Lt JG Serala and PNPC Stevok: Getting to know you

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Jim Davis

Aug 5, 2018, 9:11:22 PM8/5/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Wedding Reception, Officer’s Mess, Deck 2, U.S.S. Atlantis, Day 14 of shore leave ))

:: As soon as the ceremony was over the mess hall was quickly transformed. A massive wedding cake was rolled in and a bar was set up. A buffet style meal was also set up for those who might be hungry. Serala didn’t know who had been responsible for setting this all up, for she hadn’t, and yet it here it was. Those who had been able to come now began to mingle, some coming by occasionally to congratulate the happy couple. ::

Serala: Thank you, Mr. Zett.

:: As the Atrean Science officer walked away, she sighed. Her friends all seemed to be enjoying themselves. She had thanked the umpteenth person for his well wishes. Dermont had been glaring at her ever since the wedding, but that was to be expected. After all, he was fiercely protective of Raga, and he didn’t much care for Romulans as it was. No doubt, in his mind, her running off to marry Stevok instead of choosing Toryn was the typical Romulan behavior he was expecting from her. Toryn had given her away, for which she would be ever grateful, but it had been dampened by her knowledge of how painful it was for him to do. And he seemed to have been avoiding her ever since. ::

Stevok ~~ Perhaps we should leave if this is depressing you. ~~

Serala:  No, it’s our wedding. We have a social obligation to remain. Besides, we haven’t had our first dance yet.

Stevok ~~ It’s not dancing with you that I am interested in. ~~

Serala: Maybe, but we’ll have time for that later. And please don’t use telepathy just because you can.

Stevok: As you wish, my love. At least your mother seems to be enjoying herself.

:: She looked over to where R’Val had cornered the Captain. She wasn’t sure what they were discussing, but she sincerely hoped her mother was behaving herself.

Serala: Yes, poor Captain Brell.

:: As she was considering her mother, she heard someone approaching her and looked up to see the expected Ensign Knight. He had that typical footstep of someone used to having to move about without being noticed, but Serala had been around him long enough to recognize his stride. ::

Knight: Pardon me, I just wanted to wish you both congratulations. :: Shaking Serala’s and stevok’s hand. :: And don’t worry Mr. Stevok, I’m not a pirate.

Stevok: I had not considered the possibility that you were, Ensign. Thank you for your kind words. My wife was starting to despair that anyone would come by.

Serala: Despair? Stevok, we’ve been inundated with congratulations. I was just wondering why none of the senior officers had been by. I was beginning to think many of them were put off by my apparent betrayal of Lieutenant Raga.

:: Serala could tell by the pause that the Intelligence Officer was considering his words carefully. ::

Knight: It was a beautiful ceremony nonetheless and I feel I would be neglecting my duties if I didn’t attend.

Serala: Thank you, David. I appreciate that. Would you care to join us?

Stevok: Yes, please Ensign. It would be interesting to learn what you do in Starfleet Intelligence and how that interacts with the rest of the ship, especially Security and Tactical, since that is where my new wife is assigned. It would be a comfort to know how she gets the intel she relies on to do her job. I, myself, am both a psychiatrist and xenobiologist. I find studying creatures of other species and worlds to be quite fascinating. In many ways, I imagine it is much like intelligence gathering. What do you think? Am I far off base?

Knight: Exactly, and on that note if you happen to find any bugs their mine……probably. :: laughing slightly. ::

Stevok: :: chuckles :: Amusing, Mr. McKnight. I shall keep that in mind the next time I come across a species of dung beetles.

Serala: Oh, geez. Now you’ve done it, Knight.

Knight: Response

Stevok: I would say that you have done an excellent job of deflection, Mr. Knight, but I haven’t forgotten my original question. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to discuss it, I quite understand. So, how about you tell us a little bit about yourself. It seems even Serala doesn’t know much about you.

Serala: ~~  Would you quit reading my mind. It’s rude. ~~

Stevok: ~~ Sorry, ashaya, I just can’t help wanting to know everything about you. ~~

Serala: ~~ And I love you for it, but this isn’t the time or the place and David isn’t a telepath. ~~

Knight: Response

Stevok: I must apologize, Mr. Knight. According to my wife, I have been quite rude. I have been so caught up in getting to know her, that I have been using our telepathic bond without considering the fact that you are here and cannot hear our thoughts.

Knight: Response

Stevok: Thank you. That is most gracious of you. Now, if you don’t mind, would you repeat that last part? I was having a conversation with Serala and wasn’t paying attention. Again, my apologies.

Serala: Yes, and I apologize as well, although I was chastising my husband. I really would be interested in knowing more about you. Aside from the fact that we armed and fired some torpedoes together, and the fact that you are second in command down on deck 13, I really know nothing about you. And that, I think, is my fault.

Knight: Response.

Serala: David, please. My father was Starfleet Intelligence, and other that the operations he was involved in, I knew everything about him, until he passed away.

Knight:  Response

(( OOC: Anyone else want to get in on this, feel free to drop by any time. ))

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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