Lt Commander Serala: Thank goodness. I am about frozen to death.

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Jim Davis

Feb 10, 2020, 12:43:38 AM2/10/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Siriss Farmstead, Kaleth Woods, Tibro ))

As the Captain took one end of the stretcher and the remaining Romulan soldier the other end, Serala fell into step next to Commander Revix right behind the Admiral who was leading. The Captain and the soldier took up the rear with the stretcher.

The Elements were kind to them, except for Fire which seemed to be sorely lacking here, and they made it to the farm without incident. Snow began to fall, obscuring their vision some, but she could make out a collection of buildings surrounded by wall with an animal enclosure to one side.

Dels’an: Response

Thoran: That is probably for the best. An old family friend turning up with a bunch of strangers is likely to unsettle anybody. ::turning to Amuro.:: Captain, as Ambassador Dels’an moves in, I want you to cover her. The rest of us will remain here and wait for the all clear. I just hope your friends are as welcoming as you remember Ambassador.

McKnight: Understood.

She watched as the Ambassador and Amuro headed for the farmstead.

Dels’an / Nehir / Revix: Responses

Serala: I can’t really hear too well. The snow is muffling sound, but I don’t hear any shouting, so that’s probably a good sign.

About that time, Amuro signalled them all clear and they began to head quickly for the farm. At least, Serala headed out as quickly as she could considering that her feet hurt, she was a frozen popsicle, and quite exhausted. She had to lean on Captain Thoran for the last several meters before they reached the wall and the safety inside. She just hoped they had a nice bonfire going inside.

Dels’an /  McKnight / Tharen / Mara: Responses

Thoran / Revix / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Thank goodness. I am about frozen to death.

Dels’an /  McKnight / Tharen / Mara: Responses

Thoran / Revix / Nehir: Responses

She let the Captain and the Romulan soldier enter ahead of her with the stretcher and then entered herself. The house was relatively small, especially for so many people, but it seemed nice and cozy. And blessings of the Elements, it was warm inside! There seemed to be a fire in the fireplace, but it was obvious this house also had central heating. She helped as the moved the stretcher to the center of the floor and gently set the woman down. Then moved over to one of the comfortable looking couches along one wall and sat down herself. Normally, even with the cold, Serala would not be having such a hard time. The only thing she could assume was that it was a combination of her near-term pregnancy, the stress of her husband’s sudden death, and the cold.

oO Stevok…. Oo

She didn’t know when it happened, but she found herself being shaken awake sometime later by Amuro. She wondered how long she had been out and became somewhat embarrassed by her lapse. The Captain probably wouldn’t hold it against her, he seemed too decent for that, but she certainly would. This was unacceptable. They were in a crisis and this was no time for sleep. Or grief. oO Stevok…. Oo That could come later.

McKnight: Response

Serala: I’m fine. I … will be … fine. Just so tired.

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