Ensign Serala: The Romulan heart, and some hope.

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Jim Davis

Feb 22, 2018, 10:36:45 PM2/22/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis))

::Serala took up her station once more while the others say to work. Her keen hearing could make our their movements and it seemed to her as if they were waiting for something. She hated to think of what, but she resolved to be ready when they came. ::

Logan:: Handing the Comm unit to Adetola::  The Comm unit, help to protect the Bridge. Jann with me, help me strip the Escape Pod. I'm going to be busy repelling them. Don't take to long Captain I don't know how long I can hold them.

Adetola: Thank you.

Jann: aye, will do.

Brell: We know how we are getting off the bridge at least, same way them came in. Logan, if you have found any charges, a trap for as many bots as we could take out would be much better than simply running.

Logan: response

Brell: Be quick you two.

Logan: Response

Jann: Aye sir.

:: Serala watched as they took off down the passageway. She wanted to be with them, to engage the enemy head on, but she was needed here. Besides, she was likely to get all the action she wanted here also and with her injuries she was more of a liability to them than a help. ::

::The comm-unit that Logan had just brought began to flash. The Captain quickly tapped it open. Hope flashed across her face as she heard the voice of the new Chief Science Officer.::

Lambert: =/\= response =/\=

Brell: =/\= Lieutenant! I am relieved to hear your voice! Where are you? =/\=

Lambert: =/\= response =/\=

Brell: =/\= We have been boarded, by spider-bots. The ship is in bad shape, and our position here on the bridge is at risk. I need you to leave the areoshuttle in the hiding place you have found, but figure out how to get yourself and Cattan aboard she is likely needed in sickbay. You should try and find Williams, and join in his efforts. =/\=

Lambert: =/\= response =/\=

:: Serala's keen hearing could make out the sound of an explosion, almost as if the airlock had been cycled again. There sounded like phaser fire as well as an…. electrical discharge?.... followed by more explosions.::

oO Sounds like the Lieutenant's having all the fun. Oo

::Jann came back into the bridge in a hurry.::

Jann: We got to go now. The Lieutenant is not sure how long he can hold them.

Brell: Response

:: Not wanting her Captain to see the extent of her injuries, she quickly nodded her head in the affirmative. ::

Serala: I'm well enough, sir. I can do my part. In fact, as Security, I should lead the way until we meet up with Lieutenant Logan, then fall back to rear guard.

:: They gathered together what they could. Phaser fire could be heard coming from where Lieutenant Logan was.::

Serala: Everyone get ready. I got the lead.

:: They moved quickly into the passageway and headed back toward the sound of combat. Serala, seeing that Logan appeared to be about to be overrun, she lifted her rifle, aimed, and fired. Logan was so busy firing at the spiderbots he didn't notice everyone til the extra beams started hitting them.::

Logan: Nice shooting.

Serala: Of course it was.

Brell’s: Response

Jann: ready.

Logan::Taking out his Phaser ll he'd collected from an Escape pod he passed it to Ensign Serala as they headed back to the bridge:: Keep them safe Ensign.

:: Realizing what he was implying, the sacrifice here was about to become, Serala gave him a salute ::

oO This man is Romulan at heart! Oo

Serala: Ssuaj-ha, lhhai. ke'rhin dinam. (Doesn't translate directly, but roughly: Understood, sir. Brother-Romulan.)

((OOC: Serala is acknowledging what he is about to do and honoring him with the highest honor she knows: equating him to a Romulan and brother.))

Brell: Response

Logan::Shaking his head:: No Sir, I'm not coming with you. ::Holding his hand up to for stall any reply before he could finish:: The armoury here doesn't have explosives and with no available power I can't set what I've rigged up back here remotely.

Jann: Response

Logan: If they're not held you won't reach the bottom of that shaft before they're on you.

Brell: Response

Logan: I can hold them long enough, you get our ship back.

Adetola: Response

Logan: Never bet against me Lieutenant. I tell you what when we get back to 26 how about dinner the Commander Williams can pay ::Winking at the Bolian Captain:: and Captain I expect a double helping of crab cakes.

Brell/Jann/ Adetola : Possible Responses

Serala: Jolan'tru, Logan. Semper Fi, Marine.

Logan: Were running out of time ::The tink tink of the spider bots were sounding again underlying his words:: very much out of time, go now and seal the bridge doors.

::Nodding to his Captain, Kurt turned back to draw more invaders to him ::

:: Serala admired his courage and his sense of duty. She only hoped that if the time ever came, she would be as steadfast as he was being. She turned and headed back toward the bridge, ready to meet her own fate. ::

:: She was approaching one of the tunnels, the one by Tactical, when the ship's speakers suddenly came alive. ::

Osiris: =/\= Attention crew. This is 2nd Lieutenant Osiris. Atlantis is currently under attack from some form of mechanical spiders. :: static ::and access passages. They are hostile and are moving to Engineering. Prepare :: static ::yourselves. If you're hearing this, we have secured Deck :: static :: Intelligence Suite. Thirty plus crew, some injured. Stun :: static ::effect, Set phasers to maximum setting and if you can get here or to Engineering. If you can't, stay away from critical areas, these things only seem to be targeting vital locations. :: static :: avoid the Jeffries :: static ::out. =/\=

:: That announcement was followed by some severe static and she couldn't make out what was being said nor by whom. That was followed almost immediately by a transmission over her commbadge. ::

McKnight: =/\= This is McKnight, broadcasting in the open. Anyone receiving? =/\=

:: It was staticky, but she was able to make out his words. She quickly tapped her own commbadge. ::

Serala: =/\= This is Ensign Serala. Be advised, the bridge is being abandoned. We're being overrun. We are leaving now. What is your sit rep, Captain? =/\=

McKnight: Response

Brell: Response

Jann/Adetola: Responses

Anyone: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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