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Jim Davis

Oct 27, 2019, 5:35:49 PM10/27/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Timeskip several minutes - Level 46, Engineering ))

True enough, Perkins was able to find his way to Engineering. They had passed a few more checkpoints, but apparently word had been sent ahead to let their group pass. Now the stood before the large double doors and waited to be permitted entrance to see the Valcarian Commander. They weren’t kept waiting long. When the doors opened, she strode in ahead of the rest of the group and walked straight toward the Commander.

Serala: Jolan’tru, Commander Calasio. I am Lieutenant Commander Serala of the Federation Starship Atlantis. Glad to meet you face to face.

Calasio: Hmph.... :: He made the sound with a smirk on his face, arms folded before him. :: A walking paradox you are... Interesting. 

Perkins: ::to Serala:: Thank you so very much for the guard escort, but I won't be needing your services any longer. Go back to your ship. Let me handle this.

oO Ooookaaay. Apparently he didn’t get the message. Well, let’s just let this play out for a few minutes. See where it goes. Who knows, it might even work. And if not, well, I can always tell them the truth, that he was acting without authority. Oo

Serala: Excuse me, but I think I need to stay right here.

Perkins: ::to Calasio, full-throated:: Mr. Casio. Our demands are simple. You and your men will vacate the Engineering Area immediately and return control to me and any of my staff who are still remaining on this station.

Calasio: :: He slowly removed his hood, and leaned closer to the face of the man in front of him. :: And why... would I allow your demand to become reality?

Perkins: My team and I have worked here for years, put simply, we have the best chance to save this station and everyone on it. There is little time left, so be sensible. You must yield at once. Let us work.

oO Well, at least he makes a good point. Too bad his arrogance is going to get in the way of his logic. Oo

Calasio: You speak as if there isn't a Federation busy body in the room... Why have they been allowed to even be aboard this vessel... This is not of their concern! :: He was beginning to yell. ::

Perkins: Response

Serala: Okay, that is quite enough, Commander Perkins. Shut up or I will have you returned to Atlantis and confined to the brig. You do not speak for the Federation in this matter. :: turning to Calasio :: Forgive his rudeness, Commander. However, he did make a good point.

Others: Response

Calasio: I'm not so sure you know what you're getting yourselves into... And here I was assuming that I had actually made some fairly reasonable accommodations for you and your crew-mates. Perhaps I misjudged. 

Others: Response

Perkins: Response

Serala: Perkins, last warning. Shut up! Commander Calasio, we have indeed made a good start. Let’s not undo all of that now. Perkins is right, though. We are your best chance of survival. Your tentative balance of power on this station has turned to our favor. It would be best to yield control to us and let us save this station and everyone on it.

Calasio: You've got it all backwards... :: He nodded his head as he drew his weapon, grabbing Perkins around his neck, clutching him tightly :: You've just given me all the power I could need... Seize them all...

Serala’s trained instincts told her what was happening even as the Valcarians all produced weapons and aimed at her and her team. The fact that Perkins was endangered almost didn’t matter to her, save for her oath as a Starfleet Security Officer which, even though she was no longer in charge of Security, she was still beholden to. Until Hyden became the official Chief of Security, she was technically still a Security Officer and had to uphold those duties. She coudl always kill him herself later. Still, she had the numbers, and was still hoping to diffuse the situation. She gestured to the Marines to standby, but she knew they wouldn’t take much more threatening before they acted, even against her wishes.

Calasio: =/\= Birmor... Answer at once... =/\=

Birmor: =/\= Birmor here sir. =/\=

Calasio: =/\= You will report to the engineering deck. We've some guests to return to the Federation forces upstairs... IMMEDIATELY =/\=

Birmor: =/\= En route now Commander. =/\=

Suddenly, Captain McKnight, and almost immediately thereafter, the rest of the Marines raised their weapons and selected targets. It had happened so fast, she almost hadn’t seen it herself and she was very impressed by their reaction time. Her own phaser was in her hand only a split second later and was aimed directly at Calasio’s head.

McKnight: Stop right there!

Serala: Stand down, Commander Calasio. We don’t want to engage in hostilities but you are leaving us no choice. And Perkins, for the love of the Elements, if you value that miserable hide of yours, you will SHUT UP!!! Osiris, that Corporal will be here in seconds. Deal with her. Toh’jak, time to be a Klingon and not a doctor. Assist Osiris. Both of you wait for my cue.

Perkins: Response

oO I may just shoot him first! Oo

Osiris: Response

She watched as the massive Worene virtually vanished in the shadows and was quite impressed. But, that was why he was a Scout. They were legends even among the Marines and she was counting on his skills now to get them out of this situation. Toh’jak did much as Osiris had done, though she could make out his location. Then, the doors opened and the corporal entered with her troops.

Serala: Corporal. Just in time. Welcome.

Perkins: Response

Birmor: Weapons on the floor.

McKnight: Like hell, we will. ::He aimed his rifle directly at the new threats::

Calasio: Response

Serala: Why, Corporal. I think that is a great idea. Otherwise, someone might get hurt again, and we wouldn’t want that.

Perkins: Response

Serala heard McKnight’s comm come silently over her badge. He had taken up a position behind a console and judging by his nod, she knew where Osiris was.

McKnight: =/\= Commander, give the order and I'll set off our charges. They'll never know what hit them. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Not yet. I would still like to resolve this peacefully. We might come out on top in a firefight, but both sides will sustain heavy casualties. Let’s see if we can’t find another way first. =/\=

McKnight: =/\= Your call, but make it fast. I'll shoot through Perkins if I have to =/\=

Serala: =/\= Already thought of that myself. Still might. Stand by though. =/\=

McKnight: =/\= Response =/\=

Perkins: Response

That was it! Once again, acting almost on instinct she immediately downed her phaser settings to heavy stun, turned and fired hitting Perkins squarely in the chest. He was down before anyone knew what had happened.

Serala: WAIT!  That was my own man! I just got tired of his mouth. But now, of course, Commander, you have no more hostage and no bargaining chip. We could sit here and blast each other to oblivion, but what would that accomplish. Stand down and let us save this station! We can work out who’s in charge later. But then, I should also tell you that the Caraadians have already begun boarding action on this station as well. You’re outnumbered. Surrender, sir, and you will be fairly treated. I doubt the Caraadians will give you the same offer.

Calasio: Response

McKnight/Osiris/Toh’jak/Birmor: Responses

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