Lt JG Serala: Prepare the cold dish, pt. 1

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Jim Davis

Jun 8, 2018, 8:49:08 AM6/8/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis))

Brell: Keep our sensors on the island chain we have our teams on, they have to be heading there to collect their ore. A cloak makes all the more sense that they are trying to do this covertly. Without the Freeworlds or the locals getting wind of it. They just didn't know we’d be coming here to set up a duck blind. A week ago or a week from now now ships would be here to have a chance at catching them in the act.

Serala: Lucky us. A little revenge would be sweet. After what they did to us, disrupting their operation is the least we can do.

Brell: That was from my thoughts to your lips Lieutenant? Are you sure you're not half betazoid?

Cattan: a good team shares the same thoughts right? :: chuckles ::

Serala: :: chuckling:: No, sir. Just Romulan and Human. No room for another half.

::The light moment of humor in a tense moment, was fleeting as another comm signal came in from Dermont's team.::

Termine: =/\= Termine to Atlantis, Have there been reports of explosions going on? We’ve detected some shockwaves in the cave system over here.  =/\=

Serala: =/\= Affirmative, Ensign. Lieutenant Raga's team discovered an illegal mining operation under the main island. They are engaged combat right now. =/\=

Termine: =/\= Well I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but I don’t think our caves over here can take to many more of those without risking a complete cave-in. And judging by the size of these caverns, a geologic disruption at that scale could cause ground effects that could submerge at least the southern half of the island chain, destroying at least one major city, not to mention trapping the engineering team down here.  =/\=

Cattan: =/\= Well, that's the least we want, but they have to defend themselves somehow =/\=

Dermont:  =/\= Oh, and that's not all lovelies.  Zett's most recent scans show that due to the rock disruptions, pockets of what look like Micozoline gas have started ta seep up into the cavern.  Not sure how much or how long...but if it keep us, it'll be more than the environmental systems can filter. Not ta say anything about if it mixes with the local fresh water supply. =/\=

Cattan: That would be disastrous

Serala: =/\= Understood, Ensign, Lieutenant. Raga and the Marines are on it. Now, unless that cave-in actually happens, please keep the line open but clear until this situation is resolved. =/\=

Nardian: =/\= Nardian: :: Slightly shaky voice :: In the light of recent events, perhaps we should rejoin the rest of the group and possibly…..return to the ship. To return later of course! =/\=

Serala: =/\= Sorry, Doctor, but unless there's an imminent threat, I'm pretty busy up here. Please stand by. =/\=

Cattan: =/\= agreed, as the Doctor from our ship I can tell you that the teams have gone through worse and that a little shoot-out isn't dangerous enough to return to the ship. In the end, it's the Captain's call to make of course =/\=  

Gixu: Response

Serala: Our Civilian specialist is just getting a bit nervous, sir. Nothing serious yet, although Lieutenant Dermont says that a build up of Micozoline gas has begun. He didn't know how long they have before it reaches dangerous levels.

Brell: The way things are looking we should go ahead and beam them up now.  ::He tapped on the comm panel.:: =/\= Atlantis to Lieutenant Dermont. =/\=

Dermont: =/\= Response =/\=

Brell: =/\= We are getting your team out of there, we may need you all up here shortly if this cargo ship makes a run for it. =/\=

Dermont: =/\= Response =/\=

Nardian: =/\= Response =/\=

Brell: =/\= Doctor we will be beaming you to The Observer and a shuttle containing a science team will be joining you there shortly. =/\=

:: Serala was confused about what the Captain was intending, but true to form, he would explain himself in due time. ::

Brell: Ensign beam our people up to Atlantis first, then lock on to the doctor and all of the equipment we have already sent down there and transport them to The Observer.::

Gixu: Response

Brell: Activate Commanders Williams and Tel-ar’s beacons and open a channel once they signal no one will overhear.

Serala: Aye, sir. :: taps the panel to open the channels and signal their subdermal transceivers :: Channel open. Standing by for their availability.

::It did not take long for both officers to find someplace where no Lydorian would overhear them. ::

Williams: =/\= Williams here sir. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= Response =/\=

Cattan: =/\= I'll also scan your surroundings so don't worry about that =/\=

Brell: =/\= Commanders, we have a situation up here. Our team led by Mr Raga is attempting to board a cloaked cargo ship. The tremors you have have felt in last few minutes have been the result of their fighting with mining robots. We have also had to evacuate Lieutenant Dermont’s team. =/\=

Williams: =/\= I am not entirely sure I get what you are saying, sir. I hope Dermont and his team are alright. I hope it’s not the robots we encountered before? =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= Response =/\=

Brell: =/\= Negative. I want your teams to complete your mission of setting up observation devices and cultural observation. ::He paused.:: To that end we will be launching a science team in a shuttle to The Observer. The shuttle will be able to beam your teams up if needed, and Observer can handle calibration of your covert devices. If that cargo ship runs with our team aboard Atlantis will be following and we may not have the time warn you. =/\=

Williams: =/\= Very well captain. We are about to set sail on with a local trader of some sort. He seems like an important figure. So getting to know a thing or two about their culture seems guaranteed at this point. If we have forced to leave, however, beaming us out would be inadvisable. It would leave them with a lot of questions…. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= Response =/\=

Williams: =/\= I’ll be unable to answer to any hails. It’s a small ship we are boarding sir. Unless you want us to remain in the city… I’m sure that can be arranged as well. =/\=

Cattan: =/\= Alex, please be careful. I'll be looking over your crew too, but don't do anything... dangerously unnecessary =/\=

Danara/Sotak/Tel-ar/Brell: Responses

Brell: =/\= The shuttle and the crew from Atlantis that will be on it should be able to assist you if needed with the Observer’s help. I look forward to hearing some interesting reports from you all. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= Response =/\=

Williams: =/\= Right… if we're deeply underwater consider that a safe way for extraction. I have to cut this one short gentleman. Williams out. =/\=

Brell: =/\= Good luck, Atlantis out. =/\=

Cattan: Captain, what shall we do next? Anything else I can do from up here, except for ::she looks at her screen:: this.

Brell: Doctor you can join the shuttle team if you wish to keep monitoring the undercover teams. Or you can remain up here, we don’t know what we will face when we chase down that ship, we might end up in combat in which case your talents would be needed in sickbay.

Cattan: Response

Brell: Alright Doctor.

Serala: Captain, Lieutenant Dermont's away team has returned and the shuttle Praxis Moon is preparing for departure.

Gixu: Response?

::The doors to the Bridge opened and two officers in gold freshly beamed up from the surface entered the bridge. Ensign Termine immediately took his position OPS station. Lieutenant Dermont did likewise. Serala was just glad there was one less team to keep track of. Her headache in the morning was going to be fierce. ::

Serala: Welcome back.

Termine: It’s a pleasure to be back. All systems green, all power at the ready.

Dermont: Response

Brell: Mr. Dermont I intend for us to be following a ship quickly at any moment, I need all engines primed and ready for full impulse or warp. We don’t know how quick they will be attempting to make the slip.

Dermont: Response  

Serala: They can try, sir, but they're not getting away. :: said confidently ::

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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