Lt Commander Serala: Where's the Cavalry when you need them?

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Jim Davis

Feb 5, 2020, 11:49:46 PM2/5/20
to USS Atlantis

((Abandoned Outpost, Kaleth Woods, Tibro))

Stevok: ~ Serala… wife….always remember….that….I love….you ~

The complete utter silence and the ripping sensation in her mind as the bond between Stevok and herself was broken caused her to cry out in pain and collapse.

Serala: STEVOOOOKKKKK!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!

She had no knowledge of anything that happened for sometime. All she could think of was her husband and the time they had together. How he would never be able to see their unborn child. Nothing else mattered at this time.

McKnight: Serala! :: He tried to steady her. :: What's wrong? Cap'n!

oO Stevok. Stevok. You can’t leave me. Not now. Little Bean needs a father. Come back... Oo

Thoran: Commander Serala, what has happened?

The voice of her Captain drew her back from her grief enough to realize he was talking to her.

Serala: Captain….Stevok...He’s dead.

McKnight: Look, whatever is going on. Whatever you need to stay on point. You can't check up on your husband right now. Right now, you gotta worry about yourself and the little guy in here. :: He tapped her belly. ::

Thoran: Amuro is right. I promise you Serala, once we are out of this, we will find out what happened with Stevok.

Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

They were right. They were in danger. She needed to get collected. They had to move.

oO Time to be a Romulan, Serala. Time to be a Starfleet Officer. Be a grieving wife later. Oo

Serala: Yes, you are correct. We need to move. I...will be okay enough for now. Duty first. :: turning to Commander Revix :: Mnei’sahe. I can fall apart later.

The Captain squeezed her shoulder in what she assumed was meant to be a comforting act, while at the same time reinforcing the need for her to be strong for now.

Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

McKnight: Sir, we need a decision. Should we move out or dig in?

Serala was slowly regaining enough composure to get her head back into their current crisis. All of it would not matter if they were captured by whoever was out there trying to kill whoever it was here that they were trying to kill. 

Thoran: The forest is going to be our best option for survival. The canopy should provide cover from air surveillance. I suggest we cover our tracks as we go, at least until we have put some distance between us and the outpost.

McKnight: Understood.

Thoran: My recommendation would be for us to stick together. It does mean we would be easier to spot and track, but it also increases our ability to defend ourselves, if absolutely necessary. Any objections?

McKnight: No, sir. But what about the wounded?

oO My husband is dead and he is worried about one injured officer who is most likely going to live if she can get medical attention soon enough? Oo

Almost immediately, she regretted the thought. It was cold and insensitive. Her husband may be dead, but that was no excuse to be heartless toward others.

Serala: :: shakily :: Valid question, Amuro. We’ll just have to manage somehow.

Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

Thoran: Ambassador, I completely understand. Ultimately it is your call. As to our destination I will defer to your local knowledge Ambassador.

Dels’an: Response

Thoran: Okay. Everybody load up and let us move out. Mister McKnight you take point, I’ll cover the rear. Miss Serala, stay with the Ambassador.

McKnight: Yes, sir

Serala: Daie, Eriov. ( Romulan [inferior to superior]: Yes, Commander. )

Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

The group wasted no time in collecting up everything they could carry. Within a few minutes they were ready to go. Serala took up a position near the Ambassador and walked with her. She was trembling, and she wasn’t entirely certain whether it was due to the cold or her grief at Stevok’s death. She buried her hands in her borrowed jacket to hide the shaking and walked on, all the while grieving for Stevok while trying to focus on their situation. The Captain was correct about the trees providing cover. With them all bunched together, though, it would be almost impossible to cover their tracks. She noted Amuro some distance ahead apparently scouting out the best route for them to take to wherever they were heading.

(( Short timeskip - Kaleth Woods, Tibro ))

She wasn’t sure where they were going, her attention wasn’t focused enough for that, but her senses hadn’t been dulled. Her keen hearing picked out the sound of what seemed to be the engines of some kind of shuttle and it didn’t sound like one of theirs. Although her nose was grateful, she halfway wished the Captain had brought his dog along. It could be useful in alerting them to the presence of others around them. Looking over at Commander Revix, it seemed he and his soldiers had heard the sound as well. She let out a whistle to signal Amuro to come back, although she was confident his Klingon/Vulcan hearing had likely heard the noise also.

Serala: Captain, I hear a shuttle approaching, and it doesn’t sound like one of ours.

Thoran: Response

Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

McKnight: Response

Serala: Grand Admiral, how well do you know this area? Is there somewhere around here we can hide until it passes?

Dels’an: Response

Thoran: Response

Revix / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Well then, I suggest we get moving. It’s not going to take that shuttle long to get here, even if it is moving at slow speeds. That’s most likely due to a search pattern their running to try and find us, but once they spot our tracks....

Thoran: Response

Serala: Exactly.

Moving as quickly as they dared considering the injured officer, they quickly found the hiding spot Dels’an had mentioned. It wasn’t much, but it would serve for a short while. It definitely wasn’t defensible for long, but it would keep them from the eyes of the searchers. Of course, their sensors would likely detect them anyway. Still, something was better than nothing.

oO Well, Little Bean. Quite the predicament we find ourselves in, isn’t it. Let’s hope the cavalry arrives in the nick of time just like in those old Earth stories. Oo

Thoran / Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

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