Lt Commander Serala: Conspiracy Theories

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Jim Davis

Feb 19, 2019, 10:55:19 PM2/19/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Security Office, Deck 4, Day 3 after the promotions and awards ))

Serala: This shouldn’t be possible. Yes, this is the symbol of an ancient order known as N’Ventnar, or Bared Fang. They were an almost legendary group of assassins. Somewhat akin to the ancient ninjas of Earth, but even more effective and deadly. But they were thought to have been completely destroyed a little more than a thousand years ago. Lieutenant...if they are back, or if they were never gone, you are quite lucky to have survived your encounter with them. These people were not someone to trifle with.

Kiliak:  Yes, precisely why we're bringing you into the loop asap, it's a clear and present security risk to Atlantis staff, as well as DS26. What do you think we can we do about this?

Serala: Be careful, for one. And this time, I agree with Knight. Keep this under wraps. If this is real, they will kill to protect their secret. Take this back to Knight and have him run a spectral analysis to determine exactly how old it is. I need to know if this is real.

Kiliak: I will. Although preliminary tricorder readings indicate it is an authentic antique. Could just be a collector piece though

Serala: Possibly, but I don’t think it likely. Call it Romulan paranoia, if you wish. One thing is for sure, these aren’t my mother’s people.

Kiliak: I agree, as did Intelligence, it's most likely N’Ventnar would be working against Commanders R'vals interests rather than working with her. Or their presence in the Expanse is a completely separate issue, but I'm always suspicious of coincidence. Still, it would seem wise not to discount the possibility some kind of clandestine partnership may be there.

:: Serala was trying to give the Lieutenant the benefit of doubt, but she was starting to raise her ire. ::

Serala: Tread lightly, Kiliak. This is my mother you’re referring to.

Kiliak: I meant no offense. I admit it's unlikely. Only, politics are complex and the long game may necessitate deeply embedded organizations for reasons which will only later be considered benevolent. You know the Commander better than any of us. If I may venture to say so, beware your personal feelings before arriving at final conclusions.

Serala: Lieutenant, I am trying my best to give you the benefit of not knowing much about my people, but if you continue to insinuate that my mother is involved you are likely to find yourself at the wrong end of my honor blade.

Kiliak: I've had few interactions with Romulans before joining this ship, so I am still getting to know your species.

Serala: That much is obvious. You’re likely to get more of an education that you expected very soon. Just remember that we consider our honor of highest paramount.

Kiliak: I look forward to learning more about Romulan technologies. After our last mission, I've been running extensive diagnostics on our transporter systems. Koerner and T'Val both faced lethal situations in Engineering simply because we couldn't get the transporters back online, not to mention Brell, Raga, and others, so I had to ask why were they were down for so long? We triangulated with R'val's Warbird earlier during the Korri rescue, so I had considered that the system error could lay there.

oO Good job changing topics. Wise choice, too. Oo

Serala: And you think the Illa’variea was responsible?

Kiliak: No, it wasn't that at all. Imagine my surprise to discover the recalibration bypass sync error was left over by simple operator error, committed by everyone's favorite Lieutenant Commander aboard DS26 when his team recalibrated our transporters during our last shore leave repair period.

oO Perkins! Easy, don’t reveal your emotions. So, his name comes up again! Oo

Serala: And you are sure it was accidental and not incompetence?

Kiliak: I have no reason to suspect it was malicious. All signs point to it being just another stupid mistake by Perkins or someone on his team. Still, now that you mention it, incompetence could make for a terrific cover to get away with murder.

Serala: You were reading my mind, Lieutenant.

Kiliak: Response

Serala: That’ll be all for now, Kiliak. You may share your theory with Lieutenant Knight, but no one else. Right now, I am not sure who I can trust and who I can’t. I am placing my trust in you and Knight. Don’t disappoint me and don’t share your theories.

Kiliak: Response

Lt. Commander Serala
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