Lt Commander Serala: Oh no he didn't!

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Jim Davis

Nov 24, 2019, 2:37:39 PM11/24/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Serala’s Quarters, Deck 3 Cabin 3-0204, USS Atlantis ))

((Time Index: Day five of shore leave))

Serala stared at the message on her terminal, stunned beyond words. She could feel her temper rising and had been drawing heavily on the bond between her and Stevok to keep it in check. Her husband was down on the planet surface studying some of the local fauna, his innate passion for xenobiology getting the better of him. She would have loved to be there with him, but her duties as TCO were keeping her pent-up in her cabin. And then she had received this message.

It is the finding of this board of inquiry that Lieutenant Commander Perkins did not act outside the bounds of his commission and is cleared of all charges brought against him by Lieutenant Commander Serala of the U.S.S. Atlantis. Lieutenant Commander Perkins is hereby restored to duty as Chief Engineering Officer aboard station Deep Space Twenty Six.

oO Preposterous. The evidence against him was clear. How in the name of the Elements did he manage this? Oo

Thoran: =/\= Thoran to Serala. Please report to my ready room. =/\=

Relieved to be given a break from this infuriating report, she answered the summons, turning off her terminal as she did so.

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Captain. On my way. =/\=

Making her way to the bridge, her usual quick stride was augmented by the simmering anger she was still feeling. Had it not been for Stevok’s steadying presence in her mind, she probably would have trashed half her quarters by now and snapped the Captain’s head off when he had called for her. As she stepped off the turbolift onto the bridge and made her way to the Captain’s Ready Room, she noticed two personnel posted outside wearing gold uniforms. Considering they seemed to be standing a guard post, she assumed they must be security officers, but they definitely weren’t assigned to Atlantis.

oO What’s going on here? Oo

Pressing the door chime and receiving permission to enter, her question was answered as she saw Perkins sitting there facing the Captain. Her anger flared seeing him there, but she managed to keep herself in check. Even the smell of the Captain’s dog failed to phase her at this point.

oO Now what? Oo

Thoran: Commander Serala, thank you for joining us. Please, take a seat.

Serala took the indicated chair, doing all she could not to beat the man next her into oblivion.

Serala: Is there a problem, rekkhai? ((OOC: Romulan: sir. ))

oO Control, Serala. Remain in control. Don’t let him win. Oo

Thoran: Commander Perkins has kindly shared some information on what happened on the station. Information that appears to conflict with your report.

Serala: Conflict? Interesting. In what ways?

Perkins: Response

Thoran: Commander Perkins claims that you attacked him with such sudden violence that it inflamed the situation and led directly to the firefight with your team and the Valcarians. Furthermore, Commander Perkins claims that you shot him in cold blood when he was being held by the Valcarian commander.

Serala: He did? First of all, Commander Perkins seems to have his facts confused. Understandable, since he suffered a wound in that first skirmish. The alleged attack happened after the firefight.

Perkins: Response

oO You insolent fehill’curak. You didn’t learn the first time. I will destroy you. Oo (( Romulan expletive. Not appropriate for translation here. ))

Thoran: Evidence has been submitted to support the claim.

The Captain pressed a button on the display and a video began to play on the  viewscreen.

Perkins: Response

oO Hia irea’akhahu dii! Oo  (( Romulan: Oh no he didn’t! ))

Serala: It’s a forgery, Captain. The events you are seeing all took place, but not in the order you’re seeing them in. As I stated in my report, we came across the checkpoint and I was trying to get their corporal to allow us to pass. Commander Perkins was antagonizing the situation and I had to order him several times to be silent. I realize he outranks me, but I was mission commander and felt I had the authority to give him such orders. In any event, the corporal had allowed us to pass after checking with her superiors and we were on our way when a vent banged open startling the Valcarian troops who reflexively fired upon us and our Marines responded in kind. Both the corporal and I ordered our troops to stand down, but the Commander and one of the Valcarians were wounded. I had Lieutenant Toh’jak tend to the Valcarian since he was more severe than Perkins, then treat Perkins.

Perkins: Response

oO If you don’t shut it, I will do it for you. Again! Oo

Thoran: Response

Serala: :: through gritted teeth :: He wouldn’t shut up even after all that. I didn’t need another firefight breaking out and since ordering him to be quiet hadn’t worked, I broke his nose. Trust me, Eriov, if I had wanted to truly hurt him, that strike would have been fatal. I am a master martial artist.

Perkins/Thoran: Responses

(( OOC: For anyone who’s interested, I don’t just make up words for Romulan. I am using a resource I found on the internet. One that others here in the fleet use as well. Here is the link: ))

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