Lt Commander Serala: The Concerns of a Team Leader and Launching the Mission

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Jim Davis

Jun 27, 2019, 12:41:52 AM6/27/19
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(( Main Shuttlebay, Shuttle B’Hala, Jenatris Cloud, Mission Day 1 ))

:: Serala had noticed several others in the shuttlebay; the other away teams making their own preparations. She was a bit concerned about the team the Captain had assigned her. They were all competent in their respective career fields, but this didn’t sound like the kind of mission that would require a Marine. After all, she was a Security Officer, first and foremost. Her skills were nearly equivalent to those of the average marine. Nothing against Captain McKnight, but she just didn’t understand the need for him to be on the team. Or why he would choose to bring Gunnery Sergeant Solana along with them. Nothing indicated a potential combat situation. True, there were some security concerns, but then that was what she was for. Nurse Avae was understandable, given the lack of information, but she would have preferred someone more….stable. Like Toh’jak, maybe. Even if he was a Klingon. However, one thing Serala had learned in her short time in Starfleet was that ideal situations rarely occurred. Still, it seemed like a scientist would be useful, maybe an engineer. Stevok, even. Truth be told, she really didn’t even want to leave him behind, but maybe he could make himself useful on Atlantis. That is, if Toryn would be willing to listen to him despite his being her husband. She snapped herself out of her reverie, drawing on the telepathic bond with her husband to reassure herself of his presence and feel close to him again, then returned to her task. The shuttle was nearly ready when the first two passengers boarded carrying their typical Marine packs. Captain Logan and Gunnery Sergeant Solana stowed their gear and quickly set about their own tasks. ::

Serala: Welcome aboard. Glad we got the B’Hala and not the Elysium.

McKnight/Solana: Response

Serala: Well, two reasons. I’m starting to think of this shuttle as my shuttle. I’ve been on it the last couple times I’ve had to take a shuttle. Second, every time I look at that plaque on Elysium, I am reminded of that day, and that is one memory that is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. The last thing I need is to be constantly reminded of it. I think it was a good idea to commemorate our fallen heroes, but for me, it’s too much.

McKnight/Solana: Response

Serala: Well, once Avae gets here, we should be just about ready to get underway. One thing, I know the three of us tend to be shoot first, ask questions later type people. But, while we don’t know what we’re going into, I would prefer we not have to use our weapons. There’s been way too much combat lately for my preference. And that is saying something, coming from me.

McKnight/Solana: Response

Serala: I don’t suppose either of you are competent engineers? Scientists?

McKnight/Solana: Response

:: About that time, Serala heard the clunking of equipment and tread of Nurse Avae as she made her way up the shuttle ramp. ::

Avae: Reporting as ordered, ma'am. 

Serala: Very well. Stow your gear, Lieutenant, and take your seat. We will be getting underway soon. 

McKnight: Response 

Solana: Breathe Wyla, just breathe. 

:: The Nurse looked to the Orion and nodded. :: 

Avae: Sorry, just nervous and excited. This is my first away mission and I've always wanted to go on away missions, it's part of the reason why I submitted so many transfer requests when I was on DS26, I can't believe it's gone now, but I know we'll get it back eventually, but fifty six requests later and I got assigned here and I've been wanting to be on an away mission so much since I got here I just don't want to let anyone down and I know I shouldn't think like that but I can't help it because I just get like that and it's been a really awkward few minutes and I just wanted to make sure all the teams had enough extra supplies and medkits for the mission and 

:: Serala just stared at her as she went on and on and on, without even stopping for a breath. She noticed that the Marines were just as astonished. ::

Avae: OH NO! I'm rambling again...i'm so sorry I just get like this when I'm excited or nervous and I'm worse than usual....Wyla just shut up...wait did I say that out loud...oh no...Sorry...sorry...

:: Avae snapped her mouth closed and bit her lower lip, and Serala suspected she was trying to become one with the furniture. Gunnery Sergeant Solana let out a soft giggle, which was odd to hear coming from a Marine, Orion or no. ::

Serala: Breathe, Lieutenant. Breathe. Everything is going to be just fine.

McKnight: response

Avae: Response

Raga: =/\= Bridge to all shuttles, you are cleared for launch. May the winds be with you all. =/\=

:: Serala acknowledged the signal and prepared the shuttle for launch. The ramp door closed and she waited for her turn in the queue. It appeared they were to launch last, after Voltaire, Elysium, and El Dorado. Once the launches began, she slipped in behind Elysium and once clear of Atlantis’ shields, she altered course to their assigned Chon outpost. ::

Serala: Relax, everyone. Should be a couple of hours before we arrive at our destination. Captain McKnight, you want to take over at the helm? It’s not a Valkyrie, but you’re probably a better pilot than I am, nonetheless.

McKnight: Response

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