Lt Commander Serala: Four passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour

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Jim Davis

Jan 14, 2020, 11:33:38 PM1/14/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Guest Complex Gardens, Keibrom, Tibro, four days after arrival ))

Serala walked briskly along the garden paths wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible. She noticed the others approaching from various directions as well.

oO Why did he have to pick outside? Oo

Thoran: Ah. Thank you for coming so promptly. A quick update. Ambassador Dels’an visited me this morning with concerns about what has been happening at one of the newly excavated archaeological sites. Apparently many of the work crews have become ill and she fears it may spread. 

McKnight: Shouldn't this be a problem to hand off to a more medical/science team? I'm all up for an adventure into some ruins, but I don't want to come back sick from it.

Serala: I am curious as well, Captain. What are we expected to do? Obviously quarantine and treatment, but anything else?

Nehir: Response

The Captain shook his head.

Thoran: Commander Williams has already been dispatched with a small team to investigate. Our task is i’m afraid much more mundane. I want to go through the plan for once the ambassador is on board.

McKnight: Do we have an idea at what we're even dealing with here?

Serala: I know that Lieutenant Hyden has already begun to increase security and I believe she detailed Petty Officer Davis to head up the security escort detail for the Ambassador once she’s onboard. Was there something else we need to think about?

Nehir: Response

Thoran: As you are no doubt aware, the Ambassador has some rather controversial views, at least by Valcarian standards. Her invitation to us has ruffled quite a few feathers by all accounts.

McKnight: I've already address my security concerns, sir. I don't want to repeat myself about the risks of our work vacation here.

Serala: Well, in that case, we should probably know whose feathers she has ruffled and what resources they have at their disposal. If there is a risk to us during the transport, we should be prepared for it.

Nehir: Response

Thoran: Quite so.

Serala: :: sighing :: I just hope that this doesn’t devolve into another shooting match with someone.

Thoran: A valid concern Miss Serala. I do fear that our presence here may be used as an opportunity by those opposed to the Ambassador. After all what better way to show why closer relations with the Federation are a bad idea than by launching ((OOC: I think something got cut off here. ))

McKnight/Nehir: Responses

Serala: :: A half-smile on her face :: Counselor, I may have a bit of a temper, but even I get tired of fighting from time to time.

McKnight/Nehir: Responses

Serala: Well, can we go somewhere warmer to work out the details?

Thoran: Interesting that you should mention going elsewhere. The Ambassador has invited a small selection from the Atlantis to her villa. She did not go into detail about why, but I believe it is related to her concerns.

Serala: How would that help? Does she feel her villa is safer than the Capitol Building?

Her upbringing in Bogotá had her pronouncing it vee-yah, rather than the more common vil-la. She hadn’t even realized she’d done it.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Thoran: It would make sense that her residence would be more secure, for the Ambassador at least, than the Capitol Building. We won’t have to wait long, she has arranged transport for us on her yacht.

Serala: Well, I guess we’ll be travelling in style at least. Are there going to be any other guests?

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Thoran: Response

(( OOC: To be continued… ))

(( A short while later - Ambassadorial Yacht, Landing Pad 2, - Keibrom, Tibro))

Serala made her way up the gangway, one hand resting on her baby as if she was holding her growing child to herself. She was impressed by the sleek ship and noticed the Ambassador-Admiral waiting for them on the ship flanked by two guards in all black. She had only seen these uniforms a few times and wondered whether they were a special group of soldiers attached to high ranking government officials, or if they were the Ambassador’s personal guard.

Dels’an: Response

Thoran: Ambassador. I must say quite a ship you have. I know a few of the crew will be envious and would be most interested.

Serala: I think I would agree with that, Ambassador. My mother is an ambassador as well, and I doubt she has anything nearly as nice as this. Quite impressive.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: Response

Thoran: Response

Serala: I’m all for that, Ambassador. And, if I may be so bold, a warm drink would be most welcome.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: Response

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