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((OOC: SPOILER ALERT! Meant to get part 2 of my sim out entitled Bogotá, but haven’t quite gotten there. I felt it was important to get this one out as soon as I could. Going to try and be as obscure as I can here, but there is a clear spoiler. If you don’t want the spoiler, just skip down to the scene in the Observation Lounge. )) 

(( Davis Estate, Bogotá, Columbia, South American Continent, Earth ))

{{Time Index: Shore Leave, Day 26}}

Serala had spent the next two days relaxing and enjoying the manor’s amenities. It sported an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the back and since it had been some time since she had done any swimming, she had availed herself of the opportunity. Little Bean was an absolute joy, rarely fussing and always seemingly happy and observant of everything around her.

The information Maria had shared with her had been a rather shocking revelation and she was still trying to process what exactly it all meant. It seemed there was much about her father that she did not know and she was going to have to get some answers. Which meant she was probably going to have to track his miserable hide down to do it. Since she had left him with her mother, Serala hadn’t seen her father since and it was rather a good thing in her mind. He was dead. He had been dead for over thirty years. She wanted to keep him that way. Now, she was beginning to think that wouldn’t be possible. She had a sister! A half-sister to be accurate, but then everything about Serala was half it seemed.

oO Half-Romulan, half-sister. Oo

And from what Maria had intimated, she might have other family out there as well. No siblings, as far as Maria knew, but family she wasn’t aware of. At least, not yet.

She was lounging by the pool in a bikini, sipping on iced aesohll and lemon while reading a Romulan romance novel. Little Bean was in her bassinet next to her and Serala was keeping one eye on the little girl. Fortunately, she was napping just now. That little girl was a ball of energy when she was awake.

Thoran: =/\= Commander Thoran to all senior staff. Observation Lounge in one hour. Thoran out. =/\=

oO Well, duty calls. Maybe now we’ll get some answers. Oo

Serala: :: softly :: Come on, little yeoman. Mommy has to go to work. Let’s go see Auntie T’Prel, shall we?

((Time Skip - One Hour Later))

((Observation Lounge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Earth Spacedock SB1, Berth 10, Earth))

Serala entered the Observation Lounge with her usual punctuality. Most were already there and she greeted each with a nod. She was as eager as she presumed the rest of the officers here were to learn the reason for their being called back to Earth. That was not a move Starfleet ever made easily or lightly. As seemed to be his habit for these little gatherings, the Captain had laid out some refreshments. Serala poured herself a glass of water, selected a lemon wedge and added it before moving to her seat at the table.

Thoran: Before we begin, please help yourself to the refreshments. ::He waited a moment before continuing.:: I know you are all in the process of enjoying shoreleave so I won’t take up too much of your time.

Serala remained silent, hoping he would get to the point soon. Curiosity was starting to get the better of her.

Any: Responses

Thoran: I am sure you have all been wondering why the Atlantis has been recalled to Earth and sadly it was not for us to enjoy the sights.

His eyes fell to the table for a brief moment and Serala felt her stomach tighten. Whatever it was, this was not going to be good news.

Thoran: The Atlantis is to remain here for the time being for a resupply and minor refit.

Okay? So why did he seem to be about to deliver a death sentence? These things happened. Especially with ships as old as this one.

Serala: Okay, a refit. That’s fine. Bit of stand down time for most while the Engineers get to have a bunch of fun. How long are we planning to be here?

Any: Response

Thoran: A skeleton crew will remain with the ship whilst the majority of us return to the Par’tha Expanse.

oO Fvah? Arhem ssuajukhe. Oo (What? I don’t understand.)

Any: Response

The Captain rose from the seat and made his way past the assembled officers to the display on the wall. With a couple of taps he brought up the MSD of another class of starship. Akira-class, if she remembered correctly. Tough little things, slightly bigger than an Intrepid class, better armament. They were made for battle.

Thoran: May I present the USS Chin’toka, an updated Akira class, first of its kind. And our new home.

oO Our new WHAT?! Oo

Thoran: Starfleet Command has been following the evolving situation in the Expanse and is assigning the Chin’toka as the Federation’s flagship for the region. It is hoped that such a move will cement the Federation’s place in the region and reassure it’s allies of their commitment. Questions?

th’Koro: After the Atlantis’ refit, will it join us again in the Expanse?

Serala: I have a ton of questions, but for now I will just settle with, what is the time table here?

oO I can’t believe it. Atlantis is the only starship I have ever served on. I am not really enthused about leaving her. I mean, this ship looks very nice, but it just doesn’t have the memories. The feel of home. Oo

Stevok’s Voice: ~ Not yet, ailhun. In time, it will have its own memories and it will feel like home again. ~

That wasn’t the first time she had heard his voice in her mind since his passing. She knew it wasn’t real, but it did help her to hear it nonetheless. No doubt Mr. Mika would get an absolute thrill if he heard about that one.

Serala: ~ Aue, deyhhan. But you will not be there. And neither will the memory of you. ~

Stevok’s Voice: ~ I am with you always, e’lev. Remember. ~

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((OOC: Happy to continue.))

Thoran: The engineers would like to begin work on the Atlantis as soon as possible. As such we will be moving to the Chin’toka within the week, so start packing. To celebrate the commissioning of the Chin’toka a party is being held tomorrow evening on board the Chin’toka. A number of senior officers are expected to be in attendance so attire will be dress whites.

Serala: By your command, rekkhai.

oO Okay, that was a very Romulan thing to say. What brought that on? Oo

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