Ensign Serala: Shore Leave or extra duty?

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Jim Davis

Jan 1, 2018, 7:26:54 PM1/1/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Life kind of got in the way for a while, but now that the holidays are past and I finally have a job, I should be able to post regularly again))

((Officer's Mess, Deck 2, USS Atlantis))

Brell: =/\= Brell to all decks, Blue Alert, we are preparing to land the ship, report to your code blue stations. =/\=

::Far be it from a lowly Ensign to question the orders of a ship captain, but Serala was doing just that...at least to herself. There was an old Earth proverb that said "just because you can do a thing, it does not necessarily follow that you should." Landing the Atlantis was, to her mind, dangerous. From what she'd been able to gather through listening to those who had been around, they really couldn't trust these Caraadians anymore than they could trust the Valcarians. Having the ship planet-side made it vulnerable. Now, the Caraadians would have the potential to infiltrate Atlantis and possibly take her over, especially with a large number of crew away on shore leave. Yet, they were about to land anyway.::

::Serala had to admit to a certain level of excitement, though. Atlantis was one of only a few ships in the fleet that could actually land on a planet...safely anyway. She turned to stare out the observation port. She could see the ice castles and beautiful as they were, Serala was half-Romulan which meant she preferred a much warmer climate. Not to mention that she was raised in one of the largest equatorial rainforest regions on Earth. She just didn't like the cold. Still, it might be fun.::

oO I swear that if anyone throws a snowball at me, there'll be hell to pay. So, what can I do that I might actually enjoy? Maybe I'll see what others are planning. That might help me decide. Heck, something might even be potentially fun. The Elements forbid I have fun! Oo

::Snickering at her own pity party, she turned back to the window. She resolved right then to find something fun to do no matter what. Preferably with company.::

oO And combat training doesn't count! Oo

::Sighing, Serala turned from the window and left the Officer's Mess, heading toward the turbolift. Just as she reached it, the doors opened and she nearly ran into the senior science officer::

oO Lambert, his name is Lambert Oo

Serala: I apologize, Mr. Lambert. I was distracted.

Lambert: Response

Serala: It's nothing, really. I was just trying to figure out what to do on leave. I was actually contemplating volunteering for extra shifts in Security. Any suggestions?

Lambert: Response

Serala: Well, that would be great. I'm trying to expand my horizons and make new friends. Let me know if something comes up.

Lambert: Response

((A few minutes later, Serala's Quarters, Deck 3, USS Atlantis))

::Serala had just settled down to listen to her favorite Vulcan composer when her commbadge chirped.::

Lambert: =/\= Lieutenant Lambert to Ensign Serala. Please respond. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Serala, here. Go ahead please. =/\=

Lambert: =/\= I´m going to a climbing expedition to the icy mountains in a few minutes. Do you think it would be a good challenge for you? =/\=

oO By the Elements, I had a feeling he was going to suggest something cold. Challenge! Hah, that's an understatement. He doesn't need to know that, though. No sense driving a possible new friend away. Oo

Serala: =/\= It will definitely be a challenge, sir. Who else will be going? =/\=

Lambert: =/\= So far, you, me, Ensigns Dermont and Raga. The last one will lead the party. =/\=

oO Great, more witnesses to my humiliation before the Elements. Oo

Serala: =/\= Sounds good, sir. =/\=

oO To who? The Abominable Snowman? Oo

Lambert: =/\= Nice! Meet us on the Officer’s Mess in half an hour. I am sending you the specification of the equipment. Lambert out. =/\=

Serala: =/\= I'll be there. =/\=

oO Are you crazy? It's cold out there. You may be half human, but even full-blooded humans find it cold. Oo

:: There was only one thing left to do now. Looking at the data dumping into her quarters' computer station, she began to gather the requisite gear. ::

((Officer’s Mess)) ((Sometime later))

:: Serala had all her gear and was in the mess. She was less than enthusiastic, and feeling a little green, but she couldn't afford to pass this opportunity up. It was important that she begin to make friends, and that started here.::

Lambert: Hey, guys! Who’s ready?

Serala: :: forced enthusiasm :: I am.

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Ensign Serala, Security Officer
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