(Backsim) Ensign Lephi: A Fond Farewell

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Sep 20, 2020, 4:54:15 PM9/20/20
to USS Atlantis NCC-74682

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 3, Port, Aft, Exterior, Room 0520, on Route to Earth.))



Snow: Ma Chère (my dear), Lephi. You are still my Lephi. The same Lephi that has stolen my heart in this brief period of time. ::smiles:: I’m by your side to support you, always. 


Tears threatened to escape her eyes once again, although they were happy ones this time. She considered herself quite lucky not only that she had walked through the doors to sickbay on that fateful day, but also that the woman she fell for had fallen right back for her. 


Lephi: Oh, Liz! You really mean that?


Snow: Of course I do. ::sincerly:: You make me the happiest I've ever felt.


She could feel her heart swell with those words. She had been worried that she would become one of the engineers who never left the warp core alone and never had time to experience life. In the short time they had been seeing each other, Lephi had already experienced so much, and she was looking forward to the future.


Lephi: ::sniffles:: I'm sorry for all of this ::laughs quietly while gesturing to her tear stained face:: I didn't mean to unload on you like this either. 


Snow: That's what I'm here for. ::smiles::


Lephi: I appreciate everything about you. We make a good team.


Snow: We do, don't we. 


Lephi noticed her guest eyeing her empty cup and almost thought to offer her another refill. It was getting late though, and she was quite tired. Not that sleep would come easy to her, but she owed her body at least an honest attempt at sleep.


Lephi: ::through a yawn:: Absolutely 


Snow: Well as wonderful as this evening has been and as much as I don’t want it to end. I guess we should call it a night so we get a little bit of sleep at least.


Lephi was sad that the evening was drawing to a close. She enjoyed the company of the woman in her quarters and briefly thought about asking her to spend the night. She realised that it may be a tad soon to be discussing overnight visits and the extra baggage that comes with them so she decided against it.


Lephi: I’d ask you to stay, but I fear the two of us having nightmares side by side would just end in a trip to sickbay neither of us wants, so I will simply say goodnight here. 


Snow: I wish you sweet dreams tonight, beautiful. ::smiles:: 


Lephi: Sleep well, my imzadi. 


As Lephi sat watching the doctor leave with great sadness in her heart, she mentally prepared herself for a long night of solitude ahead. Eventually she worked her way to her feet and headed to bed.

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