Lt Commander Serala: Mixed Emotions

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Jim Davis

Sep 2, 2019, 11:32:51 PM9/2/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Officer’s Mess, Deck 2, USS Atlantis, Day 3 Evening ))

Serala listened as Captain Brell officially announced the Change of Command. She was glad for him that he would be taking the next step in his career’s advancement, but she was depressed to see him go. He had indeed become like a father figure to her, and she hadn’t realized how much so until she had learned he was leaving.

Her funk continued even through the awards ceremony. At one point she felt Stevok reach out through their link to try and comfort her - the Vulcan equivalent of grabbing her hand, but it was no use.  Her emotions were just too much in a turmoil. Gladness for Brell, sorrow for her loss, joy and fear for her pregnancy, concern for her own career future. And she had learned the new doctor was Al-Leyan which just made her that much more concerned as she worried about how Toryn would react to her presence and if he was about to be on a collision course for yet another heartbreak.

When she heard her name called to receive an Explorer’s Ribbon, she stood and went forward to receive it.

Serala: Thank you, Captain, and congratulations again to you

She returned to her chair while the rest of the awards were passed out, then Brell once again spoke.

Brell: We will get to the big even in about twenty minutes, so everyone be sure to grab a drink. Before then I wanted to take a moment to speak to you all as your Commanding Officer one last time. The near two years as Captain of Atlantis has been a time of my life I would not trade for anything. It was made rewarding each day not my rank or position, but by you all. I am truly honored to have served with each and every member of this crew. You will always be with me in my thoughts, and our experiences together will help guide me as I embark on life’s next challenge. I want to wish you all the best in whatever your lives will take you to do in the old Bolian seafaring way by saying: Fair tidings to you all. 

A rousing round of “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow,” broke out, but her heart wasn’t in it. She did notice that the Rodulan Helmswoman had raised her voice in the song, far outshining the others without even trying.

(( Timeskip about 20 minutes ))

Serala had snatched a quick bite to eat, knowing she needed to eat, especially in light of her new condition, but not really feeling very much like eating. Or celebrating, for that matter. After a few moments, she noticed Commander Thoran, soon to be Commander-Captain Thoran, nod to Captain Brell.

Brell: Attention to orders!

Serala drew to perfect attention near the front of the room. The Change of Command ceremony hailed back to the ancient days on Earth and was considered a solemn military ceremony. One worthy of her full attention and respect. As soon as the room had stilled, Captain Brell held up a PADD and began to read.

Brell: To Captain Brell, Commanding Officer USS Atlantis, stardate 239608.28. You are hereby requested, and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Commander Jarred Thoran, First Officer USS Columbia as of this date. Signed, Rear Admiral Toni Turner, Starfleet Command. :: Brell set the PADD aside and spoke to the computer :: Computer, transfer all command codes to Commander Jarred Thoran. Voice authorization, Brell, Sierra, Echo, Seven. 

Computer: Transfer complete. USS Atlantis now under command of Commander Jarred Thoran.

Captain Thoran then stepped forward and faced Captain Brell, reaching out his hand, which Captain Brell took.

Thoran: I relieve you, sir.

Brell: I stand relieved.

Serala listened with only half her attention. Oh sure, she would be able to recall everything that was said if she were asked, but she was just too emotional right now.

oO Is it the hormones from the pregnancy? Or my Romulan heritage? Or my human heritage? Something is causing this roil of emotions flooding through me. Oo

When the ceremony was complete, she took her place behind Raga in line, a line established by rank as was protocol for this ceremony, to offer congratulations to both Captains. When Raga had finished his comments, she stepped up, first to Brell. Again, tradition held to bid the old Captain farewell first, then turn to the new Captain to welcome him.

Serala: Captain Brell, what more can I say that hasn’t been said. Other than, please stay in touch. With Mother back on New Romulus, I feel as if both of my parents have left. I would like to hear all about your new position as Ambassador and how things are going for you there. And, I may still turn to you from time to time for advice. If you don’t mind, of course.

Brell: Response

Next, she turned to her new Captain. They had spoken briefly yesterday, and no doubt he would summon her to his Ready Room soon to discuss how he would like Security and Tactical to function under his command. For now, though, it was time for ceremony.

Serala: Congratulations and welcome to Atlantis, Captain. I look forward to a new chapter under your command. Just as Captain Brell had my full devotion, so you will as well. My honor as a Romulan would demand no less. I look forward to meeting with you soon to learn what your expectations of both me and my department will be under your command. And if  anyone makes you feel less than welcome, just point me at them and I will set them straight

That last was said deadpan, but she made sure to throw a wry twist to her grin afterward to show that she was just joking. She wanted to do her part to make him feel welcome on this ship. It would take time to adjust to a new way of doing things, especially for her since she wasn’t used to dealing with change well, but it would come.

Thoran: Response

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