he is emotionally attached to me. His insights would be colored by his feelings for me. He offers advice from time to time, but nothing more.

Nehir: Response

Serala: Yes, I am concerned about one thing. You’re Rodulan, as is our Chief Helm Officer. I know she’s highly telepathic and I understand that’s a common trait among your people. I need some kind of assurance you won’t pick my brain without my permission.

Nehir: Response

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