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Jim Davis

Sep 9, 2020, 10:41:06 PM9/9/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Transporter Gate, Bogotá Central Transport Station, Bogotá, Columbia, South American Continent, Earth ))

{{Time Index: Shore Leave, Day 24}}

Serala stepped out of the gate and looked around. Bustling was the best word for it. It had looked like this the day she had left six years ago, almost to the day. Nothing had really changed about it. And yet it felt very different. Six years ago, she had been a bright-eyed cadet on her way to the Academy. Today, she was a single mother and widow, and the First Officer on what she considered to be the finest ship in the fleet. It had changed her perspective on things. Hoisting up Little Bean, she headed out of the complex and hailed an aeroshuttle.

Shuttle Pilot: ¿A donde, señora? (Where to, ma’am?)

Serala: Buenos tardes. Casa de Davis, por favor. ¿Lo sabes? (Good afternoon. Davis Manor, please. Do you know it?)

Shuttle Pilot: O, si! Yo se! (Oh, yes! I know it!)

Serala: Bueno. (That’s good)

The pilot lifted off and turned toward the direction of her childhood home. She wondered how he knew the place, given that her mother had given it up when she left for the Republic. Surely someone else had a claim on the manor by now.

They travelled over the main lanes, crossing the Bogotá River, and heading toward the Eastern Hills, where her familial estate had rested. A few short minutes later, they had arrived at the gates outside the estate. Serala thanked the man and pressed her thumb to the PADD to transfer the appropriate amount of credits for the ride.

Taking T’Saara she slid out of the seat and collected her bags, then made her way to the gate. Honestly, she didn’t expect a welcome. After all, it wasn’t really her home anymore, but she had wanted to see it again, now that she was back on Earth. Who knew how long it would be before she got the chance again.

Serala: Look, Bean. Here’s where mommy was born and raised. Isn’t it nice?

Of course, she hadn’t really expected an answer, but T’Saara was fast asleep which only told Serala the little girl really could care less about such things. Sighing, she pressed the button to activate the comms to the manor house. True, it would be an awkward conversation, but maybe they would be understanding.

Gatekeeper: =/\= Buenos tardes. ¿Puedo ayudarlo? =/\= (Good afternoon. May I help you?)

Serala: =/\= Si, por favor. Me llamo Serala… =/\= (Yes, please. My name is Serala…)

Gatekeeper: =/\= iAh, Serala! ¡Bienvenidas! ¡Adelante! =/\= (Ah, Serala! Welcome! Come in!)

Puzzled, Serala’s left eyebrow shot up in a typical Vulcan gesture - a gift from the bond she’d had with Stevok. She wondered exactly what was going on. How did this person know who she was and why was he so enthusiastic to hear her voice?

The gate buzzed open and she took her daughter and bag and walked in, headed for the manor’s front door. As she reached the door, it opened and a rather inviting Columbian woman greeted her. She appeared to be in her mid- to late-forties, with graying black hair. She was in rather amazing physical shape and was well groomed.

Maria: Serala! It’s so good to see you again. Please, come in!

Serala gratefully entered the house, albeit quite confused. She was sure she had never seen this woman before.

Serala: Not that I am complaining, mind you, but how do you know me? Why does everyone seem so excited to see me?

Maria: ¿Señora? I don’t understand. You mean you don’t recognize me?

Serala felt bad at the admission, but she really didn’t recognize her.

Serala: No, I am afraid not. I’m sorry.

Maria: Oh, well we were kids together, you and I. I am Maria Herrera. My mother was the live-in housekeeper back then.

And then she remembered. In a time when Serala had been teased and harassed often by the human children, Maria had been one of her truest companions. Her mother had indeed lived in the house with her family and was more than just a housekeeper. She practically ran the place. At least, as far as domestic concerns went. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

Serala: Of course! Maria! I am sorry I didn’t recognize you. It’s been so long.

Mother had promptly thrown Maria and her mother out after father’s death. Faked death. Serala had never really understood why her mother had been so callous as to just put a family out on the street, but it had happened. Maria’s mother wasn’t even married and had nowhere to turn. But Serala would have thought Maria would have some resentment about that. Yet, she seemed quite happy.

They had moved into the sitting room and Maria had proffered her a seat. Serala gratefully sat, shifting Bean’s weight in her arms.

Maria: Of course. I am sorry. But it’s so good to see you again. I hear you’re in Starfleet now?

Serala: Yes, First Officer on the USS Atlantis.

Maria:  Well, that’s very impressive.

Serala: Thank you. I love it. My new home, I guess you could say. Especially now that this one is yours. I am glad it stayed within the family, so to speak.

Maria chuckled a bit, a mischievous grin spreading across her face.

Maria: More than you know, Serala.


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